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  1. It actually went down as soon as I finally got to the loading platform (the entrance to it not the rows for the train) after around just over a 2 hour wait with a queue spilling out of the entrance. So my wait time was inflated around 30-40 minutes by that down time. The line is deceptive, they were moving trains so it felt like the line was moving at a steady pace but after a certain point I realized we were very SLOWLY moving up at a time.
  2. Went to member preview for DarKoaster last night. The rides theming elements exceed SEAS expectations. It's a fun ride for sure. The part that isn't great......as expected that capacity is ROUGH. I got in line around 6:35 yesterday and ended up not boarding until 9:45pm and I know people were still waiting long after me. If you plan to ride this attraction this year I'd prioritize it on your visit to avoid the line eating up a significant portion of your day. I cannot imagine for the life of me what the line will look like opening weekend. I would expect 4 hour waits next weekend on Saturday with what I experienced last night. The ride is cool they do switch up the themes between each of the laps, there are various props and projections utilized and you get to wait in DarKastles old queue. Remember waiting in that courtyard in the hot sun before? It's BACK baby and slower than ever! It's a solid add to the park and good reusing of the space but the capacity is..........concerning to say the least.
  3. Great addition to SeaWorld San Antonio honestly. The park really needs to fill out the large amount of space it has with more attractions and exhibits. Both this ride and Tidal Surge are excellent additions to the parks lineup. More water rides in Texas is always a good move.
  4. Yeah if you click on the link for any of the attractions it gives you a "page not found" error and then on the app the bubble on the map doesn't appear for anything in Coyote Creek or Whistlestop Park. It's very bizarre and I hear SFDK shut down a few rides as well.
  5. So it would appear that Whistlestop Park and Coyote Creek, the entire sections of attractions have been removed from Six Flags Americas website, and one of the facebook fansites is reporting that they are closed for the season just kind of out of absolutely nowhere. Not sure what this indicates but it's somewhat alarming to see two entire sections shut down for the season in August maybe something happened to the power grid they are on? Very odd.
  6. Riding this thing a week from tomorrow! As well as Iron Rattler and WW for the first time. Figure it's a strong addition to SFFT overall. I'm not like Dive Coaster super fan or anything but I always feel like they strongly improve a day at a theme park for most.
  7. Worlds of Fun is intriguing to me with all of its space serving the Kansas City metro area. There's no reason to think if CF invested a good amount of money into it (like a B&M giga for example and the usual CF treatment when they invest) it would become more successful. I feel like with recent developments it's definitely a "park to watch."
  8. Sorry for the double post, but man they are cutting hours at this park for the rest of the season. Going on a Saturday in mid-August and the park now closes at 6pm the day were going while SFFT closes at 9pm the same day? Genuinely curious what the parks angle is here. Screamscape noted that they want to actually "reduce" attendance? I don't really know quite how "reducing attendance" is beneficial to a theme park chain. I mean they're definitely succeeding with how easy it was to marathon rides at Great Adventure Saturday. I admit this route Six Flags is going is rather head-scratching from a business perspective.
  9. Was at the park Saturday. Saturday. I rode El Toro 10 times in a row to start the day then at 2pm I rode Jersey Devil Coaster 10 times in a row (and other rides less than 10 times in a row) It was absolutely mind boggling how dead the park was.
  10. Yeah sometimes one must yield to the older sibling unfortunately. I'll figure out a way to get back for SFFT soon. At least SFOT is a nice park even though I've ridden New Texas Giant. Though it was once in the cold and running slow so maybe it has more up its sleeve for me.
  11. Ah my sister is pushing SFOT over SFFT this year because she's "so over SA" right now. We haven't done SFFT since 2008 and the only new coaster at SFOT is Joker, granted I have not ridden Mr. Freeze.
  12. Considering making my first visit here for the first time since 2008 and to activate my pass. Does anybody know if Superman has been operating lately? It is listed as closed on the app so I want to see if that was just a temporary thing or if it's been closed for a few days. If so then well it should be a quick visit to grab Firebird and Cajun then jump on the wooden coasters, Joker, and Harley Quinn and head back south to KD.
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