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  1. Been a while since I posted on the forums, but I thought this was a pretty cool project so I thought I'd might as well chime in. Didn't get to rank to much, but I think I got a pretty solid top ten together. I tend to find myself ranking rides based simply on how memorable and or interesting I found them, versus vigorously diving into different "categories" (airtime, + forces, smoothness, etc.) like I used to. Nothing wrong with the later, just not how I prefer to do things anymore. So anyway, here's what I ended with: 1. Olympia Looping - Barth (Traveling) 2. Coaster - Playland (I used to have the wooden Wild Mouse at Blackpool tied with this one, but I think we all know what happened to that one...) 3. Mindbender - West Edmonton Mall 4. Cyclone - Coney Island 5. Twisted Colossus - Magic Mountain 6. X2 - Magic Mountain 7. Nemesis - Alton Towers 8. Tornado - Bakken 9. Widle Maus XXL - Eberhart (Traveling) 10. Steeplechase - Blackpool Pleasure Beach I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who helped put this together, I had a lot of fun with this and can't wait to see the results!
  2. The Joker at SFDK yesterday for my 10th ride on it, keeps getting better every time!
  3. I was at the park today as well and they did eventually run both trains WITH riders! Here's to hoping that it stays that way in the upcoming weeks.
  4. You should be fine going mid-week and I don't think you'll see any hour+ waits, especially if you go Tuesday-Thursday. If you stay at the Knott's hotel, you can get into the park 30 min early with the season pass holders. If you do the early entry, my advice would be to hit Sierra Sidewinder, then Silver Bullet, then get over to Ghostrider. If you don't do early entry, I would go straight to Ghostrider and then head to Xcelerator in the back of the park. Xcelerator typically has one of the longest lines in the park due to its popularity and low capacity, but it can be dead in the morning. Silver Bullet has great capacity and has just returned to two trains ops, so you can save that for later in the day. The log ride also has great capacity, so what looks like a long line is usually only 30-45 min. The park is open to 10pm that whole week and the families tend to leave around 7-8pm, so you should see the lines decrease in the late evening. I've been able to get 4-5 rides on Xcelerator in the summer between 9-10pm. They close the ride entrances down at 10pm, but as long as you are in line before 10pm, you will be able to get on the ride. Awesome, looks like I might be making a trip to Knott's after all! This info really helped, thanks a lot!
  5. Well, I believe at the moment that shows at SFDK are animal shows, so there isn't much to compare to a typical Six Flags park. But as far as animal shows go, I'd say they're pretty good and worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing. Another thing to point out is that some of the shows, such as Temple of the Tiger, are more about show-casing the main animal of the show (in this case the Tiger) and promote they're conservation, rather than just having them do silly tricks, which is quite cool!
  6. I'm assuming, that within a few days of your getting there, you could get a Knott's Fastpass online, if you budget for it, which would cover bypassing standby lines, etc. on most major rides and coasters. Check with their website and there'll be tickets and fast passes to choose from. Hope that helps a bit. I'd rather not have to resort to using a Fastpass, but I'll definitely look into anyway, thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! I might be in the LA area during the last week of June, and I am curious as to what the crowds might look like during a weekday (Monday, July 27th - Thursday June 30th)? I'm assuming the answer might be something along the line of "horrendous" being that it is so close to July 4th weekend, but I'm not completely sure so that is why I'm asking here. I would love to get back to the park and check out the new and improved Ghost Rider and all the other great Knott's stuff, but if I'll have to deal with hour+ waits on everything including the bathroom, it's not the end of the world if I don't go. Thanks!
  8. Wow, that first drop looks even better than the animation! Can't wait to get on this thing next year!
  9. I was unforntantly on the same boat yesterday hoping to get my season pass processed and check out fright fest, only get have one of the most poimtless visits ive had at the park. I totally forgot about the stupid cheer leading thing and almost walked right back to my car the moment I saw one of the uniforms, but I went ahead anyway. After waiting about 30 minutes to get my season passed processed (Which turned out to be a bit pointless because they calmed that the cut of date for gold passes was pushed back to December, but this being SF you never know), I tried to get a wristband for the mazes only to find that they weren't offering the VIP passes for some unexplained reason, and I wasn't about to spend $20 just to stand in line most of the night. So I just walked around the park trying to find something that wasn't an hour long wait, which ofcourse was impossible so I left. I'm going to guess that the lines might mellow a bit once the Joker opens since I think Roar being closed has to do with the longer lines.
  10. It should just be there to begin with, without having to purchase what's effectively day one downloadable content. Pretty bummed to see that they're going down that route, but since every big company is doing the whole "day one dlc" thing, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not to surprising that Thundercoaster turned out how it did with the Timberliners, mostly because of how Hades 360 ended up turning out. (The general consensus = BAD.) I think the problem with these Timberliners is that they are meant to steer with the track rather then sort of "shuffle over it" that something like a PTC Box would. That's great for newer, twisty rides like Switchback Railroad and Twister that had them in mind. But when you start to run them on an old, beat-up track like this, rather than just "shuffling" over all the little bumps and blemishes like a box would, they're going to actually steer into them, making a section than can already be violent even more so. Don't get me wrong, they are some fine trains, but parks need to start re-tracking these rides when ever they decide to add new trains or else it's just going to end up just as bad or even worst as it already was. Oh, and I do need to add that this was a really cool TR! Speed Monster is still pretty high on my bucket list as it looks like a fantastic ride!
  12. Just the insane, screwed up, airtime filled layout I was hoping for! I think I know where most of my weekends are going to be spent next year...
  13. I'm feeling a flying snake dive first drop, but this being RMC, it's probably going to be crazier!
  14. Wow this game looks really solid so far! I think everyone who's complaining about things like the looks and the track need to remember two things: 1. This game isn't finished yet. And 2. RCT games are made for EVERYONE, not just all the coaster dorks who want to make crazy realistic parks. (Though I am sure this will be good for that as well.) I think this is going to make a really great game and I can't wait to play!
  15. Although I agree that Vortex is a total piece of crap, I don't get the point of converting it since the Bay Area already has a floorless coaster is much taller and faster, and has way more Inversion than Vortex (Which is very, VERY import to the GP.). Think about it, you see two commercials: one advertises a new floorless ride at CGA (Which if you're from the area then you would most likely know that SFDK has a much bigger one), and the second advertises a crazy new hybrid ride at the SAME park where you can ride the taller, faster, and "Loopier" floorless ride. And even with new trains, it seems like all they would be doing is making it more tolerable, it's still not a very exciting layout. Having it meet Mr. Wrecking Ball would be the best thing to ever happen to that ride, but oh well. One can dream.
  16. ^ Slaughter House Pigfarms is the maze that goes through the old theater ride's queue and entrance. The one that went through White Water's loading platform (Again, can't remember the name) had an old mine theme to it and was also really good, especially at night! The Shark maze seems to be getting worse every year IMO. About 2-3 event's ago they really hit the nail on the head with it, great actors, good looking sets, and themed enough so you could at least tell what they were going for. At the last FF, it seemed like they completely forgot about it until the last minute and sort threw some plywood and trash bags into it and called it a maze. I do remember going to FF early though, so maybe it got better as the event went on? And as for the Monsoon Falls maze, like I said, they just needed to put more effort into it. The actors were good, but I felt they needed some direction as in, "I know I'm a monster, but what kind of monster am I?". And sets and theming were pretty much none existent, which OK since I think the main focus was how dark it was in there and getting jump scares, which is good, but they just could have been done a lot better. Hopefully this year they'll figure out what it is exactly and really hit it out of the park!
  17. ^ Well, it's say's on the website that not only is it a new attraction, but it requires a "Fright Pass" which would make an actual maze. I hope they actually put some effort into this one though. Wasn't the last new maze they had the one that went through Monsoon Fall's station? (I can't remember the name of it). I felt that they sort of "half @$$ed it", sort of like the crap-tacular scare zone you mentioned, so hopefully this one will say clear of that route head more towards Slaughterhouse. Also, do we know where this is going? I would assume that big tent thing in the food court because, well it's a big tent thing and they could really play around with it and make something cool!
  18. I hope so! I swear it's been about ten years since they've added anything to that place.
  19. But unlike most amusement parks, SFDK has a really large selection of animal attractions and shows to help fill in the gap, as well as some big flats and water rides. Im just going to trust that the park knows what they are doing and if they had the same concern, Roar might not have closed today. So lets just sit back, and wait the announcement!
  20. Beautiful looking stuff! I thought I would have some big thing to say, but I'm really at a loss for words about this. It's like a dream come true! Can't wait to here more!
  21. Pretty scary to think that two rides at the same park can go wrong like this in such a short period of time, It seems like something out of a horror movie. I hope no one is hurt.
  22. I remember first seeing one of these things on The Travel Channel and thinking it was just some custom made thing and not a legit product. Especially a creation from the one and only Wiegand! They look like one heck of an experience and seems like one of those things you should try just to say to did it. Because how many people do you know that have been shot out of a water cannon?
  23. Built by Intamin AG and opened at Mirabilandia in 2009 Europe's first Blitz Coaster Considered by many to be one of the best coasters in the world. Next Coaster: Since we're on Mirabilandia, how about Katun?
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