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Best Roller Coaster you rode THIS MONTH!

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A toss up between Steel Vengeance and Maverick: The former is great, but so in the latter (and more re-rideable).

I feel the same way. I loved SV, but Maverick was more re-rideable, and that launch through the tunnel is fantastic.


As for me, Ghostrider at KBF was the best coaster I rode this month. I typically prefer Xcelerator, but my back-seat ride on GR a week ago was insane. Hopefully, the re-installation of the MCBR won't kill the second half of the ride.

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I last rode Steel Vengeance on August 31, so this becomes a lot more interesting for me.


Mystic Timbers, Storm Chaser, Wicked Cyclone, and Superman are all great, but I'll give it to Voyage. I can only dream of getting a night ride on that coaster someday. It's incredible how long and intense that coaster is and I thought it was perfectly comfortable.



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It's still the best B&M hyper I've ridden so far. I rode the back the first time in my usual seat. However a line was forming with one trains ops (not sure why they waited until after noon to add another) so I rode in the 4th row the 2nd time. While it's still better in the back to me, the 4th row was still great. I love having this coaster in FL at one of my home parks!

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Can't beat a 60 years old wooden beauty that still delivers the punch, the scares, and

the OMGs of a much bigger coaster... At under 70 feet high! 6 times!


Wooden Roller Coaster/Playland(PNE)


Still one of The Best Woodies in The World. Truth!

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