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  1. I remember a couple of years ago watching an interview with someone involved with RMC (Don't remember if it was Fred, Alan, or another employee) but I seem to remember them mentioning they were really pushing the I-Box designs over the Topper Track designs. I wonder if they have discovered the topper track isn't holding up over time as well as they thought it would?
  2. This showed up in my memories today. Trip for my last rides on Georgia Cyclone. Who knew #NotAGiga could have been a thing 3 years ago.
  3. They have posted on all their socials they have an announcement coming Monday. Assume it will be their reopening date.
  4. I always love when websites insist on placing giant watermarks on photos. That said, it's good to see CP join the CF updated parking booths club. Kind of surprised it took them as long to join.
  5. ^ It should be noted that they were also the ones behind Bluegrass Boardwalk. While it was reported with the "Holiday World" name it was really Dan, Pat, Natalie, and a few other family members. Will's wife/kids were not apart of the group IIRC, and after the legal battle over the control of HW the Dan/Pat group went to Alabama. If it is Dan and Pat taking on IB I do worry about them spreading themselves really thin. They seem to really be hitting their stride at AA/SA after some early struggles there before the COVID-19 outbreak. They do now have a GM in place at AA that is the perfect fit there though.
  6. Ehh they were basically going to gut the amusement park. Their original plan included reopening for 2013 with only a handful of rides and then : “Pending a successful 2013,” the application says, additional rides will be refurbished, including the large Ferris wheel; The Roller Skater, a junior steel coaster; Thrill Park Theatre, an indoor movie venue; and Thunder Run, a wooden coaster." That is from a news article in 2012. I think Ed Hart is the right guy for KK. I doubt we would have seen rides like Lightning Run or Storm Chaser with the Koch family, but I could be wrong. I am very interested in seeing the park reopen. Never been there but the location/setting have always intrigued me. One of their former GMs was also my GM for a time too
  7. Not every SF park is like that though. SFOG never seems to have issues with getting rides open on time. Obviously you had Deja Vu in 2001 and I think Hurricane Harbor opened like a week late back in 2014, but they always seem to get their rides p[en by their Memorial Day weekend goal every year. Their staff always seems to be good when I go. The only rides that seem down when I go are very rarely down all day, except for occasionally Acrophobia and there was a few day period when Goliath was down after a lightning strike. Even then It was down less than a week. Plus at this point they have refreshed about 80% of the park with their additions since 2014.
  8. I wonder if they are going to move HQ over by the two new rides. It is just kind of shoved into that corner.
  9. Isn't the story though that this ride was designed for Six Flags Dubai? None of those parks come close to the attendance that SFOT gets, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was in fact only designed with one boat.
  10. Lots of great additions. I usually a big fan of JRA's videos every yeah but this was so weird this year. Loved the end though SFOG's are spread out, but at least they are all now in their own defined areas. You've got SUF and JL:BFM in Metropolis Park, the DC Superfriends kids area, and all the Batman themed rides in Gotham City.
  11. That's good to hear. I feel like the past 3-4 years on all my visits I've only seen both trains run once. The only other rides in that time frame I recall running one was Blue Hawk early in the season where the second train wasn't even on the track yet and a few days before the RMCing of Cyclone where it would be a walk on with one train. Many of the days Mindbender was at one train it has 20-30 minute waits too. To the White Water addition: I've never been a water park guy. In fact since 2002 I've spent exactly two days as a guest in a water park (and those were in 2004 and 2006 on high school band trips ) but I was seriously considering a first visit to WW since 2000 when I thought it was going to be a water coaster. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll feel like going back.
  12. It was not on June 20th, which was my last visit. All of the other coasters were running two trains that day.
  13. SFOG has been flat depraved for years. I think my only real issue with this announcement (albeit it is minor) is I kinda wish the park's flat rides were a little spread out more. I'll still take this any day vs not getting new rides though. Can this please be a refurbishment of Mindbender so that it can go back to regularly running two trains again? Please ?
  14. One of the operators said it usually means it was launched too fast. The launch felt like normal. We just were really slowed by those brakes at the top and slowly rolled all the way back to the base of the hill where they released us and walked us back to the station. When I had got in line the ride went down for like 30 minutes or so then ran like 5 test cycles. My rollback was maybe the 8th or so cycle after it had reopened. The same operator said it had happened four times the day before.
  15. Visited the park last week for the first time since 2016. Great day as always. Some notes/pics: -Dragonflier is an excellent ride. After riding it and Freedom Flyer the past few years I really wish more parks would add these coasters. Fun for everyone! -Lightning Rod was running one train and had a ton of downtime. -Never been evacuated from a ride during normal operation. That changed that day. On my "first" Lightning Rod ride we did not clear the first hill and slowly rolled down. When I came back several hours later we came to a complete stop on the brakes before the turn back towards the station. After several minutes the crew came out and evacuated us. -Wild Eagle was also down for several hours. Such a shame since I really love that ride. -Cinnamon Bread . That is all. On to some pictures Back at an amazing park!! Mystery Mine...thru the water! Interesting. Also interesting So stunning Glad BGW joined the club in adding these rides So great Well I got to experience a rollback, just not on TTD Food porn. You're welcome. After stuffing your face, Dollywood Express is a great follow up Klondike Katie letting her presence be known All the new hotness Not many parks can beat Dollwood's setting This is a new angle. Probably the worst ride on Thunderhead I've had though Wildwood Grove The real new hotness here Drop Line was a good addition A wild Dragonfly appears! Wild Eagle is looping The real Dollywood magic happens here. Evacuation number two for me. Reward for evacuated. Of course, the only thing that really had a line that day had been Lightning Rod Such simple beauty. Boomerang confirmed for 2021!
  16. Maybe, maybe not. They did a survey about visible tattoos on employees like 4-5 years ago and I believe they still aren't allowed at Six Flags but Cedar Fair started allowing them last year.
  17. Added Dragonflier and Copperhead Strike a week and a half ago.
  18. Visited the park last week for the first time since 2016. Some thoughts/pictures: -Decent operations overall. Two trains on everything but Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, and Nighthawk. -Copperhead Strike is a fun little ride. Hangtime on the roll out of the station is weird in a good way. Rode this a couple of times first thing. -Afterburn still kicks ass -Intimidator still probably my least favorite B&M hyper, but still a good ride. The one thing that was really annoying was half the day the crew would do the whole "do not pull down your lapbars, we will do it for you" and the rest of the day they did not. -Fury still kicks all kinds of ass. On to the photos! Another great day at Carowinds! New hotness from the sky I thought Cedar Fair would....nvm That's going to be a no from me dawg. The side of the parking lot filled up . Luckily the side by Intimidator was empty. Had lunch at Harmony Hall. Didn't realize the time. Kids show started and I scarfed the rest down and hauled out of there. Love parks that have ways to get aerial views. Sling... ...Shot Carowinds has some really great rides Barrel turn goodness No boobs in multiple states at this sign I do like the new style entrances Carowinds and Cedar Point have now New Hotness 20 year old hotness Still such a kick ass ride. Wind was Saught on this day Great theming for a plane themed coaster Hi short Intimidator Nothing to see here Such A Great Ride Later Fury!
  19. There's a ton of new wood on the structure of the log flume this year. It's being taken care of.
  20. It is slightly wrong. That special aired in May 2001. If I dig around hard enough I still have the VHS that I recorded it on somewhere
  21. ^There have been many reports (even on here I believe) that BGW was having to weld spots on Big Bad Wolf frequently at the end of it's life. You can only weld spots so many times before the steel has to be replaced all together.
  22. If they were to put a Free Spin in SWF's spot they could break out the Total Mayhem name again and expand on the Screampunk theme.
  23. The SFOG limited partners would disagree about Time Warner. Of course, they got several hundred million for their troubles.
  24. Yes. When they announced Buzzsaw Falls they changed the name of the log flume from Cahaba Falls to Woodchuck Run because they did not want two water rides with the name "falls."
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