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  1. Rob and Alyssa, let me say thank you for allowing these wonderful gift exchange happen for the last few years. I always look forward to this guilty little pleasure of seeing what interesting items your members pick for each other. I have been watching for this thread, as I knew that time was of the essence for your overseas members. P.S. I still have the Book of Mormons CD in my car. It's always seems to be on Hasa Digga Evil Wile when Amber gets in the car! It's even funnier to play it to unsuspecting visitors to my car(my boss)(female)
  2. I know my Giftee receieved part 1 and was going to wait till Xmas to open, but I still don't know if the parcel from Australia has arrived. I hope they enjoyed it all
  3. Merry Christmas from Australia Santa has been to the land down under May he find your part of the World
  4. Santa has found me in the heat of summer Nice wrapped, the Elves are working overtime A coasting Santa Card OMG Santa knows I been on the Nice list this year. - it was on my Wish List I"ll be needing a Revival after the Book of Mormon This sends me for a Loop de Loop or is that a quick drop!
  5. Now that's funny, cause I had an attempted delivery notification yesterday and I now need to collect from the post office. When I return from work today I will collect and might have a update Is this from TPR Secret Santa? I think so
  6. Dear Giftee, your first delivery is due by Thurs 11 however the second delivery will be a mystery as he has a long way to travel
  7. Hi all, it's time to play Santa again... I should let Santa and his elves know that it's time to check the Naughty and Nice list.... About me, I like the winning lotto numbers (need 6 numbers between 1 and 45) I'm a Disney fan - grew up with Disney love live stage shows - especially musicals I teach acrobatics for a dance studio but really am a trampolinist I like reading - Harry potter, Stephen King, Sci Fi, but not really into sloppy romantics books movies - tend to watch older movies, Disney movies, kids movies I watch TV shows like Dance Moms, NCIS, Stargate, some reality shows, cooking shows, obviously I like Theme parks and roller coasters I have only visited LA, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas this year so maybe like a fridge magnet from your area adult shopping would not go astray either - I have a sense of humor Shirt size L to XL depending on cut - I'm currently shrinking!!! Please don't leave it to my list, I love the random things people find for each other I have received Harry Potter time Turner, Disney Calendar, some candies Thanks to Robb, Elissa, and Brandy for putting this all together each year, I really look forward to participating each year
  8. i wonder if this will happen again this year? I really enjoyed watching this thread!!
  9. Wow lots of detectives on TPR this has been a fun thread to follow. So here is my guess - The world! Clearly Rob you are really enjoying this! It's interesting how everyone bends the same clues for there own outcome! So far you are going to Sochi, China, England, Scotland, India, Toyko Disney You know come to think of it, you could really be playing games with us!! Location: TPR Headquarters Why: Cause Rob & Elissa have wicked sense of humours
  10. We did the tour on president day 2012 and it was so worth it! The shows great, the guide holds your bags while you ride. When your waiting to go on the tour make sure you visit the bathrooms for the gold fixtures and wonderful artwork. The breakfast was unexpected surprise and the lunch was to die for. If I can find the photos I will put up some of the lunch buffet. I would do again
  11. Dreamworld Movieworld Seaworld All on the fabulous Gold Coast of Australia Between 45 - 75 minutes depending on traffic
  12. I use FB daily and generally you tube about once a week. Didn't realise you guys are on pin interest.
  13. Storm at Seaworld Australia I got thoroughly drenched especially the back It could also be that I got to ride before AmbeBambe and Garbles Quick wet ride
  14. I'm so glad you like it. I thought about what I wouldn't buy for myself as an indulgence so hoped you didn't already have it. it took a little stalking to discover your likes. It was fun looking as I just discovered my son is a Doctor Who fan and he loved looking with me!
  15. Thank you Santa You know exactly what I needed! Snoopy S&P shakers & Disney Calendar Now I only need to keep AmbeBambe away from my Calendar How perfect Sept is Tinkerbell flying as we fly to Disneyland
  16. Look what's sitting under the tree Soon my pretties your secrets will be revealed
  17. Well I was at Movieworld's White Christmas last night and while in line for Green Lantern a girl in line just ahead stated that this ride doesn't go upside down just a train as z train tipped over to upside down. She kept insisting all while watching the trains turn over.
  18. My gift is just sitting there teasing me! Will I be able to wait much longer! The only thing saving it is the wonderful wrapping.
  19. Well yes I do! I love checking in on this thread to discover the amazing items people have sent! It appears we are all on Santa's nice list! As I haven't seen any coal! Merry Christmas
  20. Woo hoo just letting Santa know that a parcel turn up today. I open the packing box 2 find 2 parcels inside. I'm gunna try to hold out till Christmas Day but if I open early will post the photos Thanks again Santa
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