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  1. ^Im pretty sure it’s been waiting on a part from Intamin. Hasn’t it been closed since late last season?
  2. ^sucks to hear about the crowds. I got to the park around 4 yesterday and stayed until closed and by then the crowds had really lightened up. Superman was absolutely ripping yesterday! It’s seriously running so unbelievably fast nowadays it doesn’t even feel like the same ride it was 4-5 years ago.
  3. Probably SFA but Wild One was closed when I was there so I guess I wouldn’t exactly refuse to go there if presented with the opportunity to go again on the way to KD/BGW
  4. No ones posted in here in a while and mines shuffled around a bit since then 1. El Toro 2. I305 3. Superman (SFNE) 4. Maverick 5. Skyrush 6. Twisted Timbers 7. Steel Vengeance 8. Millennium Force 9. Storm Chaser 10. Phoenix After some absolutely dreadful rides in Boulder Dash back in May it’s fallen pretty far lol.
  5. After waiting years and trying to get down to the park pretty much every year for the last 3 or 4 years and never being able to, I finally made my first trip to the park on Monday and had an amazing day. Rides: I305 (x7)- This ride has been the top coaster on my bucket list for a long time now and I’m delighted to say, it lived up to all of the hype and then some. This ride is absolutely f*cking psychotic. I have no other way to describe it, the thing is just the most intense coaster I’ve ever been on. Combine that with an incredible drop, that insane first airtime hill, lightning fast transitions with wild laterals and pops of ejector air you didn’t even think were possible, and you have one of the best coasters ever built. And somehow even with all that breakneck intensity, the ride still manages to be glass smooth. I truly can’t believe this ride is actually allowed to exist, absolutely mental. Superman @ SFNE has been my favorite steel coaster for the better part of 15 years now and finally I’ve ridden a steel coaster that tops that, I never thought I’d see the day. It’s now my #2 overall just behind El Toro. Twisted Timbers (x2)- I’ve always been an Intamin fanboy and have found most coasters by RMC wildly overrated (including Steel Vengeance). This most definitely isn’t. This is easily my new favorite RMC (yes, I think it’s better than Steel Vengeance). Those first 3 camelbacks are reminiscent to El Toro’s first two hills, albeit at a smaller scale. I also think the quality of airtime on this is better than any RMC I’ve ridden. Part of that could be because I avoided getting stapled which I never seem to avoid on RMCs. At most parks, this would be the best coaster, but it’s shares this park with that gigantic red and yellow psychopath. Dominator (x1)- I’m a huge fan of B&M floorless coasters, I just find them to be very fun and relaxing rides and this one is no different. This one has a bit more bite to it than the others ones I’ve ridden. Not really sure if I like this or Bizarro @ Great Adventure better but they’re both excellent rides. Flight of Fear (x2)- I’m not sure if it’s a popular opinion around here but I absolutely love these rides. I rode the one at KI back in 2018 and loved it and this was no different. Backlot Stunt Coaster (x1)- once again, rode its clone at KI. Fun little family launch coaster, not much else to say. Racer 75 (x2, both sides x1 each)- This ride was surprisingly fun. Didn’t really expect much but had a couple decent pops of floater air and it’s relatively smooth. Grizzly (x1)- I’m honestly not really sure what I think of this ride lol. It’s pretty rough in some spots, it’s quite aggressive, has a couple decent moments of airtime. I think I liked it but at the same time it did bash me around a bit lol. Anaconda (x1)- It actually wasn’t the horrific trash that I thought it was going to be. I mean it’s kinda shakey and has those wonky Arrow turns but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot of people say. Windseeker (x1)- my girlfriend loves the Star Flyers at six Flags parks so we rode this so she could take a breather after I305. It’s a fun ride. No where near as good as the star flyers but still really fun none the less. We didn’t do much for flats. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about KDs flats so I’m not sure if I missed anything I shouldn’t have? I’ve done a lot of the other flats at CP and KI and didn’t really feel the need to do them again. Really awesome day! I’d been waiting to get to KD for years, mostly for I305 and it lived up to every bit of the hype. I want to try and get back down there for Haunt so I can get some I305 night rides. now for some pictures (beware it’s mostly just I305 lol) me and the girlfriend, very pretty entrance walking up to the ride for the first time, just like Millennium Force I can’t get over just how massive the structure looks I can’t get over this part of the ride. This transition is so fast and so violent I can’t believe it’s actually legal lol.another angle. Just absolutely absurd lol.yes, I’m aware there’s other coasters at this park, this ones pretty spectacular as well.These 3 hills back to back to back feel like mini El Toro hills, so good. Some more RMC pornGreat B&M!some more Intimidator because we’ll, it’s just spectacular in every way. Alright one more, even the hill into the brakes has a pretty wild pop of airtime lol. This ride is just ridiculous
  6. I’ve seen a road wheel on Superman @ SFNE go bad during a cycle and it pretty much did exactly what Toro did, just it made it to the end of the ride. It slowly lumbered thru the final bunny hops and slowly made it to the brakes. They just transferred the train off, swapped the wheels out and had the ride up and running soon after. I would assume if it in fact was just a road wheel that went bad it shouldn’t be down for too long as long as it didn’t do any major damage to the track and train.
  7. Quite simply, the greatest coaster ever built. It was running like an absolute dream yesterday and pretty much rekindled my love affair with it after my not so great rides on it last year.
  8. Glad I’m not the only one, Boulder Dash absolutely f*cking stunk on my rides back in May. It was probably my favorite wooden coaster not named El Toro before that but my lord was it running like complete trash.
  9. Before I turned 21 I would use it. Now I can just drink beer when I’m at the park
  10. Stopped in for my first visit of the season today and had a great time as usual. Park wasn’t as crowded as I expected but the gold FP helped us get more done than we would’ve in 6 hours. Also, idk If it was a Saturday and they were expecting it to be super busy, but when we pulled into the lot at 9:15 they let us straight in and thru security and then thru the front gate right away. We got the flash passes squared away by 9:45 and when we got to Devil at 9:50 they let us right on and seemed to have already been cycling trains for a bit. Love to see that from Six Flags. Operations were pretty solid across the park, Bizarro sucked as usual but everywhere else seemed really solid, walk of shames were really slowing Toro down tho. Rides: Jersey Devil (x1)- Not going to get too in depth since everyone in this thread already seems to have this covered and I only managed to get one ride in the front seat. It’s a great ride, it has some fun moments of airtime (especially the first camelback), cool inversions, and the turn around caught me by surprised with how forceful it was. And as Bill said in his review, the return run of airtime hills is a lot like Nitro’s just on a smaller scale. It’s probably my 3rd favorite ride in the park, behind Toro and Nitro, but hopefully at some point this year I can snag a backseat ride as the ride looks absolutely wicked in the back. El Toro (x5)- the greatest coaster on the planet was in top form today. What can I say that hasn’t been said? The ride is absolutely spectacular and my rides in 6-2 were as smooth as I’ve ever experienced. Much better than my rides last year on my one trip when they were filling only like 8 seats and it was bouncy as hell and slow. Nitro (x3)- Nothing much to say here, the ride is absolutely spectacular and is one of the most underrated coasters I’ve ever ridden. Still my favorite B&M Hyper. Batman (x1)- How a 28 year old B&M that is this snappy and thus forceful is still glass smooth is mind blowing to me. Such a terrific ride. Skull Mountain (x1)- The drop in the back is still nuts but there’s a lot of gaps in the building now letting sunlight in hopefully that gets fixed. Kingda Ka (x1)- I’m in the minority but from the front seat I prefer this over Dragster (albeit slightly). I’ve just always felt the launch on this hits much harder than Dragster and I’m not big enough that the OTSRs bug me and obviously it’s glass smooth in the front. Also, it’s so nice not needing to wait forever for it now that Zumie can run with it. Zumajaro (x1)- We had a Ka train launch when we were about 3/4ths of the way up and the tower started shaking like crazy! Absolutely my craziest ride on Zumie since it opened. It honestly adds so much to the experience. Superman (x1)- I used to really like this ride but over the last few years I’ve kinda soured on it. I’m just not a big fan of the way you lay on flyers and this one is so boring outside of the pretzel roll Bizarro (x1)- As always a fun relaxing floorless with some nice forces for a B&M. Not much to say here expect for it somehow still has the worst crew in the park for like the 10th year in a row. Another fantastic day at the park. If I could just drop Superman from SFNE (my home park) into Great Adventure I would literally never leave. Can’t wait to return and hopefully grab some back seat rides on JD. Pics:
  11. Stopped in for a few hours today. Noticed that the area with Houdini, Tomahawk, and Rodeo has been blocked off. This must’ve happened recently considering I had just ridden Houdini over Memorial Day weekend.
  12. Literally none. Idk if they just haven’t been announced yet but on the pass portal on the app it doesn’t list any dates for them.
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