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  1. Tantrum at Darien Lake. Not a bad coaster. A bit short but fun.
  2. I will be there May 4th. Time to put that season pass to use. Here's the email that was sent out from Six Flags.
  3. I have done the VR Ghostbusters experience in New York City and it was amazing. Can't wait to try the Star Wars version on my next visit to Orlando.
  4. Thanks for the great report. I will be there for my first time in about two weeks. Can't wait to compare it to my recent visits to Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World. Should be interesting. I have not traveled to a non English speaking country other than border towns in Mexico and Quebec Canada.
  5. Did not know about the new phone policy until I started reading this thread. I guess it was a good thing I did not visit SFGAdv this year. Well, that is one park I may be avoiding for a while until they get some new credits or change their policy. If they are going to force you, the least they should do is make the lockers free like Universal. Do they metal detect you like Universal?
  6. Here's a pic of Maverick that I took. Maverick at Sunset
  7. Well that is just "Super" I may have to make another visit to Florida to experience this one more time. So many changes in Orlando this year.
  8. I remember doing the water challenge during the Deep South Bash on the GA Cyclone. Wonder what doing a water challenge on twisted cyclone would be like?
  9. I would buy the Houston Astrodome and rebuild Astroworld in it. It would be better than the original since it would be air conditioned. I would have theming and customer service on par with Disney and have a free fast pass system like Disney. The ride selection would be well balanced between thrills and family. I would probably also throw in Dueling Dragons in it with it dueling again. One can only dream.
  10. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment. Been on the forum for ages and always loved your videos. You definitely deserve this.
  11. I had a feeling that was the reason. It is pretty hard to get the ride to yourself on those two attractions. Plus on the great movie ride you may get weird looks from the cast members. I guess you you can always film a POV and do it mystery science theater style.
  12. Just had a crazy thought for a great video idea. Perhaps Robb can do another video like when Maelstrom closed for the Great Movie Ride and Ellen's Energy. Instead of Anna and Elsa it would be Mickey and Minnie and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  13. I think I am going to head over to Orlando this weekend to pay my last respects to Dueling Dragons for the last time. Then I'll go over to WDW to ride the Great Movie Ride and Ellen's Energy Adventures for the last time. There are a lot of rides closing this month. Sad to see them go but the new stuff replacing them seems quite interesting.
  14. Great report. Glad you liked Iron Rattler. It is one of my favorites. Did you get a chance to ride their insane swing ride the Zumur? It is way more intense than it looks. Also, the ride op on the dark ride use to jump out at you when you exited the show building. Here a video I shot of the swing ride. Not sure if it is still running that fast.
  15. Great report. Love the pictures. Just in case you want to try Whataburger's again, I highly recommend their patty melt. Their regular burger is OK but the patty melt is amazing.
  16. Amazing pictures. I should be at Disney World next week. I need to check out the Rivers of Light show. Also it will be the last week of Wishes.
  17. Great report. I visited the museum on my last trip to San Francisco and really loved it. It is a must for any Disney fan. Also within walking distance of the Disney museum is LucasFilm and ILM. You can't walk into the buildings but they do have a cool Yoda statue. Yoda fountain
  18. Good to know that the Dolphin show is still good to watch and not boring. The food looks really good. I may have to check my local area Seaworld in San Antonio and see if their food festival is just as good. Great report.
  19. Great report. One of these days I need to go to Dubai. Always wanted to try an indoor ski resort. They really need one here in Houston. The dune busting thing looks like a lot of fun and the cultural stuff afterwards was quite interesting.
  20. I live about a mile from this. Did not know they had this. Well I think it is time for a visit. Perhaps this is the source of the large spotlight shooting in the sky like Luxor. I can see the light from my house.
  21. I may have to make another trip just to see Disney Quest since I have never been there. I wonder if Disney Premiere Passports still get you in for free?
  22. Probably one of the Disney parks. Either Anaheim or Orlando. I got to get my moneys worth on my premiere passport. Plus it is the off season so the crowds will be down.
  23. Expedition Everest at Night. Had a little fun with my low light camera. Expedition Everest at Night
  24. Dominator during Halloween Haunt at King's Dominion Dominator during Halloween Haunt at King's Dominion
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