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  1. Made first trip to Knoebels for Phoenix Phall Phunfest and have a new coaster in my top 10 1. El Toro 2. Superman the Ride 3. Maverick 4. Skyrush 5. Steel Vengeance 6. Millennium Force 7. Storm Chaser 8. Boulder Dash 9. Phoenix 10. Wicked Cyclone Phoenix actually kicked Fury from my top 10 I really need to get down to Carowinds again and give that ride another go.
  2. I’ve heard it will be one train the rest of the season. Obviously nothing confirmed, but this supports that^
  3. Looks fantastic and is definitely needed as KI was severely lacking a standout coaster in my opinion.
  4. I was the park yesterday as well and while it was a great visit, operations were much worse than in past visits. I’ve always found Great Adventure to have terrific ops so this unfortunate. Tons of stacking on Toro, Skull Mountain, and Bizarro (I know this isn’t unusual for Bizarro). Also, on my one ride on Kingda Ka, they were only sending one train in between Zumanjaro cycles even if the train behind it was all ready to before Zumie finished loading. Very unfortunate because Great Adventure’s operations are usually outstanding by SF standards.
  5. Mine shuffled around a bit after going to CP again 1. El Toro 2. Superman the Ride 3. Maverick 4. Skyrush 5. Steel Vengeance (I’m going to get roasted for this one) 6. Millennium Force 7. Storm Chaser 8. Boulder Dash 9. Wicked Cyclone 10. Fury 325
  6. Honestly, unless you’re going on a weekend SFNE never gets crowded enough that you need to prioritize doing anything first. As for lunch, there’s a pizza place down the street called Nicky’s pizza that’s very very good. And ride Superman at night and in the front seat.
  7. ^Parks almost never do anything big for anniversary years. I have no idea why so many people think that just because a park is celebrating an anniversary, that they’re going to dump a ton of money into one park just because of that.
  8. Superman at SFNE last fall when it was like 40 out Absolutely no idea what the 4 of us in the back are doing SFNEs Batman that same freezing day Random shenanigans on the best damn coaster in the planet
  9. Jesus Christ, don’t remind us of this. I’d completely forgotten how bad that was until you mentioned it.
  10. I feel like I’m one of the few people who prefer Superman in the back seat. While the airtime is a tick better in the first half towards the front, the drop is obviously much better in the back and I’ve always felt the hills in the spaghetti bowl have much better airtime towards the back.
  11. I should note, that the 1st day the park I also rode Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Iron Dragon since they were the only 2 credits I skipped last year. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is ok, the only thing I really remember about it was the laterals in the two helixes were pretty ridiculous. Iron Dragon is ok and the section over the water is cool but I definitely prefer the Bat at King’s Island. Cedar Point, Day 2, 7/18/19 We had plans for later that night back in Indiana so we only had a few hours at the park and were really hoping to take advantage of early entry. As usual with me and my friends,
  12. As you said about El Toro’s airtime, that’s the exact reason I prefer it to Steel Vengeance. Intamin’s sustained ejector air, especially the kind on El Toro is so much better than RMC air. That’s why I prefer almost all the Intamin’s I’ve ridden to the RMCs with the exception of SV. And if you’ve only ridden Toro on cold October day, good grief catch it on a hot day. The difference in ride on Toro when it’s hot out between when it’s cold is a night and day difference.
  13. Cedar Point, Day 1, 7/17/19 After Cam and Jon left the park, I decided to walk around, snap some pics, and cool of with some Chick Fil-A before I got back to riding. I’m so used to having crappy food at other amusement parks so it was nice to get some good food that I actually want to eat for once. After, a pretty good meal from Chick Fil-A I headed over to Magnum, and was greeted to the station wait. I decided to wait for the legendary ejector seat and HOLY F*CKING SHIT! This ride has some of the most downright violent ejector air I’ve ever experienced. I remember reading one of coast
  14. I’m back and with a bigger and better trip report from America’s roller coast! I spent a day and a half at the park and as you can imagine, it was absolutely terrific. Cedar Point Day 1, 7/17/2019, part 1 After about a 4 hour drive from my friends house in Northwestern Indiana, me, my friend Jon, who’s sort of an enthusiast, and my friend Cam, who’s not enthusiasts but knows the basic shit about roller coasters, arrived at the Point around noon. We had planned to get there at opening but after a day full of walking around Chicago and some bleacher shenanigans at Wrigley Field the nigh
  15. 1. Yes, opened in early June and has been pretty reliable since 2. I feel like every year there’s rumors, but nothing ever comes from them.
  16. I’ve only ridden Dragster twice compared to about 30+ rides on KK but I prefer Ka for the sole fact that I thought the launch on Ka was a bit stronger. I always ride in the front because both rides are underwhelming in any other row so roughness is not a factor for me and the OTSRs just don’t bother me.
  17. I thought BD was running very well when I rode it on opening day. It’s not on El Toro’s level or anything but it’s still very good.
  18. Man I hope Superman gets its TBars back one day or even something like El Toro’s restraints. I doubt just about anything could beat Superman for me with better restrains.
  19. Yeah, both trains squeak a lot. Whatever it is isn’t contributing to rough rides or anything though.
  20. Cedar Point: Steel Vengeance (3) + Maverick (5) = 8 SFNE: Superman (2) + Wicked Cyclone (7) = 9 Great Adventure: El Toro (1) + Nitro (11) = 12
  21. Yeah, I live right in Agawam so I’ve been riding this thing since I was tall enough. And Agawam and Western Mass in general is pretty boring with not much else to do other than Six Flags lol.
  22. Six Flags New England 6/30/2019, Part 2 After heading back home to charge my phones and wait for a couple of friends to get out of work, we headed back into the park around 6:30 for a couple more rides until the park closed at 9. Joining me was my friend Sean, who is a fellow enthusiast tho not quite as hard core as I am, my girlfriend who I pretty much drag to parks against her will but she’s grown to like quite a few big name coasters, and another friend of ours Emma who goes to SFNE and Great Adventure quite a bit but still gets cold feet about some rides at both places. As usual we
  23. ^I was on the 2nd to last train of the night as you’ll see when I finish the 2nd part of this report later. I guess you were lucky then because they were about to make my train the last one of the night until like 10 or so more people walked into the station. I should also note that operations were very solid throughout the park all day yesterday. Shout out to the Batman crew, there was only two people checking the restraints but they were still getting the trains out in a very timely manner.
  24. So with me having an action packed 2019 summer season, I figured I’d just put all my trip reports in this thread. Now I’m still a bit new to writing these so bear with me on the first few and pardon my shitty photography, I don’t feel like lugging a camera around parks with me so I just take a whole bunch of crappy iPhone pics. Without further ado, here’s a trip report from my homepark yesterday to kick this off Six Flags New England, 6/30/2019 Now it’s rare that I ever go to parks by myself but since SFNE is close by and I had a Sunday to blow, I figured I’d head down to SFNE by mysel
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