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  1. Even more good news: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/03/19/trump-says-fda-approved-anti-malaria-drug-chloroquine-to-test-as-coronavirus-treatment/#122016a1303d Guys lets really hope this works
  2. Guys I think we finally have some good news: https://www.businessinsider.com/malaria-pill-chloroquine-tested-as-coronavirus-treatment-2020-3 Chloroquine is cheap, available, has limited side effects, and is already approved by the FDA. If more tests show good news the shut down and mass panic can hopefully end in month.
  3. I hope you are right but all of the doctors, nurses and other people I know in the health care system (family and friends) have the opposite view from yours. France and Spain just shut down, that isn't done for the flu or irrational panic. The whistleblower doctor in Wuhan, China was 34 when he died of this. The US Surgeon General said today elective surgeries should no longer happen in our country to focus medical resources. I can't remember that ever having been said before. The main thing hospitals are worried about with this is that they could get overwhelmed with Cornav
  4. When was this?!! Hurricane Rita evacuation 2005, mass panic that caused those traffic jams killed more people than the hurricane itself. We will see the same with this virus...
  5. Italy is having problems because their population is old (average age is 46 years old while the US's average age is 38). The Coronavirus generally only severely effects those over 65 and those with weak immune systems. Those under 65 with normally functioning immune systems (85-90% of the population) either show no symptoms at all or develop flu like symptoms that are gone after a week or two. I'm not saying we shouldn't take this seriously but that the panic that's been going on the last week is causing more problems for society than the virus itself is atm
  6. This is getting absolutely insane, my local Target is completely stripped bare and all the schools just closed for at least a week all for a virus that gives 90% of people flu like symptoms at worst. I understand that the elderly and immune-compromised need to take this virus seriously but shutting down society and causing people to panic is doing more damage to the country and the global economy than the virus. Needless to say the only time I remember people panicking as much as they are now is this:
  7. Honestly I think the reason alot of these parks are closing is not to contain the virus but instead to save money. Disney and Universal in particular rely on tourists for a majority of their guests and right now the airline industry is in the tank with many people posting videos of empty airplanes on social media. Less people flying to Orlando = less people going to Disney and Universal and if Disney and Universal are going to lose money running their parks why should they stay open?
  8. Hopefully they stay open amid the virus panic. Im personally taking advantage of the situation to visit parks with low crowds (for example Im going to SFA for the first time on the 28th)
  9. Considering this and Super Manege are gone now I'm glad I got to ride Super Manege this year considering there are no more Vekoma Corkscrews in North America now.
  10. I hope to god they dont get rid of the Ball Room building or Sky Ride, both are very important to the history of CP.
  11. Yes pretty much everything is open and unlike freight fest that weekend is DEAD. BTW the Safari is open but if you want to do it you have to buy a ticket for the Grape Adventure whine festival.
  12. Interestingly enough Screamscape actually thinks Anaconda’s removal is on its way. But he doesn’t think it will happen until Volcan is replaced. Lets hope so. Anaconda is worse than Vortex IMO, at least Vortex is intense Anaconda is boring.
  13. Its more reliable than TTD if that says anything. IMO if WT is removed I can see it being moved to a smaller park like CGA or Michigans Adventure.
  14. Exactly, the star flyer/Windseeker is the new observation tower. One ride though I really want to see make a comeback though is eccentric Ferris wheels, there are only two of them on the entire planet (the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island and Pixar Pal-A-Round at DCA) and the Wonder Wheel has got to be the best Ferris Wheel I have ever been on.
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