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  1. Dang, another credit (a good one at that) gone I never got to ride. RIP.
  2. Just read the whole thread, hoping to see this park come back to life!
  3. ^Also, they had this video which could come off as a sort of teaser: Other than that, though, they haven't done much. Which I think makes it all the more fun.
  4. ^^Great TR, loved your reviews of each coaster. I'm surprised Valravn was basically your favorite coaster there. I always hear mixed reviews on it (mostly people like it) but never really their absolute favorite. I agree about the CP nightlife and overall experience. They really have stepped up their game and it's showing. I've never been to SFMM so I can't compare but I always hear basically the same thing you said.
  5. Not a fan of the name but intrigued by the "secret". Hopefully a drop track.
  6. Watched all his Planet Coaster videos and yeah...that guy is talented. But, it only made me even more excited for this game.
  7. ^Yeah, still trying to figure out what exactly that is. Looks like a building but why would they add that right next to the coaster.
  8. Compared to this, RCTW is a complete joke. After seeing everything from alpha, I'm all in Planet Coaster.
  9. Very, very excited about these announcements. Good riddance to StR, rode the ride a couple of times and it's a waste of space. I'm hoping they add something to that area that actually compliments it. (Hoping it isn't a relocation of Ripcord...) I'm also very excited about the backstage tour of Valravn. I'm going to have to do this as least once this season considering the photos you'll get will be spectacular. Kudos to Cedar Point once again.
  10. 1. Twitter is my number one because I go on it the most and frequently comment, like, and retweet things. 2. Instagram is my number two most used where I will like things a lot and occasionally comment. 3. Snapchat is my number three just because I use it a lot and look at people's stories. 4. Facebook would have to be my fourth because I occasionally come on here to check on things. 5. Youtube would be next because I usually only go on here when I'm bored. 6. Everything else is after that, not as used.
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