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  1. I think Impulse at Knoebels as of right now. It was either that or Black Diamond but I think it was Impulse.
  2. I’ve also figured that out and it’s why Knoebels is my favorite park. I do love awesome coasters but I’ve decided to not be a credit whore like I once was in high school because the number isn’t worth increasing by putting my 6’3 ass into a kiddie coaster car. As long as a roller coaster isn’t violently awful and painful I don’t care if it’s not the greatest layout of all time and enjoy the ride for what it is because I’m on a roller coaster and not auditing or something.
  3. Hershey really has blown up now. Wish they’d install a few modern flats here and there. But the coaster line up is absolutely insane now on quantity and quality. If they RMC Wildcat I’m buying a season pass even though I live 3 hours away. Or if RMC appears another way.
  4. ^I can see Pantheon being good enough to creep up into the Top 50 maybe Top 25. Honestly I couldn't be much happier about it being added to BGW. I really need to get on Twisted TImbers .
  5. Great photos and report Chuck! Whoever at BGW that said “hey let’s take this beautiful beer garden with coasters that everyone loves, and add a screaming swing, and 2 huge Intamin coasters” is one of my favorite people in the world.
  6. This will be a very nice addition to SFA for sure assuming it is what were all 99% sure what it is. SFA has had a few nice additions the last few years. No major coasters really but I like the adding of nice flats. The only addition I wasn't crazy about was Splashwater Falls...………..you know because I am single with no kids (and yes I have very similar feelings about "Coconut Shores" )
  7. This will be an awesome addition to Six Flags America for sure. If they added a Raptor in Gotham City as much as we all like to hate on the park they would have a pretty strong collection of rides to the mean.
  8. I've reached a point where I am happy when a park is building "A" coaster period. I just like when they improve their overall value by adding a new attraction period. I must admit being somebody with no kids when the addition is entirely kid-friendly I am very...……..unexcited but I see the big picture and I see it as good for the park. The details like height, speed, etc. aren't crazy relevant I just like when parks build fun rides. Orion looks absolutely awesome. If Kings Island was my home park I would be absolutely thrilled. I like that it has the big wave turn and some clear eleme
  9. This is one of my favorite posts I've ever seen on here. I honestly don't even care about the numbers most of the time anymore unless they're just like super slow .
  10. Wow glad to see MiA getting an addition and of course it's a camp they would never put a planet of new rides in there... Also I like the camp theming more than the planet theming anyway.
  11. It's time for Cedar Fair to explore water coasters in general.....
  12. Good lord I never realized the HP even has the wave pool fenced off? Yikes imagine I would just go in there to ride the mat racer, water coaster, and maybe some of the slides on the big tower and that would be it.
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