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  1. This. I just hope that CP realizes that they have one on Valravn and start using it. I know it's all about the fast dispatches for a new ride, but you HAVE to hold people up there for at least 5-10 seconds in order to get that 'Oh crap" feeling! 5-10 seconds??? Why would do they need to be held there for so long?? Most (if not all) Dive Machines only hold for 4 seconds, yet it seems like an eternity. I really don't see the need to be held up there for much longer than that. I don't think that question was meant to be interpreted that literally. Plus, what do you think the purpose of holding riders at the top of the lift for a long time is?
  2. You're suspended at the top of a vertical drop for several seconds before being released. Think about the actual absurdity of that for a moment. I don't think it's that complicated or worth overanalyzing.
  3. Wow. I know the weather's not too great in that video but I don't remember Cedar Point looking so drab and colorless. Valravn looks like a great ride though.
  4. Are flags of that size even physically possible? What happens if the wind stops blowing? What happens if it starts blowing?
  5. Does the rider have to be completely upside down for an element to count as an inversion, or does an element such as a heavily overbanked turn count?
  6. Jesus, those shadows. Those animations. That art style. Those supports clipping through the station platform. That lack of collision detection on the track. That horrendously inaccurate speed. All those bugs. Why? Why would a publisher think this is okay?
  7. Jesus. RMC coasters are almost real-life versions of roller coasters as they're portrayed in cartoons.
  8. Looks like they're trying to channel the spirit of Planet Coaster's marketing in their recent videos. They're failing miserably.
  9. Such a sexy layout, but why did they have to choose that color scheme?
  10. Sure, but when Planet Coaster offers that and much more, it kind of becomes a moot point.
  11. These screens remind me of what a generic RCT3 park with custom scenery would look like if it had more polygons and spline-based coasters. I don't see what it brings to the table that's interesting.
  12. Please don't bother posting your grand project ideas if you don't have anything to show for it. Not trying to backseat mod here, but it's really annoying to see an interesting title only to get "HEY EVERYONE I'M WORKING ON A THING JUST SO YOU KNOW" and I think most others would agree.
  13. It's a shame that Silver Bullet is probably the sexiest invert in existence, but it really isn't that great of a ride
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