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  1. As i stated its a work in progress, still working how to support a T-Rex being there are no real world references.
  2. hello just wanted to show a new design im working on, its a compact T-Rex track designed to fit in a space 150ft wide X 400ft long. Its max height is 150ft tall. This is a part of a larger project that im going to be working on which will show how it can fit into a real-life park that has limited space for a new coaster. This park that this is being designed around has a very strict height limit which this coaster fits. i will be updating this as i progress through the project. Please tell me what you think so far.
  3. as the owner of a company that builds and designs haunts on tight budgets and massive budgets, $122.00 is next to impossible to pull off.
  4. Contact us at American Spectral Effects, https://www.facebook.com/americanspectraleffects we can give you some pointers and help with anything you would need.
  5. New views from around Spring Lake Park today, Hræsvelgr is really coming along good. Im looking for people to test out my park and tell me what you think, so if you want to help me out please let me know what you think, heres the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4OYVQQ2wfu1YlR5T3RVX0ZuVmM
  6. Im proud to announce that my park Spring Lake will be adding this beautiful brand new GCI coaster for new thrills. This isnt the only new ride coming to the park this year though, keep an eye out as we have a new Serpant taking control of our park this year also.
  7. Dorneyhistory.com is officially on its way and I would like to thank the guys over at CP Food Blog for their help. Now I'm looking for your help. Do you have any old photos of the history of our great park? Any pictures of rides past or present, construction, the water park, the haunt anything is welcome. I will credit you with the photo but we need your help to start getting the living museum of our park going. Pm me for details.
  8. Green Arrow A Conoly Coaster Designs original This fast, sweeping layout will allow you to speed along its 4,000+ feet of track at speeds up to 60mph. This is the start of a themed super heroes section. Twist out of the station before a left turn to the lift hill. You pass the station three times while experiencing amazing airtime In the distance you see the beautiful banked turn standing 110 feet in the air. Better view of the out of station twist. A look down the layout from the exit stairs.
  9. Thats pretty derogatory towards people who have a passion for learning how roller coasters work (nerds) as you call them. Maybe learn something from us "nerds"
  10. We are looking to create a perfect replica of Dorney Park in No Limits 2. We so far have progress on thunderhawk along with the biginning of work on the grounds, paths and landscaping. We need 3D modelers, coaster builders, flat ride builders. We have a good google earth overlay, tons of reference photos and videos. all coaster should be as close to the original as possible. We welcome new ride ideas under the following two conditions 1. they dont interfere with current rides and 2. future additions take precedence. overlay and all content will be being added tonight to a dropbox link. if interested please comment what youd like to work on. THUNDERHAWK-IN PROGRESS HYDRA-NOT STARTED TALON-NOT STARTED STEEL FORCE-STARTED POSSESSED-STARTED STINGER-STARTED WILD MOUSE-NOT STARTED
  11. A sweeping semi-compact design, perfect for any small to medium park. 4,617 feet long 147 feet tall max speed of 63mph
  12. Excellent point, and to add to this everything a park does has to stay in budget and that's why parks have five year and ten year plans, so they can capitalize on cost efficiencies when they occur. What harm was there in keeping he station standing in an area where less than 5% of the park's guests would walk past it on any given day. I'm unclear how the gravel points directly to a new coaster in 2017. Why should the park spend the extra money to sod the area with grass if the area will continue to not be seen by most guests. Or possibly the gravel is being used now because a new coaster is coming in the future, but not necessarily 2017. The park doesn't need a coaster right now, but Justice League (in the simulator building) will be a big help is HITP continues If i remember correctly that area had many drainage issues, so the gravel could be to help control that during the season.
  13. Everyone needs to stop saying it isnt cheap to just remove a building for no reason. Think for a minute, if the crews that took down the grandstands and ft. independence were there already then you can work a deal to do a third building cheaper. its standard business practice to work deals.
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