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  1. I count kiddee coasters, water coasters (JTA, but not flumes), alpine coasters (even though I have not ridden one yet), both sides of racing coasters and relocated coasters. I do not count powered coasters. They are not gravity driven.
  2. I will second your thoughts on WOF Haunt. We went last year and after having been to haunts at lots of parks (SFOG, SFMM, KD, BGW, SFStL, KBF, etc) I will say that WOF's haunt is by far the best one I have ever been to. While I don't care for the park that much due to no stand out rides (yes, even Prowler was just so-so), it is still a nice park with a kick ass haunt. Cornstalkers was amazing there!
  3. ^^I have seen that ride at a couple of other parks. I am almost positive that Carowinds has one in their kids section. I think I may have seen one at WOF too.
  4. Rides I thought would be good from all the positive reviews: Boulder Dash - Maybe it's because we rode El Toro the day before but definitely NOT a #1 (even top 5) coaster for me Bizarro (SFNE) - Expected too much I guess. It was fun but not amazing Millennium Force - I had heard how it was everyone's fav coaster and so amazing. It was amazing...amazingly boring. Most overrated coaster EVER! Magnum - Painful and yes I sat in the magic seat Cheetah Hunt - Snoozefest Raptor - fun but not all that Lightning Racers - at the bottom of the GCI list for me Phoenix - I don't get the hype. At all. Nitro - Near the bottom of the US B&M hyper list for me Rip, Ride, Rockit - Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Prowler - So not what people make it out to be. Rides I thought would suck but liked: Mantis - Heard terrible things. I liked it. 2nd best stand up in my opinion. Revolution - Even with OTSR's, I thought it was fun and only hit my head once. It would be better w/o the OTSR's though. Rolling Thunder - Wasn't bad at all. Wildcat (Hershey) - Expected it to be terrible. It's better than Lightning Racers. Hypersonic XLC - I know I am in the minority but I loved it. Didn't hit my head either. Kept it against the seat and had no problem. Hades 360 - Rough but a very intense layout Raging Bull - Great layout. Really fun.
  5. As for the Statix trains, I was at BGW in October and was looking for the Griffon train as it is one I am missing from my collection and I asked several shops and no one had it. I also looked for 305 at KD and they didn't seem to have any of those either. If someone has one of these they would be interested in selling or know where I can get either one, please let me know!
  6. ^Perspective. Thank you! People here are just whiney spoiled little bitches that don't appreciate what we really have. I, for one, am really excited to have a giga so close to home.
  7. Millennium Force, Nitro, Boulder Dash and Bizarro (SFNE) were all underwhelming coming from what we had heard. MF sucked after the first drop, Nitro is at the bottom of the B&M hyper list, Boulder Dash was fun but not much airtime as what I heard and Bizarro had maybe 2 spots of decent airtime but it was painful.
  8. ^Really? GASM gives good airtime everytime I ride it in the magic seat (middle seat, last row of the train.) Yes, It can be rough sometimes but nothing compared to GC. I won't even ride that piece anymore.
  9. Do not, I repeat, do not go during spring break! It is the worst I have ever seen it at that time. Tried to go with my neice a couple years ago and all lines were 2-3 hours. Horrible!
  10. Our park opens in mid-late March. Come in the first 2 months if you can. The park opens on weekdays once school is out which is late May/early June. Sundays are perfect before school gets out, especially if you can be at the entrance gate right before the park opens (and not just getting to the parking lot.) Go straight to the back of the park first (everyone hits the rides at the front first.) Hit Superman, GASM, Ninja and SkyScreamer back there (should not have any lines at all first thing in the morning.) If you are a credit whore, hit the kiddie coaster on the way to the mine train, then head to Acrophobia and GA Cyclone. Continue around to GA Scorcher, DDD, Batman, Mindbender and leave Goliath for last. That usually works and gets most people to the back of the park as you are heading back to the front. Superman, DDD and Acrophobia get the longest lines in the park.
  11. Corkscrew-Cedar Point Demon-SFGrAm & CGA Revolution-SFMM Screamin' Eagle-SFStL
  12. Cornball Express, Cyclops and Wooden Warrior take the cake for me.
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