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  1. Anyone else running the OUC Half Marathon in Orlando this weekend (December 1st)?
  2. This year I will be running the TOT 10-miler, the Orlando 1/2 marathon (formerly OUC 1/2 marathon), and the Goofy. Gonna pass again on the Wine & Dine, just hasn't been well organized or worth the price. If Robb will spring for TPR tech shirts, I will gladly and proudly wear one.
  3. I got a chance to ride BGM a few weeks ago; once from the front row and once from the back. In all honesty, it was great. Extremely smooth, long, and good show elements (in particular, I loved that the 'reverse' moment doesn't require an awkward stop like Everest). While it is not the most thrilling ride, it is definitely fun.
  4. Hair Raiser - Ocean Park, Hong Kong...a little short; but, smooth, sweet, and VERY scenic!
  5. The best way to get from the Hong Kong airport to Hong Kong Disneyland is via taxi...you will need to take a BLUE taxi (RED queue up for days and only want to take you into the city - GREEN can only go to the New Territories). It will cost about HK$150 and take about 15 minutes. Unfortuantely, there are not any other hotels near the Resort. My suggestion would be to book a 1-night stay at the Hollywood Hotel.
  6. Sorry Robb - must have been operator error on my part. I just attempted to join again. Thanks!
  7. I haven't been receiving any invitations...did you guys really kick me out for referencing the RnR Pre-Show? How can I get reinstated?
  8. Just finished Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and the Disney Universe Nightmare Before Christmas Expansion. Both were quite fun. Now, just borrowed Epic Mickey from a friend...so, gonna give that one a try.
  9. I did the Warrior Dash last year and had the time of my life! I am signed up again for this year...slotted for Sunday (Jan 22nd) at 11:00am. It is an extremely fun event.
  10. Dave and Renee...how did it go for you? I enjoyed the first 20 miles and HATED the last 6.2 (which was consistent with all 4 marathons that I have run). Oselola Parkway is my nemesis!
  11. Just picked up my packet - ready to go for Sunday morning. Good luck everyone! Maybe we should start a ClubTPR Running Team? I would proudly wear a TPR Tech-Shirt in my next race.
  12. Did the Reindeer Run at Sea World, the shirts were great this year. Now finishing up training for the WDW Marathon on January 8. Running allows me to embrace my nacho habit...so, it's all good.
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