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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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Well, it was on May 31st so I guess technically it was last month, but whatever...


For me, it was Krake @ Heide Park. Yes, it's an extremely short ride, but I was surprised by how powerful the drop was on such a small ride. While Flug der Dämonen might actually be the better ride, I didn't enjoy it at all as every inversion made me feel very dizzy. I think it's probably because it was very hot and I was getting dehydrated, so I'm not going to make any conclusion that it's not a great ride and a lot of people seem to enjoy it very much. I think it was just down to the circumstances that day...

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I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg earlier this month, and I loved Apollo's Chariot. It is definitely not the most intense rollercoaster that I have ridden, but it was tons of fun.

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Intimidator 305. Park's open until 10 every night and I got some great night rides. Pitch black and it seemed like every person on the coaster was screaming like idiots (not sure how I could really tell). Early season night rides were a bit slow but this was great.


Last month: Twisted Timbers.

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