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  1. I vote for KK and Dollywood. Holiday World is cool, but for me as a coaster only person, Voyage is amazing and Thunderbird is fun. The rest, meh. Lightning Run and Storm Chaser trump The Voyage and Thunderbird for a 1-2 punch, IMO. Dollywood has at least 5 coasters that are worthy of re-rides for me. I'd take Dollywood over KK or HW, even if Lightning Rod weren't running. Never been to SFGA, so I can't comment on that one.
  2. Is there any reason BGW calls their passes memberships and all the other parks call them annual passes? I checked the fine print on all the sites and they all say that if you are on EZPay, it will renew every month at 1/12th the cost of the pass after 12 months unless you cancel. Might head to Texas for my next pass.
  3. I Iog in every once in a while to check on whether my 2022 pass expiration date has changed from 2023. It hasn't, but now when I click on my 2021 pass it says it expires 12/31/2022. That definitely changed since the last time I logged in. Probably still a glitch, but curious.
  4. With Amazon Prime you are paying a flat fee for a year of service. I have no idea if they pro-rate if you cancel. With Six Flags, after twelve months you are essentially on a monthly contract that you can (and at least two of us in this thread have done) easily cancel. I can easily afford $220 a year. But if somebody wants to sell it to me for $90, I'm taking that. I don't understand the disdain for monthly payments. But I don't have to, it's your money.
  5. From SFOG's website: Your home park is the Six Flags park that you purchased your Membership from. Likely the location closest to where you live – which is probably why you signed up for your Membership here to begin with. This is important to understand for 2 reasons: You must activate your Season Pass or Membership at the park you purchased it from. For example, if you purchase a Six Flags Over Georgia Membership you cannot use it at any other Six Flags theme parks until you first pick up Six Flags Over Georgia. Bring a Friend tickets may only be used at your home park (the park where you signed up for your Membership). The switching of season passes to being valid only at your home park just makes sense for SF. I'll be switching to the lowest tier of membership at the end of the year because I plan to visit at least 6 SF parks next year.
  6. I rode Nighthawk once. I rode Batwing once. I went to KI while Firehawk was still running but its removal had been announced. I skipped it. I will not be sad when all of the old Vekoma flyers are removed. I'd be happy to try the new style flyer at least once.
  7. Wow. That is definitely not a park I thought would pop up in this thread. Crazy talk.
  8. Darien Lake. I didn't think it could be as bad as described here on TPR. It was worse. I might change my mind if they ever add a giga coaster.
  9. After eyeing the platinum FL+ pass for a while, I pulled the trigger for 2022. I figure this will incentivize me to visit more CF parks next year.
  10. They could run it during the day sessions. If Hurler is running they are not blocking off the path to Fury.
  11. I paid $49 for my last SF season pass. Hard to imagine they will be deeply discounting that. I think you are right, Bert. Has to be a membership offer. Was thinking of switching back to membership next year anyway.
  12. So I re-upped my CF Platinum pass for 2022 this week and just checked the Carowinds site to make sure it showed up. Maybe this is a temporary glitch?
  13. I have only bought them in advance on CF's President's Day sale. I have purchased FL+ in person at Cedar Point on one occasion and Kennywood once. Now that I have the means to do so, I wouldn't hesitate to buy skip the line passes, especially at faraway parks. If a park is so crowded that fast passes sell out, I'd rather be somewhere else anyway. Most of my faraway park visits are midweek and generally not as crowded. When you think about the number of rides you can take with a skip the line pass vs. without it, it's a no-brainer for me.
  14. How the mighty have fallen. 1. Maverick 2. Phoenix 3. Iron Rattler 4. Skyrush 5. Fury 325 6. Intimidator 305 7. Steel Vengeance 8. Afterburn 9. Ravine Flyer II 10. The Voyage
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