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  1. At KD, they have six coasters for the event and you will have one hour for each coaster. Usually the event runs from 12-7 with one hour for lunch. The park does open at 10:30 and closes at 8 so you could have two and a half hours to do other rides.
  2. Signed up for Carowinds. http://support.gktw.org/goto/jeremiahs23 Fourth year doing Coasting for kids, first year not at Kings Dominion.
  3. Got Mayor West and Ghostbuster Peter a couple days ago now just a couple dog bones away for Diane. Figured I'd decorate a little for halloween
  4. Making a top ten is a hard decision but anyway 1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 2. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion 3. SkyRush - Hershey Park 4. Balder - Liseburg 5. Piraten - Djurs Sommerland 6. New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas 7. Helix - Liseburg 8. Goliath - Six Flags Great America 9. Phoenix - Knoebels 10. ISpeed - Mirabilandia
  5. Keep in mind also, during October on Saturdays the park usually hits capacity anywhere from 3PM to 6PM so if you show up during that timeframe you may have to wait to get in the park.
  6. Getting Vinny is actually easier than it looks now. If you work the quests more people can grab items. Brian and Stewie join in on collecting.
  7. Now we have to Monday evening to unlock the Sexy Stewie outfit. Also, if you missed out on Human Rupert before you can now buy him with clams.
  8. Yes, the land inside district 9, not the land you could've already cleared.
  9. I unlocked it and Meg last night.. Now you have to clear three lands at 20 hours each before you can even repair the news station.
  10. They said the update hasnt come out for iphones yet. Anyway, now there is a quest to build a blimp which requires collecting more items using some of the same people who are collecting for Meg. You have to finish Stewie's quests for it to begin.
  11. Message has now popped up saying District 9 will be opening soon where you can unlock Tom Tucker and Mayor West.
  12. Its funny how the comments on all of their facebook posts are almost the exact same everytime. ^ Ya I spent my blam right before the notice popped up about the mutant stewie costume. But thankfully I should be able to get enough harpoons to get that back up to 20000 before it ends.
  13. So I think they went a little overboard with the stripper Bonnie costume. Started Tuesday and you have to do 58 hours of tasks THEN you have to start collecting her items and collect them before the even ends on Monday. So in reality you can't even start collecting the items tonight if you started her tasks exactly when they started or most likely tomorrow. Going to be really hard to get her.
  14. I managed to snag 8 out of 10 of those from the mystery box, granted I spent about 90000 blam on that box. Which now I have 12 batteries, 200 bombs, and grabbed about 20 of each harpoon. And snagged 90 clams from it too. Still looking for 3 porno mags. Those things just won't drop.
  15. Getting closer to the Multiplier but the porno mags have seen to stop dropping as much for me and now we have RolloCop to unlock. In theory he seems easy to get as he doesn't have as much as others. My message box said Android users but I would assume Iphones will be getting him soon if not now. I have stopped caring as much now with the harpoons since I have over 175,000 blam and don't really need it for anything.
  16. They always announce next year's additions on passholder weekend on Saturday in the Festhaus for any passmembers who want to come, they usually raffle off some prizes too. That weekend is always a week after Labor Day, this year Septemver 6 and 7.
  17. They just started to allow one re-ride this year, well atleast they did early in the year.
  18. Mostly all parks that are not located in Florida and California only run daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then weekends only from Labor Day to the end of October (Also weekends only from opening day until Memorial Day). And water parks are generally Memorial Day to Labor Day only.
  19. After vanquishing and bombing Stewie I am up to 70200 blam.
  20. It seems there is no set area and they roam everywhere including over water. If you have a cluster of buildings they will walk right through where you can't see them.
  21. I got very lucky and got my remaining 7 sundaes after 10 bombs, outfit for Chris done.
  22. That changed two years ago, now you can pick any row. One thing about Apollos with QQ since you will be there on a Saturday. Because they only use one row, on busy days when QQ fills up they may also use the second to last row as well. And in the event that QQ suddenly gets two trains or so worth of people they might just fill the whole train up with QQ only.
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