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  1. Before I turned 21 I would use it. Now I can just drink beer when I’m at the park
  2. Stopped in for my first visit of the season today and had a great time as usual. Park wasn’t as crowded as I expected but the gold FP helped us get more done than we would’ve in 6 hours. Also, idk If it was a Saturday and they were expecting it to be super busy, but when we pulled into the lot at 9:15 they let us straight in and thru security and then thru the front gate right away. We got the flash passes squared away by 9:45 and when we got to Devil at 9:50 they let us right on and seemed to have already been cycling trains for a bit. Love to see that from Six Flags.
  3. Stopped in for a few hours today. Noticed that the area with Houdini, Tomahawk, and Rodeo has been blocked off. This must’ve happened recently considering I had just ridden Houdini over Memorial Day weekend.
  4. Literally none. Idk if they just haven’t been announced yet but on the pass portal on the app it doesn’t list any dates for them.
  5. Stopped in today for about 3 hours before the crowds really picked up. I think this was the first time I haven’t worn a mask while doing something in a public setting since last March. Anyways, I don’t know what happened between my rides on it this year and last year but Boulder Dash has gotten unbearably rough in some spots. I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance when it comes to coasters but I could only do two rides before I’d had enough. The turn after the drop and the return run along the lake have become just unbearable and I don’t remember my rides from last year being th
  6. Made first trip to Knoebels for Phoenix Phall Phunfest and have a new coaster in my top 10 1. El Toro 2. Superman the Ride 3. Maverick 4. Skyrush 5. Steel Vengeance 6. Millennium Force 7. Storm Chaser 8. Boulder Dash 9. Phoenix 10. Wicked Cyclone Phoenix actually kicked Fury from my top 10 I really need to get down to Carowinds again and give that ride another go.
  7. I’ve heard it will be one train the rest of the season. Obviously nothing confirmed, but this supports that^
  8. Looks fantastic and is definitely needed as KI was severely lacking a standout coaster in my opinion.
  9. I was the park yesterday as well and while it was a great visit, operations were much worse than in past visits. I’ve always found Great Adventure to have terrific ops so this unfortunate. Tons of stacking on Toro, Skull Mountain, and Bizarro (I know this isn’t unusual for Bizarro). Also, on my one ride on Kingda Ka, they were only sending one train in between Zumanjaro cycles even if the train behind it was all ready to before Zumie finished loading. Very unfortunate because Great Adventure’s operations are usually outstanding by SF standards.
  10. Mine shuffled around a bit after going to CP again 1. El Toro 2. Superman the Ride 3. Maverick 4. Skyrush 5. Steel Vengeance (I’m going to get roasted for this one) 6. Millennium Force 7. Storm Chaser 8. Boulder Dash 9. Wicked Cyclone 10. Fury 325
  11. Honestly, unless you’re going on a weekend SFNE never gets crowded enough that you need to prioritize doing anything first. As for lunch, there’s a pizza place down the street called Nicky’s pizza that’s very very good. And ride Superman at night and in the front seat.
  12. ^Parks almost never do anything big for anniversary years. I have no idea why so many people think that just because a park is celebrating an anniversary, that they’re going to dump a ton of money into one park just because of that.
  13. Superman at SFNE last fall when it was like 40 out Absolutely no idea what the 4 of us in the back are doing SFNEs Batman that same freezing day Random shenanigans on the best damn coaster in the planet
  14. Jesus Christ, don’t remind us of this. I’d completely forgotten how bad that was until you mentioned it.
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