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  1. Latest issue came out in January. It does have the Gwazi-info in it. They just don't update the FD section of the homepage that often.
  2. I just hope this isn't the end for yet another Schwarzkopf.
  3. Looks like something out of Skyrim. Can't wait until August when I'll get to go there and see and ride it for myself.
  4. I had a wonderful visit in the rain the other week, and the great Rampage ERT aside, the 8(?) high speed laps on Centi-SPEED with wet breaks until the lift was turned off to stop it was a true highlight of my trip. I'm still laughing just thinking of it. I hope to be back again some day and wish you all the best of luck.
  5. I've added a few 'never again I have the credit'-rides in the U.S.
  6. Are people seriously naming coasters other than Gouderix? (Not so) Honerable mentions: Dragon @ Adventureland Ninja @ SFSt.L T3 @ Kentucky Kingdom
  7. It will be the biggest investment in the parks history. How much did Outlaw Run cost?
  8. Can add one and one but a bit time consuming. I'll put them in my Mini Photo TR when I get to Dollywood.
  9. Enjoy a photo (can't upload multiple right now for some reason) of the ride from the restricted area behind the hill. I know many of you are eager and itching to ride it, but believe me when I say it will be worth the wait when you get on it. It is simply superb.
  10. The parts haven't arrived so I can't see a Swedish midsummer opening. They aren't in 'installation and testing-mode' yet.
  11. I'll be back for day 10 and the rest of this trip. As always take care & control until then.
  12. The thought struck my mind, but I didn't see them anywhere else. Yes and now I know what everyone keeps raving about. The cinnamon bread was delicious!
  13. Day 9: Kentucky Kingdom Oh yes! Started the day before park opening with a serious marathon on the new RMC goodness that is Storm Chaser. For me it was the dark horse of 2016 and it delivered. I loved it. Violent ejector but if I'm critical I felt it wanted to much as far as elements thrown in goes. Ran a bit slow early in the morning towards the end but later in the day there was no real complaints. Would love a ride in the dark to see just how much better it would be though. Lightning Run: Brilliant, BRILLIANT, ride. Still prefer a Intamin Mega-lite but man this was great. Glass smooth too. Train sailed like a hot knife thru butter. If you can't get Mega-lites in the US make parks get these. We all need them. The woodie was rideable and the SLC... Well, the new trains fo nothing. You can't polish a turd and lipstick on a pig etc. It's a horrible 'hang and bang' and I was cursing my way thru it. New for 2016 RMC I approve... Schwarzkopf porn in form of abandoned trains Schwarzkopf wheels in before mentioned trains. I'll loose all my cool poins now but that gave me a hard on and outed me as a nerd but I so wanted one... Got to pick one up at least. You betcha! Had a few good beers an the glasses were great! The reborn Kentucky Kingdom
  14. Day 8: Holiday World One of the parks I looked forward the most too. Heard a bunch about Voyage and had high hopes. Day started with a walk back tour and then we got first rides on Thunderbird. It also became my 200ed coaster. Brilliant ride but where do they go from here with that kind. of B&M? The woodies whent bigger but then, BAM, a huge winged. Don't see them topping it in a way parks usually expand and that might hurt them in the long run. Loved Raven and Legend was good but not my "preffered" kind of coaster. Voyage. What can I say? It's great but it did not live up to my expectations. It breaks so hard on the way back it almost came to a complete stop. Made me very dissapointed and El Toro at SFGAdv still reigns supreme for me as far woodies go. Raven was really good... Nerd shot of the construction yard... New Legend wood... You could really feel the new parts on it... Legend behind the scenes... Voyage... I suppose I had too high expectations on it... It didn't deliver for me. Misunderstand me right: It's great but not all that... Love this station... So good...
  15. Day 7: Six Flags St. Louis Another Six Flags. That said I found the operators friendly even if they were not pushing trains in usual SF fashion. Day started weird on Batman. They forced me to hold my umbrella in my hand while riding. The Boss should be killed with fire but leave 'Eagle' alone. That was accually great. Liked it more than Freeze. They have VR on Ninja and as much as I want to claim the joke as mine I didn't come up with it; What did they show? A boxing match? They didn't but it felt like one with me loosing and operations was horrible. Fortunately I managed to fish up before mentioned umbrella to save me from the sun while beeing stacked for almost 20 minutes on the break run before the station. Batman. You know what you get on these. Nerd shot of sandbags. They ran 1 train for some time... Mr Freeze. Like this station and not just for the AC in the cue Beer. Not as good selection as Adventureland but they had 1 or 2 decent on tap... Might just have been the best ride in the park... Ninja, but I took the photo for that shirt. Slytherin FTW... Ugh. Give to RMC or just tear down... I liked this...
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