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  1. I did include Bioshock 2 for one of the photos; it may be the weakest of the series, but it is still an outstanding game. Oh, and I took these myself.
  2. Here's some pictures showing the beauty of the Bioshock franchise.
  3. I can completely vouch for Bioshock Infinite. I fell in love with the original Bioshock, it really is a work of art! I loved the second one as well, but when I saw the demos for infinite I knew it would be something special. I waited for the game for over two years and after all that time of waiting, my expectations for the game were nothing short of perfection. And after two years and finally being able to experience the game in all its glory, I can say Bioshock Infinite no only exceeded my expectations, but blew them away! The ending was the best conclusion I’ve seen in all forms of entertainment. I’ve never said this about a form of entertainment before since it’s so subjective, but Bioshock Infinite is honestly perfect.
  4. 10. Starcraft 2 9. Fallout New Vegas 8. Halo 3 7. Starcraft 6. Halo 4 5. Bioshock 2 4. Dishonored 3. Fallout 3 2. Portal 2 1. Bioshock
  5. I love that song! Mastodon has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
  6. I just listened to this and really enjoyed it! Although I listen to hundreds of bands, I listen to Emery, and Protest the Hero about 75% of the time. I really doubt anyone else on here listens to them.
  7. I found Wild Eagle to be underwhelming. It was a fun coaster but nothing special. I feel as though the wing coasters are overhyped in general. I was also lucky enough to ride Shyrush and Verbolten which I found to be amazing!
  8. Hi guys! Currently for the second half of my English Composition class, I have to write two essays on a topic that has to do with my planned major. Since I plan to be a mechanical engineer, and I am a rollercoaster lover, I decided to make my paper on roller coaster safety. (Although I would much rather write a paper on B&M vs. Intamin, or something more interesting, I found safety to be a more appropriate choice for an assignment) Anyways for the paper I have to provide two or more “Scholarly sources” which the teacher defines as, a source that is found within a peer reviewed journal. Would anyone know of any peer reviewed journals concerning roller coaster safety? Thanks for your time! Ben
  9. 1. Maverick 2. Maverick 3. Maverick 4. Maverick 5. Maverick 6. Maverick 7. Maverick 8. Maverick 9. Maverick 10. Maverick 11. Maverick 12. Maverick 13. Maverick 14. Maverick
  10. Don't pay any attention to those youtube adds, if you want to know what each canidate stands for I suggest watching the presidential debates.
  11. I've been running a 2.7 mile wooded trail that goes around my subdivision about 5 times a week since April. Although I don't necessarily enjoy it, it's made a huge difference in my life. My consistent running along with a pretty strict diet has completely transformed my body, and made me a much more confident person. Last year at Worlds of Fun. (I'm in the white August Burns red shirt) This is me now.
  12. Friday 26th, Sunday 28th - $21.99 (Bring-A-Friend Days) Saturday 27th - save $25.00 off Regular General Admission every day of the season (one guest per pass). Available for purchase at the front gate only. Alright thanks! Now for the Bring-A-Friend Day would I just show my pass when I purchase a ticket at the front gate? Also, are there any time restrictions, and are you limited to only one ticket per pass on the Bring-A-Friend Day? Lastly if only one ticket can be bought per pass, could I bring a family member's pass to purchase another discounted ticket even though the family member would not be present?
  13. Does owning a gold pass for King Dominion allow you to buy a regular ticket for a decreased rate?
  14. I typically have amazing luck with lines, but this was not the case on my first time riding Farenheight. The ride broke down at least 3 times and faced a rain delay on top of that. All in all, I spent atleast five hours and half the day attemting to ride it.
  15. 28 inversions? How could anyone think that?
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