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  1. It's been over a year since I've even looked at this park, but now that I have some more time I'm thinking of going back and making some improvements and maybe working on a download for you guys.
  2. I am going to the park tomorrow, does anyone have advice for order of rides? I was thinking maybe starting at TC and Scream, then circling the park clockwise, ending at batman. Is there a better way that will minimize wait times? Any input is much appreciated.
  3. The man in the suit to the right of the man in purple does look like it could be Sally Corp's CEO John Wood.
  4. The last 2016 teaser was posted last Friday and usually they are spread out a week apart so I think we should see another video tomorrow.
  5. Meanwhile in the Silver Dollar City thread.
  6. It appears someone has already made a recreation. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. The exit of the zero g roll looks great. Looks like it could get some sideways hangtime even.
  8. Exactly. Again, I'm not the biggest B&M fan out there, most people know this, mainly because I haven't been impressed with a lot of their rides lately, but I'm happy to see another Dive Machine be built. It has potential. I personally loved Sheikra. And this looks even better so it should be a good coaster. The turn before the MCBR looks like it could pull some good forces. Honestly I think the B&M's of the last 2-3 years have looked great. Banshee, Thunderbird, and Fury all seem to be getting more favorable reviews.
  9. Once a full pov is released, that should clear things up further. Whatever elements are named what, that doesn't make them any less awesome and I'm confident that every element on this ride will be great.
  10. Based on the gifs, the picture a few pages back was definitely the quadruple down. The twist and shout is the off-axis airtime hill right before the hill over the first drop. The quadruple down comes right after that I believe.
  11. THIS. With all the great new coasters that have been built over the last 2 or 3 years, especially RMC's, I would love to see Mitch Hawkers poll return so we can get a sense of how they stack up against each other.
  12. I assume you're including Wildfire? I'm a little behind on the discussion for that ride and forgot if it got approval or not. If so, there will be 4 RMCs for 2016. RMC Roar is 99.99% happening, considering that RMC said they have a project in California, and SFDK announced the ride's closure. Yes, Wildfire did get approved and construction has resumed, so that would mean 4 rmc's next year!
  13. Roar is the third. Next year I think RMC is going to shift their focus to Cedar Fair. I've heard that Knott's Berry Farm and Kings Dominion could be getting one. Wouldn't Roar be the fourth? Wildfire, Lightning Rod, and Storm Chaser are already in the works.
  14. So there are 3 RMC's in the works for next year already. Do you guys think they could take on a fourth for a six flags park (maybe Roar)?
  15. This element looks almost like a mirror image of TC's double down, except it should be even faster!
  16. This is true. At my visit last week, the blue side opened about 2:00, and you had the option of staying on for a second ride all day. I think this means an end to racing though. Viper also offered double rides the last hour of operation.
  17. I've been on goliath twice today with 30 and 45 minute waits. Its all about what day you go on. Operations are iffy, but if crowds are light you don't really notice it.
  18. Is the Red train on the storage track or is there no presence of it whatsoever? Teal is on storage track. Red and yellow running.
  19. In line for Goliath now, line is not quite out the queue area. Crowds look light, mostly school groups.
  20. I'm just cheering against Wisconsin at this point.
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