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  1. I think this is right on. How many parks with a B&M 7-looper budget don't have one already? Parks are either working with less expensive companies for their inversion-heavy rides, or they're filling out their lineup with other B&M products.
  2. At my peak weight I was still able to fit relatively comfortably on the one at Valleyfair, and these look like the same seats. For reference, there are still a number of things I can't fit on right now.
  3. It’s going to be a busy year.... Worlds of Fun Adventureland Valleyfair Mall of America Six flags great America Six Flags St. Louis Silver dollar city Cedar point Las Vegas Knotts Six flags magic mountain Disneyland Universal studios Hollywood Universal Orlando Maybe: Kings dominion California’s great America
  4. Mamba, but I'm sure Phantom's Revenge will take that spot when I eventually ride it.
  5. Hard to choose a favorite, but honestly - Any of the "classic" style ones where the trough is largely embedded in the ground, and winds through a natural, scenic environment. Ever since Valleyfair's was removed I've missed that kind of ride. However, I still have a great appreciation for more modern flumes. Its one of my favorite ride types in general and one of the things I feel no park is truly complete without.
  6. "Maybe I'll be myself when I'm somebody else" MIKA - Rio
  7. I experienced this at IAAPA back in 2015, and so far it's the only implementation of VR that I liked. Glad to hear they're making it consistently available.
  8. ^I need to get home to my computer and look at how its installed again, but it is a manual set. You will find it under either walls or scenery and you need to manually build the pieces onto the ride. It's time consuming but is a fairly flexible set to work with as a result.
  9. I had a blast working Supreme Scream at Knotts. The ride rarely goes down, has lots of different positions, and you get to sit in air conditioning when you're on controls/dispatch. Grouping during 3 tower operation was one of my favorite positions. You had to think quickly in order to keep up, but it wasn't crazy enough to actually be stressful. It also helped that fastlane merged at the grouping area, so you were never in a position of telling guests that someone else would be taking their spot. It's also just fun to work at a ride lots of people are scared of. I enjoyed convincing people to face their fears.
  10. ^^ Hades's pre lift along with Cyclopse's 2nd and final hills are some of my all-time favorite airtime moments
  11. Because it doesn't fit the theming and it destroyed the lagoon. Exactly! It's not so much that it looks bad now, but that it wrecked something that looked much better.
  12. If you've ridden a dive machine, then I guess that's your opinion, but I don't find the two rides to be similar at all. If anything, Riddler's a bigger, taller, more painful version of scream.
  13. So much of what I want to see consists of changes to existing ride styles. 1. A chance yo-yo with half or even 2/3 of the seats removed, so that swinging your chair is safe and encouraged 2. Not sure this is even feasible, but some kind of shot/drop tower powered by LSMs 3. Gerstlauer sky roller, but 3-400 feet tall 4. A large-scale drop tower that can spin while falling
  14. Lol, was thinking the same thing! The perspective of the webcam makes it look like something catastrophic happened
  15. I'm not sure why this keeps coming back every few months. While enthusiasts might prefer different trains, I have a hard time imagining that the park gets complaints from guests. So far the only trains the company has replaced appear to be due to negative guest feedback (stand-ups, which have very uncomfortable trains) or for maintenance reasons (wooden coasters). I'm not sure you would be able to generate substantial ROI on an existing coaster's trains if the improvements/changes would be minimal. I don't see this happening unless the Morgan trains become difficult to maintain. Also, I was under the impression that the conversion to Beemer trains for Steel Dragon caused a substantial drop in the guest height limit. There are many people in VF's market that are over 6ft tall, and so that needs to be taken into consideration. I completely agree that a flume needs to return to the park. However, I would rather see this happen in a more scenic area, perhaps where Dinos resides now. The location of the wave is very central and open, with very few large trees nearby. I would rather see that area used for a coaster someday (if the wave were even to be removed).
  16. Agreed. Also the friction is weird. Rides seem to be able to go on forever with small changes in height, but if you try to build anything using the steep sections, each hill has to be dramatically reduced. As a result, I still don't see myself building anything tall with the Giga track. Also was hoping the ability to go flat-to-slope through a curve would be implemented. Maybe in the next update? I'm having so much fun with this game, regardless of the few issues.
  17. I actually prefer floater IF, and only if, the ride vehicle allows the necessary freedom of motion to fully experience it. My favorite airtime sensation is abundant floater air on a classic wooden coaster with buzz bars and no seat belts. Unfortunately those experiences are disappearing each year as more and more coasters get seat belts or new trains altogether. If I'm in a more modern, constrictive restraint system, there'd better be ejector air Edit- There's also the rare but incredible experience of ejector air in a loose restraint system. Examples that come to mind are Magnum and Desperado - two of my favorite hypers.
  18. Well speaking for VF from 1996-2007 the park was showered with thrill rides and coasters which include: Wild Thing -very great addition at the time, Rip Cord - a great up charge attraction for any park to have, Mad Mouse - still a coaster, Power Tower - good drop tower with admirable height, Steel Venom - decent launch coaster, Xtreme Swing - amazing thrill ride, Renegade - One of the best GCIs out there. And CF bought the paramount parks in 2006. It makes sense to me. As a former passholder I remember the glorious run of years from 2003-2007.... Steel Venom Kidworks Skyscraper, Riptide Extreme Swing, Halloween Haunt Renegade For a few years you were able to just assume good news would be coming in September. Even if you didn't love what they were putting in, there was routine investment.
  19. I think the best definition as someone said a page back is "if it feels like one", for the same reason most people don't consider Disko's and Larson Loopers to be "real" coasters.
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