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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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Let's try something new!


Post what your best roller coaster you rose THIS MONTH was!


This month is September 2012!




Mine was the "High Five" woodie at Happy Valley Wuhan.


Simply amazing!!!!


What was yours?

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I liked Wild Eagle a lot, but those clavicle-crushing restraints were very painful, and actually bruised my shoulders. They tightened down so much throughout the ride that I had trouble breathing.


Mystery Mine was painful, too. It's like the OTSR was designed specifically to punch you in the balls.


Blazing Fury: Hard plastic seats, ouch.


Tennessee Tornado: Surprisingly the second most comfortable coaster in the park.

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Out of the whopping 1 coaster I've ridden this month, I'd have to go with Coastersaurus, Legoland, CA. haha


That's one more than me!


However supervising driving lesson to & from WB Movieworld Gold Coast tomorrow.


Will go on Superman for the first time ever! :


Driving lesson done, not long enough time at Movieworld to wait for Superman today! So I rode Green Lantern twice in an hour!

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