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  1. I just saw this movie today - I was wondering about your impressions of it. I was excited about it because I always love movies that feature amusement parks - especially "National Lampoon's Vacation", and I can't remember the last time a movie revolving around the idea of being in an amusement park was actually made (except for Adventureland) - But...this movie didn't really do it for me...at all. It lost its potential in so many ways. I don't have a problem with the storyline at all. But many of the things seemed really rushed, such as the girl's run-in with the characters - and I couldn't even get a good perception of the park itself at all. In many ways this movie seemed like a sequel to me, as the events unfolding within the park were already in progress once she entered the park. I would have rather seen this movie take place from a "from the beginning" context - or in the very LEAST, I would have liked to have seen her take a brief tour of the park before the rising action began (it was too rushed for me, and didn't give me enough chance to appreciate the park itself). Though we saw her inside some of the attractions she had created, they were also hard for me to get a grasp of, as they weren't in context with the exterior of the attractions at all, and the rest of the park. I wish they would have shown her walking around to look at some of the exteriors of the attractions, and then walking inside. Instead, they just show her inside the attractions "already in progress", and even hopping from attraction to attraction without any context as well. I realize that this is a kid's movie and that it is not meant to be realistic (at all). I also realize that we're in a "hop-around from scene to scene quickly" culture. But from a coaster/theme park enthusiast's perspective, I would have rather seen the events of the story unfold entirely from the girl's ground-floor perspective - walking from point-A of the park to point-B of the park to find what she was looking for, and then entering the attractions as necessary. Instead, the director chose to have her "fly" from one attraction to another, which made things highly confusing (and disappointing) for me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really wanted a tour of the park - even if for a short while. I wanted to see some of what she had actually created, but unfortunately we didn't really get to see much of that at all. I hope one day that someone can create a movie based on a real rollercoaster tycoon-style game, and made by a real coaster enthusiast. That would put everything to justice. I will not buy this on DVD or re-watch. My favorite parts (the parts I could actually pay attention to): (1) the bear on the top of the mega-coaster (2) the girl discovering the abandoned park for the first time (as I love abandoned parks) (3) the home-made park she created in her yard at the beginning. That's about it. Let me know your feelings. Did you enjoy it or feel the same way?
  2. Are you referring to the Vekoma Madhouse Houdini's Great Espace? Because that's still there - I rode it a couple weeks ago. Very trippy. Really? Awesome! Yes, that's the one!
  3. This Summer I had the chance to visit South Korea for 6 days, and decided to take the shuttle bus from the downtown area out to Everland for the day. The shuttle was very efficient and convenient. Because I was alone, I was able to hop on the bus immediately without buying a ticket. But most people who were travelling in groups had found a way to purchase tickets before the shuttle arrived. One group of teenage girls who didn't have tickets were denied seats on the shuttle: but I saw them at the park a little later, and they told me that another bus arrived about 5 minutes after the previous bus. For a Summer day, the park was surprisingly empty. The only thing I can say is that it was VERY hot that day, and maybe a lot of people decided to spend their day in the water park instead, which I hear are often more popular in the Summer time. T-Express did NOT let me down - it has a great first drop, and airtime pretty much the entire way throughout the ride. My only gripe was that because I'm over 6 feet tall, I almost didn't get to ride. I could have also ridden multiple times because there was no queue, but after chatting with the girls in the gift shop for several minutes and getting their kaokao talk information, I thought it would be too embarrassing to go back through again. Unfortunately I got ghosted, and now I have my regrets... Anyway, here goes my photo trip report. I hope you like it, and are able to experience this park for yourself one day! This backdrop scenery really reminded me of Universal Studios I see some staff members, but where area all the guests? Some very colorful facades (though many of the attractions weren't open in the late morning) This looks like a very cool playground for kids I heard they put this tree up for Christmas, and decided to keep it up. It makes a nice centerpiece, and you can go inside. The gardens are extensive and very beautiful (though for a theme park enthusiast, it can be seem as wasted space, and room for other attractions). This hotel creates a very unique backdrop for the garden section of the park - it actually gives this section a lot of character, and gives it a Disney feel (I thought this was just a fake backdrop at first, but it turns out that it's a real place where you can actually stay) This is the stage where the night light-spectacle is held. I like how the train circles around this area and goes through the middle of the stage. The attention paid to the landscape details in this section of the park are pretty amazing. If I'm not mistake, this section of the park is Holland. It's a bit unfortunate that none of the food places seen in the background were open for eating. Although, it certainly looks nice as backdrop scenery. A 4D Attraction - this one was actually open, but I didn't want to wait for the next showing (not really a 4D attraction fan) I was pretty disappointed that this attraction wasn't open - unlike several other attractions which would open later in the day, this had a sign that said it would be closed all week for "maintenance" - although I only saw one guy walking around. Rotating Houses are getting rarer and rarer, though I remember the one I rode at Great Adventure (also gone now) as being really cool. It's empty - but this section of the park reminds me a lot of Busch Gardens (except the food may not be nearly as good, and many places were closed) More German-style stuff I'm not sure if this is was an attraction that had been closed, or was just a Winter attraction. I'm pretty sure it's a tubing hill. The queue decor was pretty interesting - paying homage to the workers who built the coaster and the queue house (I'm not sure if it's for the T-Express, or for some other coaster) More blueprints and architectural drawings! Please let me out of here! Beautiful landscaping with the T-Express as the backdrop A great second drop
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