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  1. Of the rides I've ridden: Connecticut: Boulder Dash Florida: Dueling Dragons Georgia: Goliath Illinois: Raging Bull Maryland: Wild One Massachusetts: Superman: The Ride (bringing it back to Superman edged it out over Wicked Cyclone) Missouri: Outlaw Run New Jersey: El Toro New York: Comet @ Great Escape (yes, better than the Coney Island Cyclone) North Carolina: Hurler I guess Ohio: Maverick Pennsylvania: Skyrush South Carolina: Afterburn Tennessee: Thunderhead Texas: Superman Krypton Coaster (both NTAG and IRat were closed ) Virginia: I305 Singapore: Mummy
  2. I think it's pretty safe to assume one of the towers will have some drop capsule/trap door slides. Looking at the recent slide towers that CF has installed at other parks, I'd even say it's a certainty. Valleyfair Tower - 6 total slides, 4 trap door and 2 straight down body slides, installed in 2015 Kings Island Tower - 6 total slides, 3 trap door and 3 tube slides, installed in 2016 Kings Dominion Tower - 6 total slides, 3 trap door and 3 tube slides, installed in 2015 Carowinds Tower - 6 total slides, 3 trap door and 3 tube slides, installed in 2016 Not to mention Dorney Park Tower - 6 total slides, 3 trap door and 3 tube slides, installed in 2014
  3. What's a blitz coaster?!? That's what RCDB refers to these as. I rarely see the term used though. lol How is iSpeed not on that list?
  4. I was at the park Tuesday. I don't know if the Flyers have gotten better or if people saying they're "unsnappable" just don't know what they're doing. I find the KD flyers to be very easily snapped, to the point of being told to stop by the operator. Give them another shot. Also has anyone been on the Carowinds Hurler since the GCI refurb? It's hard to imagine it was worth it, the layout just isn't that great.
  5. I used to love Goliath, but the last time I rode it was in its first season with the new trains and it may have been the worst riding experience I've ever had. Does anyone know if it's gotten any better since then?
  6. I'm disappointed. I would have loved to see this plus some sort of minor addition in the dry park. Rehab another section, maybe over by Mind Eraser. Or put in a SkyScreamer or some other flat ride. Even a bathroom, or how about a tree. ANYTHING.
  7. Made my way to the park for the first time. Extremely disappointed at the idiotic "no sudden movements" policy on the Flyers, especially since snapping them doesn't even need "sudden movements" but I get told to stop anyways. I was a gently steering in and out, snapping better than expected, and the lady says "for your safety, please no sudden movements." If the policy was "no snapping," I can respect it, but they don't even know what policy they're trying to enforce. What is this world coming to?
  8. Junior Bruins, eh? Any soft spot for Hershey? Anyways, Great Bear definitely has its place, especially at a park like Hershey that gets a lot of families. It's a great first inverted coaster, as well as a good step up from SDL.
  9. I just got told to stop snapping the flyers so much. Yes, the Kings Dominion flyers. Her exact words were "Okay if you ride again, can you NOT make the ride bounce on its cords? I stop the ride every time you do that." I didn't think it was possible based on the last 6 years of riding KD's previously crappy flyers, but I was bouncing pretty good. The only flyers that have given me trouble are at Lake Compounce.
  10. Six Flags really has worked miracles with Roar over the past few offseasons. This year, it's been genuinely enjoyable for more than half the rides I've had on it. I think Millennium Flyers plus a little bit more retracking in a few spots would be perfect. While we're talking new trains, how about some for Superman and Mind Eraser? Both of those could be far better with newer trains/restraint systems.
  11. A (8 choices) - Alpengeist B (20) - Boulder Dash C (9) - Comet (Hershey) D (8) - Dueling Dragons E (2) - El Toro (SFGAd) F (7) - Flying Turns G (16) - Gatekeeper H (4) - Hydra I (3) - I305 J (3) - Joker's Jinx K (3) - Kingda Ka L (4) - Lightning Racer M (13) - Maverick N (3) - Nitro O (1) - Outlaw Run P (10) - Phoenix Q (0) R (17) - Revenge of the Mummy (Singapore) S (15) - Skyrush (Hershey needs to chill with the 'S' names) T (13) - Thunderhead U (0) V (5) - Volcano W (17) - Wicked Cyclone X (1) - X-Flight Y (0) Z (1) - Zoomerang
  12. I'm pretty sure The Tickler and Ragin Cajun run identical ride cycles, with the spinning only in the second half.
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