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  1. 1. Mind Bender 2. Tennessee Tornado 3. Scorpion 4. Cobra's Curse 5. Firechaser Express 6. Bat 7. Firehawk 8. Flight of Fear 9. Backlot Stunt Car 10. Skull Mountain
  2. Cedar Point is going to have a busy year in 2018, and I'm making sure my arse is there as well! As far as other parks, it really depends on where I plan on going. They're really all up for grabs.
  3. Miami here. Lots of down trees and lines, but we're good! Lots of areas got flooded, (including mine) but the water receded quickly. Luckily still have power. Glad you guys are ok too!
  4. Sad they're closing such an iconic ride. Hey, at least I got my rides in it's heydey. You will be missed, Dueling Dragons (it will always be Dueling Dragons to me!)
  5. Honestly, my only issue that's it's looks shorter than it's other RMC brethern (save Golitah from SFGAm), but everything else looks great! The trains, the track colors, that crazy arse turnaround element. Even though I enjoyed the original Cyclone, I know this new edition will kick all sorts of butt.
  6. Well done Gravity Group. So glad I'm only hours away. Got to plan a trip in the near future!
  7. The closest thing to an off-season in Florida if a hurricane shows up.
  8. Thanks for that. Now I have another destination to make on my Texas trip next year!
  9. Ditto that. I wondered why the report sounded a bit....trippy. But I enjoyed reading it!
  10. My top 5: 1. Montu 2. Banshee 3. Afterburn 4. Batman: The Ride 5. Dueling Dragons (Fire)
  11. I am definitely a hybrid whooper/screamer/laugher! Any ride with a high straight drop, I do what I call a screamwhoop, followed by uncontrolled laughter at the end. On coasters that are not as intense, but just plain fun, I'm whooping and laughing the entire ride.
  12. ^Yea I realized that when I was planning, and trust me, I greatly considered that. But for a park like that, I need to make a separate trip for a couple of days alone! Not sure if I'm up for that drive again, though.
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