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  1. I visited back in 2011. Nice little park. Silver Comet was a solid coaster.
  2. Yeah, the park could do better in that regard. That said, based on the article, it sounds like those guests were purposefully trying to create trouble. Looks like they succeeded
  3. Another awful story to come out of this park. Not really the parks fault this time though. https://globalnews.ca/news/5295309/two-deer-die-at-marineland-after-father-and-son-allegedly-caused-a-stampede/
  4. I actually feel Conneaut Lake looks better off in comparison to what was shown in this report. It's not surprising that the park was so empty given how it looked. Nice to hear that Big Dipper is running as well as it is though, despite the lap bar issue.
  5. Haha. Yes, the Skyride does still freak me out a bit. Such a great view from up there though.
  6. I believe it was Michael that said he could go for a sangria and the bartender got all excited and offered one of her special sangria's. We were generous with our tips and she earned every bit of it. I will remember our day at that park fondly because of her.
  7. Happy to see another TR for this trip. Looking forward to see more.
  8. She was way too good to be working at Six Flags. Alcohol definitely helped make the day better. I avoided it after you mentioned how unimpressed you were. It's too bad cause Panda Express would have at least been decent. The pizza place next to the bar was surprisingly not terrible.
  9. Great report! I love this place so much. I would definitely like to make a more long term stay there in hopefully not too distant future. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. The bright shirts turned out to be very useful. Easy to pick myself out of the photos.
  11. It's great that Cedar Fair keeps throwing money into my home park. Looking forward to riding Yukon Striker next year. Winterfest looks like a great event as well. Ice skating in the frozen fountains should be fantastic!
  12. Um, yeah. I would definitely say so. Even still I would never expect the car to just unhook like that. Hopefully the other 3 recover. That's pretty terrifying.
  13. It's a shame to lose a classic ride, but thankfully no one was hurt. I have no doubt they will replace it with something even better. Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk
  14. Its a neat and unique format, but it's nothing I would write home about.
  15. Like others have stated, I just can't wrap my head round how the entire train completely came of the track. It will be very interesting to see what comes of this. From those pictures, I'm shocked that no one was killed. I hope everyone involved can make a full recovery.
  16. Prince was definitely a music legend. Shame he died so young. Also, former WWE star Chyna passed yesterday afternoon. Some reports are saying it was due to a possible overdose. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/the-turnstile/ex-wwe-wrestler-joanie--chyna--laurer-dead-at-45-062253457.html
  17. Can't refuse for a good cause. Count me in for 1 if they are printed. Great photo.
  18. This ride is near the bottom of every Mitch Hawker poll there is. That being said, it sounds as if the safety system kicked in exactly as it was supposed to on both occasions.
  19. The Viking theme fits perfectly. Did Busch Gardens Tampa ever do anything with the Gwazi trains? Could they be moving here for this new coaster with some new paint?
  20. I am fortunate to live in a country where medical expenses are not a worry as well so I can definitely see where you are coming from here. Fortunately, there are some awesome people here that are able and more than willing to help. Hoping to hear some good news soon.
  21. I could see this being precedent setting for sure. It definitely sucks.
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