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  1. In fairness, you're getting some cool multi-launched thing with a 315ft spike. But both Busch parks have exceptional coaster lineups. On an unrelated note, I for one am glad to see that the (obviously inaccurate) fan-created No Limits layout that the rest of the enthusiast community is currently fawning over/arguing about isn't being entertained here.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I forgot to include a Netherlands + Belgium trip in my list of options, but it looks like that needs some serious consideration too. I made special trips for a lot of the 'new-for-2018' coasters and thought it wasn't the best decision in hindsight. For the 'new-for-2019' coasters, I'll wait till I have reason to be in those areas again and go from there. As to El Toro, the lapbar causes a significant amount of pain that I do not enjoy. T-Express does not have that issue and is my #1 woodie. This is a great suggestion. I do love riding a new ride
  3. And in a year where I rode Do-Dodonpa, Formula Rossa, Xcelerator, Top Thrill Dragster, and Kindga Ka, I enjoyed the launches of Formula Rossa & Do-Dodonpa less than the other three. I was surprised. But it is what it is. Do-Dodonpa is still a great ride. Formula Rossa isn't. And that's okay.
  4. Just to clarify: it was only *some* of the parks that I was going into with a creditwhoring mindset, and those were mostly the parks whose best ride was a wild mouse or a boomerang or some other fairly meaningless coaster. A significant number of the parks I visited this year were with the express intention of just having a good time (most of which I had been to before). I tend to need a coastering fix every 5-6 weeks or so before I start getting antsy. Last weekend I was out in LA for work and spent some fun time at Knott's and DLR, and I'll be ringing in the new year at BGT. Beyond that,
  5. So either I really sucked at explaining my issue in my posts or people are just not reading what I actually wrote/asked. I am trying to move *away* from credit whoring and *towards* meaningful experiences at new places overseas. This is *not* in place of whatever domestic park I might want to go spend a day or two at for grins and giggles. This is trying to figure out a plan for my big vacation and soliciting advice/suggestions about international parks, primarily in Europe.
  6. Exactly the reason why we stopped counting coasters. The moment we stopped doing that, I feel like I started to enjoy parks more. We would spend more time at places we liked: Europa Park, Disney, um.... Europa Park... ...and spend less time worrying about trying to get another Wacky Worm coaster in. This is exactly the transition I'm trying to make. I got locked into this 'must do all the coasters' mindset that sucked the life out of me, and I don't want to keep doing that. I think my biggest issue was walking in with unrealistic expectations. I was going into Do
  7. I think this is the definition of a "credit whore." You weren't riding the coasters to enjoy them... You were riding them to get your coaster count as high as possible... And where has that gotten you in life?? (Not trying to sound rude) But it seems like you "forced" yourself to do something that doesn't really matter to 99.99% of people. Take a break from riding coasters and do other stuff. I don't really know what you are expecting from us? It's like you are "asking for advice," but it really just comes across as you bragging about everything you've done in life, and how many coasters you'
  8. Lots of great feedback here. I do want to clarify a few things, because I didn't phrase some things well in my initial post: First, a lot of my problem stems from having to slog through a bunch of parks/coasters where I knew I wasn't going to have fun simply because of my compulsion to finish the US. Now that I'm pretty much done with that, I would like to cut the credit whoring to a minimum. That means focusing on the coasters that are going to wow me and not spending a bunch of time at parks riding wacky worms or boomerangs or SLC's, etc. If a park's best coaster is a Eurofighter, I coul
  9. Thanks for the responses. I have a mild form of OCD, so there was a certain pressure to "finish" the US that drove me a little the last couple of years. The rest of the world doesn't seem to have that same appeal (probably because of a combination of it just being so vast and also not seeming to have a ton of new coastering experiences). 2018 was an insane year for me, but I also spent time at BGW, SDC, Knott's, DLR, BGT, SWO, & SFOG just re-riding favorites. Since I was just at a lot of these parks, I don't know that I want to spend a bunch of vacation time going right ba
  10. EDIT: Since people are having trouble with understanding what I'm asking, here's the TL:DR version: I've spent the last several years mixing credit whoring with meaningful theme park experiences and have now basically finished the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the UAE, and South Korea. I am trying to decide if it's worth it to me to keep exploring international destinations for my big vacations or if I'm too jaded to enjoy the coasters I might find over there. I had some bad experiences with poorly-set expectations resulting in disappointment at some of the international parks I've visite
  11. Got another survey today, this time about employee grooming: "Your feedback today will have a direct impact on whether or not we change our policy and will be personally reviewed by the company CEO." Not sure exactly what they're going for since the first part was asking about an employee's appearance with a very badly photoshopped hair dye job, but the last 2/3 was all about short, well-groomed beards/goatees for male employees. So maybe they're thinking of relaxing their grooming standards to allow unnatural hair colors and facial hair? Who knows though.
  12. Great TR. The park (and particularly Hyperion) looks pretty sweet. When you say Hyperion has "stand up ejector airtime", does that mean you actually have enough room in the restraints to come out of your seat that much, or just that if the restraints were loose enough you'd be standing up? I ask because the restraints look like what's on Skyrush, and those are pretty tight and very uncomfortable with where they hit the leg during strong ejector airtime.
  13. This entire idea is nonsense. This "news" was posted by a blogger with no cited sources or facts, blindly picked up and run with by the Orlando Sentinel, and then regurgitated to a wider audience by a CBS reporter who seemingly exists solely to churn out as many stories a day as possible (that are all just aggregated from other sites). And then the original blog post was apparently deleted (because you can't find any record of it on their blog). [edit: apparently he posted it on Facebook, which is still there. But seriously, Orlando Sentinel, you can't run a story based on some yahoo's unsubst
  14. I prefer the middle big-boy seats on Kumba (the front usually has a longer line than I want to deal with, and the back rattles me around a bit more than I like). Back right is the place to be on Montu and SheiKra. Front is my preference for Cheetah Hunt, but the 2nd row is typically an acceptable compromise since its line is so much shorter.
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