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  1. I could have sworn at one point they had a few of those canvas covers for the queue? Like maybe for one season?
  2. Yes he said in an interview that KumbaK's trains were like half the cost Vekoma quoted them for new trains which is why they went with them. Warer Bros. Movie World in Australia recently removed their SLC after it had been SBNO for about three seasons.
  3. ^While I definitely believe that has something to do with it there's clearly more to it. In essentially a year they're getting the first B&M bought by Six Flags in a literal decade, a complete re-theme of an old LIM coaster which I'm sure was not cheap, a third train for their RMC iBox coaster, and now a new train for their Boomerang? We can talk about budgeting all we want but they are clearly getting more money than SF parks much bigger than they are. They built a literal funhouse for their giant frisbee while other parks build new flats without so much as a shade structure over the queue! How is he not at least a regional VP or something , especially since their new CEO claims he was to greatly improve the guest experience and make it more premium?
  4. I mean seriously how does this park seem to get so much money for improvements but the others don't??
  5. The same guy did another live a few weeks ago and at one point he mentioned something along the lines of "I just realized you might have seen something behind me for 2023 you weren't supposed to see." I went back and looked and it definitely looked like water slide pieces.
  6. Very few (if any) manufacturers make their own lift chains. Giovanola being out of business has little to do with getting a replacement. I'm sure the park will say "supply chain issues"...but at a certain point that excuse can't fly anymore.
  7. Leah has mentioned it several times on the HoWoPo that her dream is to one day add a birthday holiday section to the park. When/if it happens we will see.
  8. So I had a friend DM me the Kumba tweet from BGT today. This was my response (and I get it...two different companies):
  9. I seem to remember there being an article back in 2016 that said they were in fact keeping the chassis and just updating the restraints/shells, etc. If they were still in good condition I can't say I blame them. And they actually acquired two Arrow trains. Back in 2011 they ran one of the old Vekoma trains and the blue train from SFGAdv to compare the two. When TPR had "Deep South Bash" that year I rode in both and the blue train was definitely an improvement and that night when the park's management had their Q&A session during dinner that night they confirmed they had made the decision to switch to both Arrow trains and said they would be painted black like the Vekoma trains had been, so from 2012-2015 it actually ran two of GASM's trains.
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