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  1. Over Georgia definitely did. I've been on Goliath more than once where they held the train because someone left a bag on the platform and made them take it to a locker.
  2. Agreed on saying you should hit up DDD and Superman first. Twisted Cyclone's line is usually much shorted in the afternoon though. Normally crowds would be bigger those Saturdays because you have a lot of band/choir groups there, but that won't likely be the case now. I'm sure they will still "cap" their attendance, but even so you will have enough time to ride the coasters most likely.
  3. Yeah I rode it a couple of weeks after it opened in 2016 and again in 2019 and it seemed just as intense both times. I did enjoy the rollback in 2019 though
  4. According to RCDB the Roller Skater from Ratanga is under construction at a park in France right now.
  5. Exactly. I worked at a park that sold alcohol and it was so rare it caused any issues. Hell, even the part of the Koch family that bought Alabama Adventure has added alcohol back now.
  6. Only thing that really comes to mind is Viper/Greezed Lightnin'. Didn't ride "big" coasters when I visited SFOG in 96 and 99 and had a tentative Labor Day Weekend trip that would have included SFKK in 2009 but decided against it after getting back from football game so late that Saturday. Still need a shuttle loop credit.
  7. But isn't that something they should have been aware of? I'll give you the Holiday World example, but KI had a bunch of capital put in to it back then too. From 1990-2009 when SF closed SFKK they added Adventure Express, Top Gun, FoF, Face/Off, Drop Zone, SOB, Italian Job, had multiple kids areas expansions and water park expansions, etc. I know a lot of people didn't like the members of the Koch family plan to open it as a waterpark with only a few rides and no real roller coasters, but maybe the plan should have been between their plan and Ed Hart's plan: A big waterpark with a co
  8. So Ed Hart took over a closed KK, dumped a ton of money into it, and flipped it to a theme park chain. Again. The last time they didn't actually sell the park either, Premier took on over $60 million in debt the park had. Isn't there video of a park official saying Storm Chaser was downsized from their original plan for it because they had not hit their attendance goals yet? Seems like maybe it has never quite got where they wanted it and Covid-19 just sped up their need to get out again.
  9. The point was Six Flags has tried to extend seasons where they were allowed to open whereas Cedar Fair cut back the season at most of their parks.
  10. I use to joke SF was better than CF because they still ran their B&M hypers without seatbelts...but SF really has run circles around CF during the pandemic
  11. Well that was easy. No visit to a park this year, so just resubmitted last year's rankings
  12. I really like the "drunken out and back" description for Mystic Timbers. Very accurate
  13. Yeah I have a friend that just moved back to Tampa and he wants me to come visit in April and I told him "I'll come when Iron Gwazi opens."
  14. Yeah I haven't tried it since then. That day was just madness because there was no rhyme or reason where the tram driver was going to stop. If they didn't stop in front of you there wasn't going to be room for you on that tram.
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