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  1. Looks like a big-boy B&M dive. Also looks much more exciting than Draken(2018.5 B&M) because of length.
  2. Steel: Topthrilldragster Wood: T Express(havent ridden Son Of Beast)
  3. That's my home park and I have a lot of a chance to ride Draken. Just 18 miles away from my home.
  4. 2011: Thunder Falls(Not a coaster)-Everland 2018: Draken(Korea)-Gyeongju World
  5. I live in South Korea and that attraction is winter only sled attraction which has total 3 slopes.
  6. My worst is Rolling X Train in Everland Arrow track and Vekoma train (still looks better than Viper)
  7. It's Draken the new B&M dive coaster which is Griffon clone .
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