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  1. Only thing that really comes to mind is Viper/Greezed Lightnin'. Didn't ride "big" coasters when I visited SFOG in 96 and 99 and had a tentative Labor Day Weekend trip that would have included SFKK in 2009 but decided against it after getting back from football game so late that Saturday. Still need a shuttle loop credit.
  2. But isn't that something they should have been aware of? I'll give you the Holiday World example, but KI had a bunch of capital put in to it back then too. From 1990-2009 when SF closed SFKK they added Adventure Express, Top Gun, FoF, Face/Off, Drop Zone, SOB, Italian Job, had multiple kids areas expansions and water park expansions, etc. I know a lot of people didn't like the members of the Koch family plan to open it as a waterpark with only a few rides and no real roller coasters, but maybe the plan should have been between their plan and Ed Hart's plan: A big waterpark with a couple of roller coasters and 15-20 other rides.
  3. So Ed Hart took over a closed KK, dumped a ton of money into it, and flipped it to a theme park chain. Again. The last time they didn't actually sell the park either, Premier took on over $60 million in debt the park had. Isn't there video of a park official saying Storm Chaser was downsized from their original plan for it because they had not hit their attendance goals yet? Seems like maybe it has never quite got where they wanted it and Covid-19 just sped up their need to get out again.
  4. The point was Six Flags has tried to extend seasons where they were allowed to open whereas Cedar Fair cut back the season at most of their parks.
  5. I use to joke SF was better than CF because they still ran their B&M hypers without seatbelts...but SF really has run circles around CF during the pandemic
  6. Well that was easy. No visit to a park this year, so just resubmitted last year's rankings
  7. I really like the "drunken out and back" description for Mystic Timbers. Very accurate
  8. Yeah I have a friend that just moved back to Tampa and he wants me to come visit in April and I told him "I'll come when Iron Gwazi opens."
  9. Yeah I haven't tried it since then. That day was just madness because there was no rhyme or reason where the tram driver was going to stop. If they didn't stop in front of you there wasn't going to be room for you on that tram.
  10. I usually only take the tram back to my car at Dollywood if you walk up and there's one there loading and it has space, but that's rare unless you are leaving early. One of the most frustrating experiences I've had there was when they were re-doing the lots a few years ago and had everyone parking in the back lot. I think they even had signs up saying you had to take the trams that day because they were actually crews working in C lot I think it was. Was a terrible end dealing with that madness what was otherwise a great day.
  11. Do you really think decisions like that are made at the park level with a company like Six Flags?
  12. Yeah I would bet if that new Fire & Ice festival at SFOT does well they will do something similar here in the next year or two.
  13. For those that were asking when the park usually opens earlier today they posted on their Facebook page opening day will be March 6th.
  14. ^And that doesn't even include the rides the either got and could not use or were only able to use one year. Can one of the parks with a Mega-Lite close
  15. I hope Six Flags keeps doing things like this in the coming years when things become "more normal." As for Aquaman it's Screamscape so take it with a grain of salt, but they say they have received reports the delay to 2022 is because they have decided to retrofit the ride with a turntable and 2nd boat. Good news if true.
  16. Yeah the water park to amusement park ratio is probably what it should have been from day 1. I cannot believe they opened with the two kids water areas, the lazy river, and the 4 tube slides and didn't expand it until it was sold before 2003. That's what should have got Larry Langford arrested
  17. The S&S tower I use to operate could. Originally you had to push down and pull up on locked harnesses to get the computer to read that the restraint was locked. However if the restraint was all the way up you could just push up on it again and the computer would read it as locked. One year they did a big overhaul to it which included re-programing it's control system to where the computer would read if seats were locked only if they were down to a certain position. I *think* once that happened you could no longer run it with a restraint wide a** open.
  18. Yeah I noticed that comment and wondered where it was coming from. I was kind of shocked when they confirmed the slide was from White Water West since the Koch's have bought so much from ProSlide over the years. I guess the slide being used makes sense.
  19. SFA has already sent the second Roar/Wild One trains to PTC for their rebuild (they send one of each each year).
  20. Six Flags probably won't, but their local governments will likely have a big say on their capacities next year.
  21. I wonder if KI signed a non compete clause with Great Wolf when that was built? Didn't KI own than land and sell it to them?
  22. Yeah they are all great rides. I do enjoy the SF ones not have the midcourse brake run, but I do also enjoy the darkness of the CF ones.
  23. Seriously. It seems like every new apartment development the last 5-10 years are "luxury" apartments. I do think it is a good addition to the area though. I would be tempted to stay in one of those cabins with friends if they offered early entry like CP does.
  24. Yeah that plus if I remember correctly from my last trip to SFFT back in 2006 the second train can't even advance from the brake run until the previous train clears the high point after the third inversion. I remember that day the crew was pretty good, but by the time you stop on the brakes the other train has only been parked in the station like 20-30 seconds. It can't really increase capacity that much.
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