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  1. I wonder if this could be the one from Dixie Landi'n that was apparently removed last year?
  2. Technically it's always had two trains. They ran two trains regularly on summer Saturdays (and occasional other busy days) in 2005 and from 2008-2010. They repainted both trains black for 2011, but with the big attendance decrease after the April 27th tornadoes and then the riot early during daily operations the second train was left in the maintenance building. That was the train they sent off to PTC when the Rampage was being refurbished. It was repainted red and is the one currently running. The one that ran in 2011 was left in the station when it closed and stayed there until late summer 2014. It was in really bad shape then. I guess it's possible they could refurbish it and use it again, but considering how bad of shape the "good" train was in when it arrived at PTC, I would hate to see how much it would cost to get that that other train running. I have no inside knowledge now, but I would be shocked if it was ever used as more than a photo op spot like they have done with several other old ride pieces through out the park.
  3. They are still doing "Something new every year." It could be a ride, a show, a new experience, a waterslide, etc.
  4. Yep. IIRC, that led to a lawsuit between the park and CCI. The ride was never listed on the CCI website and I've always believed that was why.
  5. Finally got a chance to ride Twisted Cyclone on Thursday. Cool ride, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had not ridden Steel Vengeance last month. Operations were pretty good overall.
  6. The blue GASM train ran on Ninja in 2011. In 2012 it and one other train were both painted black and both ran on Ninja until I received the new Vekoma trains in 2016.
  7. I mean let's be real here. It is mainly a parking lot coaster. I don't expect anything large will replace the ride. I suspect his is purely a "e don't want to spend the money maintaining this ride anymore" move.
  8. Yesterday Waterville USA announced they will be closing Cannonball Run at the end of the 2018 season: LINK
  9. Cedar Fair has repeatedly said CGA was on the list for major expansion after they reworked their lease with the city. You have to consider that outside of Boomerang Bay the park only received small expansions between Stealth in 2000 (which was removed for the aforementioned Boomerang Bay) and Gold Striker in 2013. Plus both Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland are receiving major coasters next year.
  10. At one point in time you entered at the front of the station. That's how it was when I used it back in 2012. They had one employee right there and another at the turnstile at the back of the station. They would let in maybe 10 or so Fast Lane users and then the person in the back would let in about 25 or so from the regular line. Honestly when I used it last week it was only useful for Steel Vengeance, Valravn, TTD, and Maverick. Every other ride was either a walk on, or in Millennium Force's case the line wasn't all the way down the station ramp. It was well worth it for those four rides though. Steel Vengeance was 15-20 minutes all day for FL+ while the regular line was 1.5 hours or more and the other three were essentially walk ons with FL+.
  11. On one of my rides last week I was put in row 12 as a single rider and then they put a group of 3 to fill out the back car.
  12. They were a little better late in the evening. Honestly the crews KI had over my 2 day visit back in 2011 ruined KI crews forever for me. They were so quick on every ride. At the time I was a Ride Supervisor at a park and I was there with three of my employees. We spent a good 10-15 minutes at the top of the Eiffel Tower just watching the Diamondback crew just haul absolute a** that day. I mean they had two speeds that day: 'stack a train for maybe 10 seconds' and 'don't stack a single train for like 15 minutes at a time.' It was amazing to watch.
  13. Fireworks are done at 10pm during the summer every night they close that late. Spent a few hours at the park for a few hours today. Overall a really good day culminating in a night ride on The Beast. Only real negative was the Banshee crew late in the afternoon. Several seemed like they were as excited to be at work as they would be to get a root canal.
  14. They have their own sign shop. It doesn't really cost much to make a sign like that. Heck the small park I use to work at had a local guy that made signs for us on a weekly basis.
  15. They aren't spending money while they are standing in line. People get frustrated when they stand in lines all day. One train on The Raven at Holiday World is 10 years older than the other train. Knott's recently acquired a third train for Silver Bullet which opened in 2004. While not Six Flags parks, it has been done before.
  16. Being listed as temporarily closed could only mean a couple of days though. I know SFOG has posted that in the past and the ride has only been down for like three or four days.
  17. They had several segments on a local news show this morning. One of them talks about it. It's a new freefall slide from Proslide and it will be opening later this summer. http://abc3340.com/station/talk-of-alabama/talk-of-alabama-52318-alabama-splash-adventure-new-slide In another segment they talk about adding beer and wine to the park this year which of course has brought out the "Think of the families" idiots.
  18. There was a fire on the park's train today that sent two employees to the hospital. Link
  19. While that is true, HUSS is notorious for taking a long time to actually get parts to a park. One of the maintenance managers at the park I use to work at complained about it all the time. There were multiple times when it took weeks/months for a part to arrive.
  20. Six Flags has been doing the shirt thing for some new rides the past few years. Last year you could buy a Justice League shirt at SFOG during Battle for Metropolis season pass preview for example. It's been 12 years since my last SFFT visit and every trip report I see from there makes me miss it more and more.
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