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  1. Hello all. I'm visiting KD for the first time on Sat 11th June. We are going to hit BGW on the Monday which gives us Sunday in Richmond to do whatever. I wonder if anyone has suggestions on things to do for this day in the area? If there was a mountain coaster or an undiscovered Niagara falls for example, we would be interested.
  2. I really tried for Philly but the cost was 40% more in flights due to less competition unfortunately. We do have the whole day at Hershey the next day. My concern was needing to use the preview to be able to see everything but it sounds like Knoebels is equally worth the visit so we will portion one whole day for each. Dumb question but what time does it get dark there in June? Over here it doesn't really get dark till after 10pm that time of year. Coney island is in our schedule for the last day because we are driving from GA area in the morning and our flight is not until 9 pm so we have the day to waste. Coney looks like a good option for that. Thanks for the offer of plans in NY. We are not really city lovers. Driving through the projects and other iconic areas from film might be interesting but overall I like the idea of getting some evening Knoebels time the most I think. Is dream mall really not worth a stop off on the way?
  3. Ok thanks all for the good advice. I will give Knoebels the full day and purchase a day ticket for best value. We are spending our first full day driving from JFK to Knoebels hotel which looks to take around 3.5 hours so I wonder if there is anything in the vicinity to do once we arrive? We will likely be tired from our trip so we won't want to go crazy but if there's a nearby mountain coaster or even just a nice woodland walk to spend an hour we would be interested in suggestions.
  4. Hello from England... I am travelling to USA in June for a coaster road trip and Knoebels is my first stop on the list. I have allowed a full day (June 8th) and I'm Looking to find out how to make the best of our day here. Should I have a strategy in mind to get round the place or just chill and soak up the atmosphere? I wonder if I will need any skip the line pass and what the typical crowds are like at this time of the year? I'm curious to ride flying turns but I wouldn't want to wait more than 30 minutes or so. We plan on visiting Hershey park the following day. Should I anticipate having enough time to take advantage of the preview offer or will I be too busy at Knoebels. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi all. Calling from England. My first big USA mega trip was canned this October thanks to covid so I'm going to try and cut and paste it into next year instead. The original trip had me arriving at CP over the labor Day weekend but this time round I have more flexibility on the dates. I want to avoid the peak times when we finally get to visit next year. My preference would be to arrive in June but we will use fast pass either way. I see there is a June holiday, Juneteenth? Haven't heard of this one but I assume it's a date to avoid? Any advice much appreciated.
  6. Today I pulled the pin on our USA road trip since the next US travel review isn't until the 21 August. Just want to shout out to Cedar Point customer service. They refunded our breakers money in full plus didn't quibble about refunding the fast lane passes either. Compared to Hershey that offered a voucher for next year and Kings Dominion and BGW who didn't even reply. Great customer service CP. Thank you for accommodating our situation.
  7. Hi I'm looking to check the situation in US before I pull the plug on my trip to CP from England UK. We are booked at breakers with fast pass for labor weekend and with rising UK cases and a ban on entry to the USA it looks increasingly unlikely that we will be able to get into the country. I'm going to try my best to get a refund of sorts but not holding my breath. Before I do cancel I just wanted to see what the current vibe is from the US side re international travel? We are now able to visit the US without quarantine but is there any talk or sign of travel opening up by 25th August on your side yet for vaccinated travellers etc?
  8. Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi all the way back in February 2020 about a week before everything went sub optimal around the globe. Our Destination was Thailand and I found that it was possible to stop off for four days en-route in Dubai. We got round as many coasters as we could and Formula Rossa shot straight to number 1 in my list. I am interested to see how it will stack up against the likes of TTD when I hopefully manage to break my hiatus in August for my USA trip though..
  9. Thanks for the info. Water parks are out for us as my partner doesn't like the slides which kind of ruin it for me so I'll have to settle for a dunk in the pool at breakers when we go. Im really glad to hear that we can arrive a bit earlier to check off the zoo, gardens and chocolate world. Will def do that. We may take advantage of the preview. We will have time but it will be after a 5 hour drive so we may just see how we feel on the day. The hours 11-7 seem good enough. In the UK I am used to midweek days of 10-4pm
  10. I just did some research on Hershey and discovered that the zoo and gardens are included in the ticket price. I assumed they would be a separate ticket. I am going for the rollercoasters but since there is more on offer I'm trying to find out if it's possible to get round the whole park with a fast pass mid week August and also get a chance to walk round the other places as well. We won't do anything ticketed but how much time should I leave to also have a walk around the chocolate world thing as well?
  11. I was wondering whether they will sell a fast pass for Pantheon this year? I know some places won't sell them on an opening year of a new ride but not sure what BGW normal practice is in this regard.
  12. Praise the lord I have purchased my fast pass plus for labor day weekend. Couldn't stretch to more than one day at $159 per person but hopefully I can add another day nearer the time. Managed to get KD at a much more reasonable $65 too. So glad to hear that trains will be fully loaded as well
  13. Ok since fast lane is coming in some form. Should I jump in when first available to snatch what I can for September or is it safe to wait until beginning of August? Also since we are staying on resort for early access I was thinking about skipping the fast lane on Friday to save money and spend Friday getting the lay of the land but purchasing the fast lane for Saturday and Sunday when crowd's are heavier. Hopefully two days of fast lane and early access will be enough..
  14. Thanks for all the help so far in planning my trip tp CP on 2nd September. I have booked Breakers hotel for 4 nights 3 days and feeling good about it. I know about the main headline coasters but I don't know much about the other non coaster stuff that might be worth experiencing. I would like to try Windseeker because I have never been on this ride type before but if there are some other 'must do' attractions then I would be interested to know about them. They will be second to the main coaster line up but I'm not totally going by my coaster count and would happily trade a ride on something like cedar creek mine train for something else if time becomes tight.
  15. Ok thank you for that tip Mike I was also looking at the meal offer of 2 x meals and a drink for $35. Is this something that's worth getting? we would probably eat at least lunch in the resort and maybe dinner as well so it seems like a no brainer but I don't know how the prices compare with on park or if there is some kind of negative to weigh up.
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