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  1. Very excited to have one of these at my new "home" park after leaving Southern CA behind for Central TX.
  2. For anyone that missed it, Richard Michael Crosby performed the Last Rites ceremony for Mean Streak. Enough of a hint for you?
  3. Hope they can trim that timber before I'm at the park on Saturday... If not, more time on I305 I guess.
  4. ^ Thanks for posting this! Heading to BGW at the end of the month and just saved $40
  5. Not to get too far away from this Hurler talk... but does anyone in this thread think taking a detour to SFA for a few hours in the morning (10am to noon or 1) would be worth it if it cut into my time at KD? I fly into DC early in the morning on Saturday 8/27 and was going to give KD the full day, but all the Virginia parks are new to me so, input appreciated. I'm not really into chasing credits anymore and nothing at SFA really seems worthwhile (I've been on SFNE's Bizarro), but I know people here have opinions.
  6. Let's hope it stays that way until the 27th! On that note... any advice for a first-timer to VA parks? Planned on doing KD on 8/27 and BGW on 8/28.
  7. Right after I book a trip to VA to ride it for the first time, of course...
  8. ^ It opened right around 7:00pm and the park closed at 8. I managed to get 2 rides on it (row 10 and row 1) between 7:30 and closing after rushing to the park because of Twitter.
  9. Stopped by Knott's for a few minutes yesterday afternoon when I was driving home and saw them cycling empty trains on GhostRider from Beach Blvd. Caught a few videos and thought I'd share because this thing is looking GOOD. Apparently they were testing it for a few hours yesterday like this, dispatching trains about every 2-3 minutes. I figure this bodes well for a soft opening soon. IMG_8909.MOV IMG_8912.MOV
  10. ^ Same and ^^ same. This and Joker have been my most anticipated projects this year, and luckily both are in my state! I drive by Knott's just about every day on my commute so I'll eagerly be watching the rails looking for testing trains as I drive down Beach Blvd. Hoping they are able to soft open in a couple of weeks.
  11. Knott's just officially unveiled the new trains & announced an opening date for GhostRider! June 11!
  12. Have you been on all of the RMC coasters? or is WC just your favorite of the ones you have been on? I've been on Goliath, Twisted Colossus, and Wicked Cyclone, so Joker will be #4.
  13. I'm so thrilled to see how this stacks up against Wicked Cyclone, which is currently sitting as my favorite RMC. Hoping to make a weekend trip up to SF sometime this summer and spend a day riding this thing! Can't wait to see some more footage. Every element of this ride looks great so far though.
  14. I think the purple really pops against the red track and grey supports, and it's a little more original than just color-swapping the trains (blue/yellow & yellow/blue).
  15. Went by the park last night and took a good long look at GhostRider (sorry, no photos). I think we're going to be very surprised by the subtle (and radical changes) GCI has made, especially with the banking they've added to a lot of the higher speed turns. The soft opening for this thing can't come soon enough for me. I can't wait to see how the new trains maintain their speed throughout the course and re-deliver some much needed airtime to this coaster.
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