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  1. I agree. Although the attendance was reported higher than any previous year (and it showed), it didn't detract from the experience. The energy was incredible, especially in the Voyage station. Of course, Voyage was running awesome both nights and the triple-down into the second-half (minus the trims), was insane!
  2. I haven't done a Coastermania since 2013, so it's been a while, but I am excited to return this year. This is the first time in a while that the weekend doesn't align with Holiwood Nights, which is my preference. Anyway, looking at that itinerary, an afternoon nap will definitely be in order! Question- for those that have attended since CP capped attendance w/ the ticket system, how many people would you estimate attend? Just curious how Steel Vengeance may reduce the lines between that and Maverick during the night ERT.
  3. I haven't ridden Firehawk in several years, as I found it a far too uncomfortable ride experience. That said, I certainly won't miss it. Whatever KI installs in place of it will surely be a vast improvement.
  4. I feel like Great America has a pretty solid line-up of "Totally non-offensive, but rides you wouldn't go out of your way for." Such as: Raging Bull X-Flight Goliath Viper Batman Vertical Velocity Superman: Ultimate Flight Demon Whizzer American Eagle Like these are all really GOOD to GREAT coasters. They don't hurt you or make you angry at the world in any way at all... But at the same time... I'm not sure there is a single one on that list that I would make a trip for. And it's sort of too bad because, when I'm at the park, I enjoy every single one of those rides. But none of them are "Stand Out" attractions. Hopefully this new coaster will shake that up a little bit. This right here really describes how I view the park as well. It's my home park and I might visit it once or twice each season. It does lack that one or two attractions that would get me to go more often. There is nothing wrong with their line-up, it's that is just lacks any "wow" factor.
  5. Amen to that. The real slice of pizza bliss in Chicago is it's tavern/pub style at places like Vito and Nick's and Aurelio's. Chicago pizza is way more than Giordano's (which is not even close to the best deep dish around and really just overhyped and commercial!). I personally like Pequod's. And every time somebody makes the overrated comment about Chicago pizza and I ask them what they had, their reply is almost always Giordano's!
  6. Magic Gate? Dude, you haven't lived. They open this gate from the unload platform that dumps you right back into the queue line immediately outside the station so you basically just get off, walk like 10 feet and then ride again over and over and over until the queue fills past the magic gate (at which time the magic ends). The Magic Gate is pretty amazing. They had it open when I visited earlier this month and that basically meant several re-rides all before park close. Nobody has lived until they've experienced that!
  7. yeah, it's my hometown park as well, but I haven't there very often, unfortunately. Having Cedar Point (relatively) close is a competitive challenge. But SFGAm's coaster collection is pretty solid, and getting better. They do have a solid line-up with Goliath, Raging Bull, Batman, and so forth. But, like you mentioned, I find myself making the drive to Cedar Point, King's Island, and even Holiday World more often than Six Flags.
  8. Oh, you're one of those pizza people. Well, at least you're right about the aquarium (White Sox fan here).
  9. Yes, but it's because you were probably about 5 years old when "Pimp My Ride" was a thing so it's understandable. Thanks for making us feel old. I watched Pimp My Ride all the time when the show originally aired! I used to watch it often too growing up. Then I found out all these truths about the cars and the issues they caused the owners (like my car doesn't run, but it has all these cool, not even street legal mods!). In any case, the new coaster looks like a lot of fun and the theming does intrigue me.
  10. I'm really pumped for this new coaster! Even though it's my home park, I haven't spent much time at Great America the last few years; however, Maxx Force will definitely get me back there a few times next season. Happy for the park.
  11. Coppherhead Strike looks awesome! It's great to finally get some larger-scale Mack coasters installed in the U.S. Of the coasters announced for next year, I'd have to say I'm most looking forward to this one.
  12. TPR has always been a great place to simply enjoy coasters and parks. The fact that this group is vetted is what makes it standout from the way too serious/pretentious crowds.
  13. Outlaw Run followed by Time Traveler (which I really enjoyed despite some admittedly lower expectations!)
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