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  1. So I went to Magic Mountain for the first time in over 20 years on Saturday. I was surprised at how clean and relatively "lush" the park looked, especially in the area from Viper over to Samurai Summit. For me, the surprise hit was X2 -- I simply could not believe that first drop and the subsequent switchback hill (raven turn?) in the first seat. It may be the best first drop I have ever been on? I thought the entire ride was disorienting (in a good way) and spectacular -- and incredibly intense. I also have my first ever calf bruises from a rollercoaster ride. I left the park hoping
  2. ... well that dream is dead It's worth the early morning. Seriously. I mean, we’re probably doing it anyway. How early would you suggest arriving at the parking gates? Do you think 45 minutes before park opening is good enough to get through the parking line and get into the park? It should be. I got there around that time and had plenty of time - was in park by 640am or so
  3. Finally made it SeaWorld Orlando for the first time. I really enjoyed the park: thought it was clean, well-themed, and pretty well run for a not-too-crowded-Thursday. Good set of B&M coasters: (1) Manta: thought it was pretty to look out, very well-themed, and probably the best flyer I have been on-- but my only comparisons on the Supermans. the Chinese one(s)? look amazing. I still maintain the pretzel loops are the most insane and possibly most intense elements I have been on, and I am always curious why they don't have a two on these longer rides - one to start and one closer t
  4. Finally checked out Rise of the Resistance last Friday. Did the craziness (which I never do) and got to the park at 615am. Got Boarding Group 11 and was on by 820am. I actually think Disney did an amazing job with the organization and staffing of the park, given the craziness. The ride is truly spectacular. I don't want to spoil it, but for me the most memorable parts were BEFORE u boarding the actual "final" segment of the ride (in the small transports). I loved that Disney messed with the concept of multiple "experiences" of the ride during the line, and it felt immersive, like u we
  5. Looks great to me! Great sustained speed. I sorta wish a couple of those twisty top hills were just straight airtime hills, but maybe they provide both? Gotta ride it to know, but I like the design and feel of it.
  6. THIS may be the one I look forward the most in 2020. I love what Intamin is doing here. It looks like they are designing almost-PERFECT swiss army knife type coasters to me: (1) lots of twisty craziness (especially low to the ground); (2) launches; (3) huge steep drops; (4) airtime; (5) crazy inversions; (6) and even miscellany like RMC type outer banked hills. It really feels like it has a little bit of EVERYTHING? (the parc asterix one in France looks even MORE amazing!) Other than perhaps Maverick, I can't think of too many other steel coasters with this kind of d
  7. I'm embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed that "behind the scenes" construction video.
  8. I was just at Great America this past Saturday and it was a fairly rainy day, so I can share what I saw about the "rain policy" with rides. First, I was pleasantly surprised how little "typical" rain affected ride operations (see below about the thunderstorm, however). Despite some pretty steady rain, every coaster was running in the rain, and the only one I saw with limited capacity was Raging Bull (two train vs. three) and Eagle (one side). The ONLY exception was MaxxForce, it was testing and ran a bit off and on in the rain, so it didn't appear that rain was a limiting factor, but rather
  9. I love how pretty BGW is. I think Griffon looks great there. I haven't been and seen Invadr yet
  10. Pantheon looks great to me. The layout looks excellent, with lots of cool elements. Intamin continues to evolve and do cool stuff like this (and what they are putting in at Park Asterix and Walabi look nuts). Now, APPARENTLY on the rumor mill, BGW may have purchased a two-coaster package from Intamin and there may be ANOTHER Intamin coaster going in in 2021 -- they just obtained a ~355ft (forget exact number) FAA height waiver and the distance between the soil bearing tests suggest a coaster, not a tower ride, with work to begin in January 2020. Will use the Drachen Fire station, and po
  11. Looks pretty cool, and never look a Giga gift horse in the mouth. I enjoy B&Ms. That said, I have to confess that the layout doesn't look particularly inspiring, and it's a little surprising they would choose something with a profile somewhat similar to Diamond Back. I would have thought that like Millennium Force vs. Magnum or Fury 325 vs. whatever (Dominator?), they would go for a lower-to-the-ground profile and try to deliver a different kind of ride experience than Diamondback. But maybe there are only so many things you can do at that speed? Anyway, it will be all about the
  12. The hotel does look cool, as does all the water and fountains in the huge "hub" (which is really the spine of the park). But the hotel is at the back end of the park overlooking the park, not so much "inside" the park anymore than the Disney hotels at DisneySea or California Adventure are "inside" the park. I, too, think theming areas directly to IPs of questionable longevity, like Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Your Dragon, seems odd, rather than simply having a "mythical" creatures land or something, but I don't think THAT many people care about the actual IP: they focus on "cool loo
  13. Looks like I am going to have ride Nighthawk to settle this debate in my head! S:UF is defensible just for the pretzel loop itself: that may be the single most insane element B&M has ever put on a ride. It's also wonderfully bizarre how they inserted that batshit element in the middle of an otherwise bland and forceless layout.
  14. The rumor is that the lands will be Nintendo, Classic Monsters, Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Your Dragon (who knows why), with at least two more expansion pads. I think the idea of having a huge hub which each land being its own contained area that dead ends (you don't connect between the lands) is somewhat interesting and *maybe* makes things more immersive. I also read somewhere that the coaster will not be "dueling."
  15. That would be correct. You never know for sure, but I wouldn't expect crowds. Don't buy Fastlane in advance unless you really, really, really like Vekoma flying coasters. My relationship with Vekoma flying coasters is probably best described as "abusive." Thank you all for the responses. I can't wait to ride Fury 325.
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