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  1. ^Most of the resorts are open at Disney and Universal, though may be limiting capacity. The only ones closed or partially closed to the public that I'm aware of are the ones the NBA are staying in. There are also more people seemingly more comfortable traveling to theme parks before schools start soon (for those who hadn't already started, even if virtually).
  2. ^It will likely reopen once the pandemic is under control (to where sanitizing rides and social distancing isn't a big deal), they can up the allowed capacity in the parks to make it worthwhile, more people actually come to the park (that aren't pass members who they generally don't really profit from, and can afford to pay the extra staff required to run it. Unless I'm mistaken, it requires more employees to operate than any other attraction in the park. I know other parks have opened theirs, but not all parks choose to operate the same. It's common for BGT, in particular, to cut attractions
  3. I know a lot of platinum pass members are not happy about not getting their usually free first weekend.
  4. Yes, I can see the prices. They start at $24.99 (and go up based on date). Try using another device or browser to log in. Also, if you're using your email/password, try using the pass barcode/zip code method instead. That seems to work for some that try to get their discount online when making purchases.
  5. The helix on SFOG's Goliath is intense? Eh, that's a stretch IMO. The only helix on a B&M that has any great intensity that I've ridden, with an almost greyout, is Kumba.
  6. Keep in mind though, the event is catered to locals (for you non-locals seeing this). For those that hadn't caught on, it's not an all-day event the dates they're open. The event is four hours per time slot each day of the event: 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm Thursday through Sunday (besides the membership sneak peak). I've confirmed with the park that they will close at 3pm to allow the park to clear out and reset for the event, and reopen at 5pm. So, unless you have an annual pass, membership, fun card or preschool pass, and live relatively close, this may not be for you. Tickets for others are $44
  7. If I were a guessing man, I would say another reason to close M-Th starting the last 2 weeks of August has not only to do with lower attendance, but staffing. They are struggling as it is. Any employees they've borrowed from parks that have not yet opened or abroad may need to return home to go back to their normal day jobs, schools, lives, etc. Also, while the event still appears on their event page, I don't think HalloWeekends looks promising, at least not in its usual form. I know there are teasers in the park, and I've seen employees who work the event say, "It's going to be as scary as u
  8. Iron Gwazi update: RMC is back on site, as of yesterday (Tuesday, July 21,2020). They were seen inspecting areas of the track and had a crane in operation. I would share the post from FB here, but their posts aren't welcome here.
  9. Rougarou is trash, even if it were at most other parks, and no one can change my mind...lol
  10. Oh, why not: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Maverick 3. Millennium Force 4. Raptor 5. Top Thrill Dragster 6. Valravn 7. Gatekeeper 8. Wicked Twister 9. Magnum XL-200 10. Gemini 11. Iron Dragon 12. Blue Streak 13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 14. Rougarou 15. Woodstock Express 16. Corkscrew
  11. There hasn't been anything done to the site since shortly after the park closed. Premier had barely started testing the switch track before the park closed (they were gone a couple days before the park closed, in fact), they never did a full test run before leaving. Some of the landscaping and queue work was still being done shortly after the park closed, but were all sent home soon after when the parks halted all construction.
  12. ^Quick Queue has been available since the park reopened and can be bought online and at the park. The only thing they hadn't been doing is the Platinum re-rides. https://buschgardens.com/tampa/upgrades/quick-queue/
  13. Currently, you can't reserve those in advance online. You would need to go to the park the day of and redeem at the kiosk and make a reservation on your phone same day for them to get in (since they have to be used the date they are printed currently). However, there's no guarantee the park won't be at capacity before arrival at the park. However, the parks are currently working on a way to allow pass members to redeem them online so they can be reserved. No word on when that will be. This should have been put in place before opening the registration system, IMO. The comments all over thei
  14. The park is open every Sunday in November and are available to be reserved right now. They are only closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  15. I'm pretty sure they only need NC clearance given the fact the park is technically located in Charlotte. And your assumption is wrong. The rides that operate on the SC side are inspected by SC, and the food, beverage, restrooms, etc, on the SC side are inspected by the York County (SC) Health Department. Tne NC side is the same, whereas those rides are inspected by the NC, and other facilities inspected by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. There are many ordinances (including those concerning liquor/beer) that vary depending on which side of the state line you're on at the time. So
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