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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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Well, this month it has to be Thunderation. My daughter rode it for the first time last Saturday, her first big roller coaster. The quality of the ride doesn't even matter (they have got to fix that kink in the lift hill...). Thunderation was my first big roller coaster back in 1993, and it's now my daughter's first too. She was definitely scared, but came off it all smiles. That's pretty much the point of a roller coaster, now, isn't it?

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Intimidator 305! I didn't get any night rides though.


Also, it wasn't the best coaster I've ridden this month, but I'd like to point out that I had my best ride ever on Wild One at SFA this month. It was running very fast and had pretty awesome air in the front row.

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Superman Escape, Warner Bros Movieworld. Followed by, surprisingly, the same park's SLC. I rode it for the first time since it received new trains from KumbaK and was blown away. Who knew SLCs were so intense and fun! I never noticed the intensity when it had Vekoma trains as I was too focused on the pain.

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Amazingly I actually rode coasters in October, only a few so it's worth ranking them:


1. Xcelerator

2. Revenge Of The Mummy (Hollywood)

3. Ghostrider (front row only)

4. Canyon Blaster (Circus Circus)

5. Scandia Screamer (new credit)

6. Merlin's Revenge (Castle Park, new credit, other 2 credits closed - boooo!)

7. Little Dipper Coaster (Scandia, new credit)

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