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  1. Echoing this 1000% what a sad day. With the football stadium sharing the current parking lot, I wonder what the area would be turned into...
  2. You can only book up to two weeks ahead. I'm hoping to snag some good reservations times tonight at midnight as that will be the start of my two week window. It was pretty easy. I bought my flex pass on Monday, and grabbed reservations for this coming Friday and Saturday for the Cantina.
  3. Wait, people thought they would get a coaster like a year after their last one??? When I spoke to the parks upper management during the RailBlazer media day, they projected the hyper (mentioned in their 20 year plan) would come around 2020 - 2021ish.
  4. This years HHN is ramping up to be one of their best. They have really responded to people's complaints of the recent years lack of scare zones. I mean, that was one of my main problems of the most recent two years, vs. years passed where it was so much more immersive.
  5. I'm surprised no one jumped in sooner to help... kudos to the guy who choked the man in the red shirt out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk96EUMmXlw
  6. The second half will be entirely made out of wood with three cork screws for maximum inversions.
  7. I hope they took notes from last year and made necessary improvements. HHN has always been an amazing event, and we spend a lot of money to go, but last year felt like a parking lot haunt. Scare Zones were scarce and seemed like an after thought. Got my fingers crossed though!
  8. People like this are why we have warning labels for EVERYTHING.
  9. I don't think it's really needed. The portion of the queue you spend the most time in is already shaded. You're not up on the platform for very long. They did recently paint the walls in the flight deck platform a grey color which is welcomed, as it doesnt radiate heat like an oven as much as the old bare wood walls did. RailBlazer's queue is almost completely shaded. This was already covered in this thread a while back. It's a bigger process to add queue covering than just 'putting one up'. In order to do so, the park would need to apply to rezone some of the building + the cost of permits to go with it. And in some areas of the park, the surrounding buildings would need to be re-enforced to support the new covering.
  10. Wouldn’t make for great photos. Someone’s hair would always be in the way.
  11. This Saturday, starting at 10am, season pass holders can show their pass at the entrance of Railblazer and get to ride it!
  12. Based on an interview with Cedar Fair CEO, Knotts is one of the 4 parks the company is really focusing in on to develop and expand. It would not surprise me for Knott's to get another coaster in the next few years. The other 3 parks are Cedar Point, Carowinds, and California Great America. Knott's has a lot of back lot space. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved some storage spaces to other areas or even off site to accommodate the build out.
  13. It's probably not as easy as you think. California's Great America has the same issues with some of their queues and in order to make certain additions, they have to rezone to obtain the proper permits to make additions to the buildings and/or its surroundings.
  14. I'd imagine they'd keep the photo element where it currently is, and finish the ride off in the rumored enclosure. If they are true, it will be a great remodel and not an afterthought-layover.
  15. That's what the internet rumors are . I'm pretty excited to experience it myself.
  16. The ferris wheel looked to be going really fast (IMO) for that type of ride. Tragic loss of life
  17. I couldn't agree with you more. I have been to commercial shoots, invited by TPR to cover media event's, etc. There is a HUGE difference between the media event's parks invite you to and commercial shoots... and to be honest, you have to be a special kind of stupid to confuse one with the other! Now every time someone mentions HangTime, all I can think about is BanTime
  18. That's not a far fetched thought. Structures in CA have to meet certain requirements due to earthquakes, but the last I saw, they were adding more wooden walkways to the side of the turn before the first drop.
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