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  1. Yeah I'm going to be really sad if Covid kills the printed park map. I love collecting those.
  2. Same. And the coaster had foot pedals for the restraints that were on the opposite side of the train as the control panel. In my time there we also had several flat rides where we required two operators when I started but over time they made modifications to the rides/queues so they could be operated by a single person.
  3. I mean it's 2021...even Cracker Barrel sells beer and wine now. It's so weird to me to see parks apparently having people to be open but needing to cut back hours. Times have definitely changed from when I worked in a park. When we had Friday night concerts they would usually end about 9 with a scheduled 10pm closing. We were frequently told (at like 9pm) we were staying open an extra 30 minutes- an hour if the concert drew a huge crowd to avoid having everyone hit the exit road at the same time.
  4. I mean they already operate most of their rides in December anyways. Wouldn't be much of a leap from them to do it now, but a few more indoor rides wouldn't hurt.
  5. The park does seem to be off to a great start attendance wise. Seems like every post on Facebook people talk about the crowds and the park recently announced they will be capping attendance on Saturdays and if the park reaches that capacity they will only allow season pass holders and people that purchased tickets at least 24 hours in advance into the park.
  6. I wish other Six Flags GMs gave half the effort that Jeffrey Siebert gives to SFFT.
  7. Add me to the list of people that think KI is the real star of Ohio. Yes I love CP too, but so much of that park is just a bland concrete jungle it feels like. Plus the crowds have always been more manageable at KI compared to CP and my days at KI in 2011 had the best operations I have EVER seen at a park. Here's a pic from that trip of Diamondback where one train is heading into the splashdown and the train behind it is cresting the lift. Sad is seems like recent CF training will prevent this from happening again.
  8. Heads up for anyone going to HoliWood Nights. The park announced earlier today in the HoliWood Nights group on Facebook that Thunderbird is having issues and will probably be down through the weekend. To help compensate they are going to allow attendees a return visit any day later this season, will be keeping other rides on ERT open longer, and if you didn't purchase the all day Friday ticket you can now enter the park at 3PM in stead of 4:30PM.
  9. Just curious, but what was causing them to have to check and rec-check seats?
  10. I've been to KI when they had 10PM fireworks like 6 times and they never closed the lines early. I always timed my rides on other coasters so I could get in line for The Beast at like 9:50. The ride is usually already shut down for the show, but they allowed people to get in line right up until 10. About 15-20 minutes after the show ends they would usually get the all clear to re-open and they would cycle everyone in line through for the last ride of the night. Actually one of those nights they actually got a call that they could NOT reopen for some reason and instead they told us
  11. The first time I saw the fireworks at KI it was on (I think) a Tuesday night in August 2011, and my friends and I were all like "That's it? Maybe just save the money and do good shows Friday-Sunday." Closing rides for fireworks is understandable, but when you've been closing your lines at closing for years/decades and you suddenly start closing them early, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
  12. "What more can we do to piss off our guests today?" -Cedar Fair, probably
  13. A ride being closed for a few weeks while a giga coaster is being constructed is one thing. A ride being closed for an entire season for a small off the shelf coaster is another. Feels almost like they figured they can use it as an excuse so save some money by not having to get the ride ready and staffed for an entire year.
  14. Hell, SFOG recently announced they are going to be open daily until Labor Day (their last week of daily ops is usually the first week in August), but starting August 9th they are only open from 5pm-10pm during the week. CP couldn't even offer reduced hours??
  15. This. I don't have a dinning plan since it's 2.5 hours to SFOG, but between my free membership drinks and 50% off food my lunch there when I went a couple of weeks ago was $6.88 for a pork sandwich, fries, and a Coke Zero. My friend got something similar, but they just have the super cheap season pass and their meal was $21 and change.
  16. I know he seems like he did a lot of good work at Indiana Beach...but is he biting off more than he can chew by taking over both of these other parks?
  17. Honestly at SFOG on Sunday there were several rides that dare I say seemed OVER staffed.
  18. Yeah there were no signs of life there yesterday either. No workers, no sign of trains, etc. Hopefully they get it back up and running by memorial day weekend. I know I mentioned the lack of shade structures for Catwoman, but the "new" Gotham City is a**. No batmobile, you take out the original Batman entrance and replace it with that cheap sign, etc. It's frustrating seeing some of the improvements SFFT and SFSTl are doing and then seeing...that.
  19. Visited the park today for the first time in the Covid era. Great day overall. Made reservations and while they were asking if you had made them as you were walking into the temp screening tent, at no point was I actually asked to show one. Mask wearing was good overall. All the operators were enforcing it. Everything seemed to be up and running except obviously Mindbender and Joker Chaos Coaster. Got my first ride on Catwoman and it was pretty good. It is absolutely pathetic they have zero shade structures for the queue. Only major (non water) rides I didn't hit up were Scorcher and Acro
  20. So I was trying to look at mine earlier and kept getting 404 messages too, but when I changed my rankings from private to public I can see them now. Didn't realize private meant even from myself
  21. Yeah "Cedar Point" and "Challenging location" don't exactly seem like they go together, unless they're going to put it on that island. Maybe Morey's is going to build this as the 2 pier coaster that the GCI they had planned like 10 years ago was supposed to be.
  22. So as an update to this...it turns out it's true. In the new book "Kings Island A Ride Through Time" there are multiple quotes from several CF execs that confirm it. CGA was going to get a B&M hyper in 2020 with the name "Megabyte." Eventually the projected costs became greater than what they wanted to spend at CGA so they decided to build the new B&M at KI instead. Based on the interviews it seems corporate essentially called up KI and said "we're sending you a B&M in 2020. Let's figure out what we want it to be." That project eventually became the giga coaster Orion.
  23. It's pretty cool to see how far it has come since they originally closed the amusement park, but it still sucks to see all those abandoned ride sites.
  24. I also just finished the KI book. Some great info. Don't know if I buy the "why Orion is smaller than Fury" story though . Also looks like California's 20+ year streak of not having a B&M hyper is not going to end anytime soon.
  25. I've always felt that was the case. A ride with those trims still has enough speed to "slip" through brakes because they are wet? Ok.
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