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  1. I like the website in general, and it seems pretty intuitive. Things I found so far: Clicking the park name after searching for it's coasters gives you a 404. Or at least the kings dominion and the great adventure links I tried did. on the home page "ridden" is spelled wrong, not a bug just figured I'd mention it.
  2. Universal Orlando: 10 minutes Seaworld Orlando: 15 minutes Walt Disney World: 20 minutes I guess there is fun spot too but it made the list less impressive.
  3. Seems like it could have been a pretty cool idea. Especially since those fish will probably just get thrown out now.
  4. I'm impressed, I think you may have captured the exact moment where I accidently elbowed the guy in the face.
  5. I will forever now judge just how far in the middle of nowhere someplace is by clocking the amount of time in which cows are passed. Now, does this count if you are in traffic? Or if it's a slower road of 45MPH vs. 65MPH? There are factors here that need to be determined. It's IMPORTANT! Traffic is the anti-cow. It cancels out cows. UNLESS you are stuck in cow traffic, in which case you are boned. Thanks! Definitely a lot of room for activities! I do like SeaWorld in general, and I liked the coasters. It's weird, I don't usually find myself asking for more animal stu
  6. With most of the country locked into what I can only assume is some eternal frost and obviously most of the parks are closed. But some rides still cycle on. So why you guys up north were busy digging out cars and cutting open tauntauns for warmth, I flew from mostly sunny Florida to probably sunny Texas. San Antonio to be precise. Now this was not initially suppose to be a coaster trip at all. This was suppose to be solely a nerdy trip of another variety. Since I apparently don't take vacations anymore without some sort of video game or coaster motivation anymore, I was in town for PAX So
  7. The final day of the trip was to be spent at Knotts. I couldn't have asked for a better park to serve as a finale to this trip. It's conveient location immediately adjacent to my bed made Sunday the easiest day of them all. Honestly, by this point I was in desperate need of turning the pace down a few notches. Spending 3 days walking around the surface of the sun at theme parks from before open until after close was beginning to take a toll. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy So Knotts, was the perfect place to calm down a bit and just dial it back a bit, but Knotts had given us a full and awes
  8. ^Thanks! Future reports probably have to wait till I actually go to another non Orlando place. We got so many half duels. Those fully dueling rides were like unicorns.
  9. Alright so I kind of dropped the ball and lost my updating streak. Speaking of dropping the ball, it's time to cover Six Flags Magic Mountain! Okay that's not really fair, it was a lovely day on the Mountain. It would be hard for any park to pass muster when you had just spent the last two days gallivanting around Disneyland. I've spent an absurd amount of time at Great Adventure in my youth, so expect some more of that compare and contrast nonsense I was so fond of in the Disneyland section. Right, onto pictures then.... After a scenic drive down what I am told must be r
  10. Onward to Day 2! Day 2 would be another full day at the Disneyland resort with some more clearly defined goals. The mouse had flipped the switch and it was officially Halloween time. That meant Ghost Galaxy and Haunted mansion holiday were set to open and half of Southern California was scheduled to make a bee line straight for them. Our mission was to beat them there. There are no pictures but we arrived at Disneyland's Glorious parking structure around 7:15 in the morning. We arrived at the front gates about a half hour before opening. No super lines yet but it began to form behin
  11. The first one left about 30 minutes before park open So I was on the bus at 8:30 for the 9:00 opening. The last one was about an hour-ish after the last park closed, so around 9:20pm that day. I had to contact the front desk to reserve a seat for both coming and goingso I just did that around 8. Yea, that was a pretty big issue on the second day between the parade and the fireworks. With the crowds for "Halloween time", I shudder to imagine trying to walk around that place on Christmas!
  12. ^I think a part of the reason I give the edge to Racers is just how many times I've been on Test Track. Plus, I liked how more of Racers was outside, especially the first part which just seemed so scenic and relaxing. I agree though, a nice 65mph stretch would have been most welcome but both great in there own ways.
  13. Jumping right back in, it was time to cross the shockingly small esplanade to Disney's Hollywood Stu... Er....California Adventure! This is a face that says “I can’t believe I went somewhere hotter than Florida on vacation” As attractive as aimlessly wandering around the resort all day was, I had successfully had the alone time nerding out in Disneyland that I needed on a spiritual level and thus it was time to meet up with Derek and company in DCA. They were still finishing up lunch, so in the meantime I had a mission: Get a fastpass for Radiator Springs and World of Color. “RR
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