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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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Finally got to ride the amazing Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster today... HOLY CRAP!!! That thing is AMAZING!!! Words can not describe how perfect this coaster is!! So yeah, that's by far the best coaster I've ridden this month!

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The ONLY good BEST coaster I rode this month.


Coaster. Playland(PNE).

***My Halloween Wish (yeah, there are those) is for Corkscrew to totally fall apart,

after Fright Nights end. Then they replace it with an EL LOCO!


On a Fright Night on a past Thursday eve. First train out of the station. I was on the second train, out. (o:

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Lightning Rod! Got in 3 rides a couple weeks ago, including a night ride! I will say that the most fun I had on a coaster, though, was taking my boy on Firechaser Express for his first real big coaster and him getting off and begging me to ride again. The last ride we had, he even put up his hands!

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Probably New Texas Giant, but Mr. Freeze's Reverse Blast is pretty high up there on my list, now.


I had the same dilemma at that park.


yeah, as I wrote in a brief report of my trip yesterday to SFOT in the other thread, the surprise hit of the visit was Mr. Freeze. I had NO idea it was that intense, and it had me cackling (and clinging on for dear life) throughout the ride. Super intense. I loved it.

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Naturally I want to say Twisted Colossus because it is my favorite coaster at SFMM, which I visited two weeks ago, but I had an absolutely amazing midnight-ride on X2 that honestly made me question if I prefer it to TC (I think I do). The ride is still a hit or miss for me but recently I have had great rides on it and it is still one of the best first drops, if not the best, that I've ridden.


It could be because we were very tired and it was our last ride after a long, tiring day, so everything felt wilder than usual, but the last row on that coaster is always absolutely nuts in the best way possible.

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