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  1. I'd be curious as to what HFE paid for the park. IIRC the final purchase price was to be determined a few years down the road based on how the park performed. When Ed Hart sold the park originally to Premier no cash changed hands...Premier assumed the $60+ million in debt the park had at the time. Makes me wonder if they ever really turned much of a profit.
  2. Looking online last night a one day ticket for today was $107.99 + tax. Pathetic to charge $5 (+ tax and + surcharge) per person for a one way trip.
  3. ^Yes but how many other parks are closing their wood coasters for an entire season because of how bad of shape it's in? When they took over the park they brought one of Holiday World's "Coaster Cats" down to oversee the refurb of the ride. I know he was still there in 2015 when it reopened but I'm pretty sure he has since left the park. It makes me wonder if they ever hired anyone else with wood coaster experience since then.
  4. Nope. They had slide pieces on site in 2022 for a 2023 addition but nothing was built. I'm guessing since Cheddar Chase didn't open until July of 2022 maybe they decided not to do another addition and try to use it as still being "new" in 2023? They announced a new slide for this season back on Christmas. It is a four person raft slide and is being built next to Rocket Racer basically where the Giant Wheel was back in the original amusement park. Name is supposed to be announced in the next week or so. I do not understand how Rampage could be in that bad of shape. They literally re-tracked the entire ride when they reopened it for 2015 and they claimed they spent $1million dollars back in 2022 re-tracking it and upgrading the control system. Granted I haven't ridden it since 2015 (or been to the park since then) so I don't know how it has been running lately. I did do the drive thru Christmas light thing they had this year and they clearly have done a lot of work around the park the past few years but they really have closed in the ride side of the park with the waterpark additions the past few years. Granted the waterpark was way under built when the park opened and the amusement park was over built back then. The fact that they sold season passes for this season and never said anything about Rampage being closed is pathetic though.
  5. With them having a naming contest I wonder if they are going to consider it as being in the ScreamPunk District ... or have they selected a DC name behind the scenes and are just using the name contest as a way to get extra publicity.
  6. Stopped by Fun Spot Atlanta for a couple of rides on ArieForce One. Great ride they have.
  7. And going back to those "Coming Soon" spots on the map last year...they park didn't announce a new attraction for this season.
  8. I could have sworn at one point they had a few of those canvas covers for the queue? Like maybe for one season?
  9. Yes he said in an interview that KumbaK's trains were like half the cost Vekoma quoted them for new trains which is why they went with them. Warer Bros. Movie World in Australia recently removed their SLC after it had been SBNO for about three seasons.
  10. ^While I definitely believe that has something to do with it there's clearly more to it. In essentially a year they're getting the first B&M bought by Six Flags in a literal decade, a complete re-theme of an old LIM coaster which I'm sure was not cheap, a third train for their RMC iBox coaster, and now a new train for their Boomerang? We can talk about budgeting all we want but they are clearly getting more money than SF parks much bigger than they are. They built a literal funhouse for their giant frisbee while other parks build new flats without so much as a shade structure over the queue! How is he not at least a regional VP or something , especially since their new CEO claims he was to greatly improve the guest experience and make it more premium?
  11. I mean seriously how does this park seem to get so much money for improvements but the others don't??
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