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  1. And here I am wearing a mask for the opposite reason... I dont want to get hassled so its easier to jist wear it then deal with people. I'm in the camp that even though I don't like to wear a mask, I'll wear it if I'm in a large public space (such as at Meijer, Walmart, Sam's Club, the local grocery store, etc.). When I go to a theme park this season, I'll go ahead and wear a mask, even though it might be uncomfortable.
  2. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (which is impressive considering all the drugs and relationship drama going on within the Mac when this album was being recorded) Queen - A Night at the Opera
  3. Someone has to be the guinea pig and Universal seems to be doing a good job of being it, from what I have seen (I've seen TRs and the video Molly from AllEars.net put up on YouTube)
  4. 1) Do you intend to visit parks as soon as they open? Yes, but not on the first day due to distance 2) What is your reasoning for your choice? I was at Disney and Universal the week before they closed (likely prime spreading time) and I felt safe then 3) Are there any stipulations that would change your mind? Not really
  5. Tempting... Very tempting... Mt. Olympus is also very tempting for me! Also, nearby Little-a-Merrick-A opens on Saturday (6/13) and the Badger starts its season on Friday (I'm 30 minutes from the east end of the Badger)
  6. Same here, except the lead story (and the next couple of stories following that) were about massive flooding due to heavy rain and a dam failure
  7. Saw on Facebook from an hour ago that they're advertising for summer workers. Glad to hear they're still planning on opening at some point this summer. I think they might have a slightly easier time finding workers as most of the area summer camps aren't opening up this summer.
  8. Not KI, but a couple of weeks ago Oakland County announced that their county-run water parks won't be opening at all this summer. They mentioned COVID as the main cause, but I wouldn't be surprised if budget cuts were a small part of their decision
  9. It's honestly more convenient and cheaper for me to just fly to Seattle and drive the 5 hours to Silverwood. Yes it's a long drive, but it doesn't end up taking much longer than tacking on a layover or two. I found some cheap flights, but I think I need Washington to get to Phase 3 of their reopening plan before I could rent a car for leisure travel. The last sentence also might rule out Spokane, unless they're ahead of the Seattle area. IMHO, it would probably be easiest (even though it would include a very long drive and/or multiple connections) to fly into Boise (will need at least one connection and is still a 7-8 hour drive), Salt Lake City (Lagoon will likely be an early-open park so one could also go there if flying in or out of SLC, even though it's a 10+ hour drive according to Google Maps), or Missoula (would be the shortest drive (about three hours), but would likely require two connections or one very long connection from most major cities).
  10. I saw that Broadway won't reopen until September at the earliest (but I won't be surprised if there's another setback). I also saw an article last week that said that Broadway and the West End might remain closed until sometime in 2021.
  11. I think Disney World will be mostly open (as in at least three parks and most resorts) before any part of Disneyland opens. Los Angeles County is planning on extending their stay-home order through some point in July (no exact date given), which would mean an earliest possible reopening of 4-6 weeks after the expiry of that, so I don't see Disneyland (or any of the large SoCal parks, even though Disneyland and Knott's are in Orange County) opening before Labor Day (September 7).
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