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  1. Not at the park but I saw a posted wait of 190 minutes of GhostRider. It is a great ride but no where near a 3 hour plus wait.
  2. Wildcat needs to go or have RMC come in and fix it or maybe the titan track can address it. It was not a good ride at all during my trip earlier this year. I found Lightning Racer to be the much better GCI, but it isn't anywhere near an elite GCI, so I could see Hershey move away from it for a water park expansion.
  3. The way Dollywood has set up the single rider line for Lightning Rod is really great if you are willing to use it. I don't remember it being that way in 2019, the last time I visited the park, but I was able to lap Lightning Rod at will over the past 2 days. Crowds were light on Friday. Park was busier on Saturday but not as busy as I was expecting for a Holiday Weekend.
  4. The dispatches on Candymonium are not quick. I notice the same thing earlier this year. They ran 3 trains and basically didn't dispatch until the 3rd train was already around the course. The only time they were successful keeping them moving is if they had 2 certain ride ops checking restraints, they did better, but once one of them took a break or operate the control panel, the dispatches took forever.
  5. Last Saturday: Ravine Flyer II- 20-30 minutes but was getting longer as more people left the water park. Only ran one train. Steel Dragon- 15-20 minute wait. 5 of it was due to a breakdown. Wacky Shack- 15 minute wait Other 3 coasters- 5 minute wait.
  6. I went to Kennywood for the first time today and came away impressed. Phantom's operations were quite good as was the ride. I got about 8 rides on it, most of them late in the day. My type of ride with all of the air time. And they really pushed those trains through. I actually went to Steel Curtain first and was on the first train of the day. They opened it about 30 minutes late. Felt it was a bit slow but I really enjoyed that one air time hill. They are running one train and it sounds they will be doing that for a while. They managed the line well as I came back later in the day and rode it again after a 60 minute wait. Second ride was an improvement. One of the inversion as quite whippy. This is my second favorite ride in the park. The 3 woodies were overall much better than Hershey's. Of the the three I enjoyed Jack Rabbit the most as the air time from the double down in the back row as outstanding even if much of the rest of the ride was average. Racer was better than expected but it was the one coaster where the ops could improve Saw a rollback on Sky Rocket. They had to evac riders. First half of the ride was good, but the second half was pretty weak. Only rode it once. It was about what I expected. Exterminator had a long line but I rode it as a single rider so it was spinning a lot.
  7. I went yesterday after going to Coastermania. I was in the park for 3.5 hours. Didn't see anything similar to the video. I saw a few cases of kids trying to jump the railings but they were not cutting in line, but rather being stupid. Ravine Flyer II is a great ride so I'm glad I made the stop.
  8. I came from California to visit on Saturday and Sunday. It was actually closed on Saturday. I had to change my plans and go to American Dream, but I went on Sunday and it was completely empty. Got on everything besides Kingda Ka. Only had to get off Toro when they cleaned it. I stayed for about 4.5 hours.
  9. I will be interested in seeing how the extra rows and slight changes in profiling the ride have an impacted it compared to RailBlazer and Wonder Woman. I have rode both of those a bunch and really enjoy them. I will be going the second Saturday in July. It is a nice park, been once before in the fall so I'm looking forward to Aftershock because that wasn't running in my last visit.
  10. I have yet to get the rollback, but TTD has been 50/50 in terms of running when I have been in the park. I seen plenty rollbacks.
  11. I'm going for the first time this year but from my understanding it is pretty standard that they pair Millennium Force with the B&M's. I believe in the past they paired Dragster with Magnum and Steel Vengeance with Maverick, but they are giving 2 hours for Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and Dragster at least. I'm glad those 3 are at night and the Millennium Force and B&M's are in the morning. Just hoping for good weather.
  12. Hopefully this is back open by the first weekend in June. Making my first visit to Kennywood and frankly riding Phantom's is higher on my bucket list than Steel Curtain.
  13. FL+ in 2019 was great on Steel Vengeance, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster (If Open), Raptor, and Valravn. It could be great for Magnum XL-200 if Cedar Point puts a greeter at the merge and that greeter only allows a few people to go up and not let the station turn into a free for all. I've seen it handled both ways. For GateKeeper and Millennium Force FL+ is not as good as the other because of the merge, but the value is still there for these coasters because it will save you time. Sounds like it changed for Steel Vengeance in 2021.
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