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  1. Six Flags Over Georgia, late December, Twisted Cyclone with a last ride on Goliath. Dang it was cold ! By mid January, we began having doubts about going out much.
  2. ^^ Please Bill, let's not go there again. The flu does not kill 60K in a month. Plus many of those flu death people did not/refuse to get the flu vaccine, Anti-Vaxers and all. This is something totally new and there are just too many unknowns as of yet.
  3. Hey mike, would a cost of life to reopen the economy include your wife, your children, or even yourself ? If not, who then is "acceptable" under your idea ?
  4. Pki, thanks for the link. Remember, the beach is only open from 6am to 11am and again from 5pm to 8pm. This explains why no one is on the beach now.
  5. ^ This however is not a fake picture nor fake news. It was from a live towercam. Please stop with misinformation, aka lies.
  6. I haven't seen much on this, but BGT lit up Iron Gwazi blue on Thursday, along with the front gate signage, as part of the "Light it Blue" campaign honoring those risking their lives to help others. Pretty cool look. Here's a link to the short article and a pic. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/attractions/2020/04/17/busch-gardens-turns-iron-gwazi-blue-to-honor-health-care-workers
  7. ^ Carnival Cruises. Think of the girls you'll meet and Oh, the sights you'll see.
  8. ^ Osceola county, Kissimmee, home to a Fun Spot, next to Orange County, has issued a mandatory face covering while in public order starting Monday. Fines of up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail for not having ones face covered. "That means a bandana, shirt or any cloth will do, as long it covers your face and mouth and you don't have to hold it with your hands." link- https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2020/04/11/osceola-county-issues-face-cover-order--starting-monday
  9. Geez mike, thanks for your wise advice, not. I think I will go with what the true medical professionals are saying, not some fanboy on a coaster site.
  10. ^ It has been the hottest March in Florida since the late 1800's. Upper 80's and 90 all month long. Doesn't seem to have eased up one bit. In fact, the number of infected and dead keeps going up.
  11. Portugal's Travel Board has put out a really good ad that everyone should take a moment to watch. Some of what the ad says- “Nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments aren’t going anywhere,” the ad continues. “They will still be there waiting for a better time to be lived. And we must do the same for a while. It’s time to stop. The perfect time not to visit anything. Sometimes to rise is to stand still. It’s time to stop, stop and think of ourselves, think of everyone else too. It’s time to stop and refocus as a whole, for all. It’s time to understand and respect our times, respect one another. The faster we stop the sooner we will bond again. It’s time to dream of those amazing days to come.” Here's a link to the whole ad, titled, "It's time to stop " "Can't skip hope".
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