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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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Haven't ridden any in october, but my september best was silver star at europa park - running BLINDINGLY well this year - lovely, lovely air over every hill!


Another vote for the 'timid' Silver Star, couldn't believe how good it was the other week during my first visit. Easily as good as my summer rides on Apollo and Nitro

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Just going to post September real quick. I'll catch up at the end of the month.


It's a tough choice, since I rode 7 coasters that made my top 50, and several more that were also highly impressive.


But I'll have to go with Montu. I will say, though, that I also developed quite the little coaster crush on HRRRRRRR.


I take Montu pictures reaaal good. Not.

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So far, it's been I305 (insane at night with no lights)


It's a close call for me between this and El Toro. But I'll go with I305 no lights over El Toro in the morning. I'll check out Bizarro at SFNE and Boulder Dash at night this weekend.

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