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  1. 1. Ride roller coaster. 2. Get stung by bee. 3. ?????? 4. Profit
  2. I'm 6'6" (198 cm), and didn't have any issues. I didn't see a max height posted anywhere, either. Enjoy!
  3. It's an odd system. You need a mobile phone, but it isn't an app. The website is: https://www.walibifastlane.nl/ We were originally going to buy the silver pass, but ended up only needing to skip the line for 3 rides, so we just bought them individually. My debit card wasn't working on the website, so we actually went to Guest Services and paid them there, then they approved our purchase on the site, and we were able to use my phone for 7 of us in the party. It works pretty well once you have things set up.
  4. Probably a futile question, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been trying to purchase my 2 day ticket online for my visit (so I can book the express pass rides), but the site seems to have issues processing my order. My friend in Australia was also having issues. I've tried it a few times over the last couple of weeks with no luck. Has anyone had luck using a US credit card with Liseberg's site? My card has worked on about 10 other European park sites, so it isn't an issue with my card or bank.
  5. Interesting. I was there right at 10 on opening day, and they weren't doing it. Glad it only took them 30 minutes to figure it out! I live in Waukee. Been in the area about 20 years since I moved here for college (Simpson grad).
  6. ^ Good updates. I was at the park yesterday, and one other thing that they've improved is having an employee making sure that there are 8 people in each car. Calling out for singles, etc. seems to have improved the efficiency since opening day. Sadly, after losing 10 more pounds, I'm still "this" close to riding. They actually had it locked yesterday, but there was an issue in the 2nd row, so they released the restraints, then we couldn't get it back into the OK position. I leave for Europe in 9 days, and would like to ride The Monster before I leave town...
  7. Enjoying the report. Glad you enjoyed Adventureland. The beer selection is indeed impressive. There have been a ton of local breweries popping up lately, and they're all pretty decent.
  8. I'd really try for both! Tornado at Bakken is definitely worth the trip, there is a part on it that is INSANE! I have been to both parks and I'm thinking if you are a coaster guy, I'd head to Bakken. BUT Tivoli can't be missed either! Also is the new ride open at the park?? I agree with Chris, which is rare. If you're looking for more of a coaster experience, then I think Bakken is just a little bit better. Tivoli is one of my favorite parks in the world, but in terms of coasters it's somewhat lacking. The more I think about it, you could do both in a day. There's a train station about a mile away from Bakken, and it runs directly to Tivoli (Central Station). Just make sure you hold on to your ticket, right Chris? Start at Bakken in the morning, then head to Tivoli in the late afternoon. Seeing it at night is well worth it.
  9. I can't figure out how to embed this video, but here's the link. Wow.
  10. I'm enjoying the report. I've only been to Kings Island once, in 2013, and was pretty underwhelmed. It seems like a lot has changed just in those 3 years based on multiple reports that I've seen. I will say that I really liked Diamondback. I have it ranked the highest of the newer B&M hypers. Still not as good as Nitro, Apollo's etc, but it's a great ride.
  11. It really wasn't that busy at park opening on Saturday, at least the first couple of hours when I was there. I assumed it would be WAY more crowded with the new ride opening.
  12. I'm old, so I'm probably 80-20 computer to mobile. Facebook is about the only thing I'll look at with my iPhone, along with an occasional login with tapatalk if one of my subscribed threads has been replied to.
  13. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out there again for nighttime pictures/video. The only video I've seen so far was posted on Gerstlauer's Facebook page. I can't access it from work, so I can't help right now. It looks really cool, though,
  14. Yes! I was starting to get worried that these wouldn't be open in time for my visit on July 16th. Glad to see that it looks like everything will be ready to go. Awesome!!!
  15. Some photos from this morning: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=71993
  16. Hey, everyone! After seeing the announcement on Adventureland's Facebook page last night that The Monster would open today, I decided to make the 25 minute trek across the city to check it out. Unfortunately, my tale isn't a happy one, as I was denied a ride due to still being a bit too large. I was hoping for another couple of weeks before it opened, but here we are. More on this later. I should hopefully be able to ride it in the next couple of weeks, so my review will need to wait until that time. Regardless, I still have way too many pictures to share. Robb is editing the off-ride video and will post it to this thread when it's ready. The park opened at 10, and I was hoping to get parked by about 9:30. I didn't end up getting there until 9:45, and there was a decent amount of people already lined up and waiting. Still, not nearly as many as I'd expected there to be. At 10, the garage doors opened and people were able to walk through the tunnel entrances. A few people took off running, but most of the crowd did more of a brisk walk to the back of the park. It didn't seem like a lot of people either: 1. Knew the ride was open. or 2. Knew where the ride was located. Everyone turned right at the space shot, but now that I know where the entrance is, I think it might be faster to go left. I got in line about 10:03, and there were already people spilling out into the "overflow" area. It looks like they'll be adding a lot more queue area, but it wasn't ready yet. There are also supports to put up some shade for the line, so that was good to see. Just standing there for 15-20 minutes made me feel pretty hot. It's about 80 degrees here today, FYI. Kudos to Adventureland for having plenty of staff in the area to handle the crowd. I will say, there seems to be some confusion about some of the rules of the ride, though. They have signs saying that all bags, cameras, glasses, etc must be left with a non-rider. I asked the person at the entrance what I should do since I was there by myself (I don't have any friends), and he said that I could just leave it on the platform, no problem. There wasn't a problem with that, they just don't supply a cabinet for each train or anything similar. So be prepared for it when you ride. I didn't notice any lockers in the area, but I didn't look that closely, either. The issue I ran into was with glasses. I saw several people riding without a strap while I was in line, so I put my strap on and assumed it would be ok. When I went to ride, I was told that even with a strap I couldn't wear them. I just set them on the side with my bag. You're allowed to pick which row you want to sit in, but they might want to have someone at the splitting point to help with the traffic flow. There were also a lot of empty seats on trains, sometimes 2 in one row. Not sure how that ever happens. They'll eventually figure it out, but the lines will move pretty slowly until they do. Some other things... There isn't a test seat. I saw a few other people do the walk of shame (that might explain the empty seats), so it might not be a bad idea for the park to get one of those. I knew what I was getting into, but a lot of people won't be happy after waiting for an hour and then not fitting. Just my 2 cents. Other general thoughts... The park was kind of buzzing today. All of the employees seemed genuinely excited about the new ride opening. They were all asking people what they thought about it. From what I could tell, people were loving the ride. There were also some very concerned looks on people's faces the first time they actually saw it, too. This is definitely unlike anything most people here have seen. The ride seemed to be running a lot faster than I expected it to based on some of the videos I'd watched. It's also really quiet, and sounds very smooth. I can't wait to finally ride the damn thing. They already had some Monster souvenirs at the shop near the exit, so they're ready to cash in on this beast. OK, here are the pictures I took. The first 5 are with my phone while I was in line, the rest are from my DSLR. Enjoy! The queue gets pretty close to the ride. Final corkscrew. (I honestly don't know the names for most of these inversions, and I don't really care. Just don't correct me. I hate that.) Going up. This guy was excited. I was waiting for him to put his hands down, but he just sat there staring at me and doing that. The station looks nice, but there's clearly some work to be done. Lift hill. Notice how many hands are up now, compared to the next couple of pictures... It's steep.
  17. It isn't a coaster, but this is one of my favorite pictures from my recent trip to WDW.
  18. Damn, that's a lot of confidence for being 15 days away from opening. I hope they can make this happen, especially by July 3rd.
  19. Thanks for the update, Chuck. I'm thinking that next year will be an all domestic park year for me. I miss coming to BGW for food and wine! That pass seems like a fantastic idea, and I'm actually amazed that a park would offer any sort of discount during one of these events. Maybe Epcot could follow suit...
  20. Thanks for the update. I wasn't all that excited about Mako until I drove by it a couple of weeks ago. Glad to hear that your review was positive. You like rides like Helix so I expect this to be in your top ten! Now, now... I thought we'd agreed to never discuss Helix again. We aren't discussing... I'm just quietly judging...and laughing...ok maybe not so quietly.. This is me exiting the thread...
  21. Thanks for the update. I wasn't all that excited about Mako until I drove by it a couple of weeks ago. Glad to hear that your review was positive. You like rides like Helix so I expect this to be in your top ten! Now, now... I thought we'd agreed to never discuss Helix again.
  22. Thanks for the update. I wasn't all that excited about Mako until I drove by it a couple of weeks ago. Glad to hear that your review was positive.
  23. One of the local news stations did a feature on the new ride: http://www.kcci.com/news/adventurelands-monster-undergoes-test-rides/39595180
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