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  1. Stuff has already been canceled in the first half of 2020 including a Texas trip and a potential Silver Dollar City trip. If things open up the possibilities for me are: Home Parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain Knott's Sea World San Diego Parks I could visit while traveling for work: Cedar Point Kings Island Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World Silver Dollar City Parks I would consider to travel for: BG Williamsburg Kings Dominion Carowinds Dollywood BG Tampa Sea World Orlando But who knows what is going to happen. Everything still pretty much up in the air, but I don
  2. Based on the love shown when Kings Island closed it last year, I would say Vortex. I was not impressed with it. The other coaster might be Riddler's Revenge. Sometimes I don't mind it, but I'm not a fan of stand up coasters. Put Kumba trains on Riddler's and the ride would move up quite a bit for me.
  3. Inside seat, sit towards the front, and you will enjoy the ride. I prefer the stair side. It is awesome. I have almost 150 laps on it, and I pretty much just sit in the very front or very back. It is in my Top 5. I highly recommend it!
  4. True Hypers (Not counting X2 or XCelerator or Mr Freeze or Valravn…. You get the idea) 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Magnum XL-200 3. Diamondback 4. Goliath (SFOG) 5. Intimidator 6. Raging Bull 7. Desperado 8. Titan 9. Goliath (SFMM)
  5. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Maverick 3. Millennium Force 4. Top Thrill Dragster 5. Magnum XL-200 6. GateKeeper 7. Raptor 8. Blue Streak 9. Gemini 10. Valravn 11. Rougarou 12. Wicked Twister 13. Iron Dragon 14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 15. Woodstock Express 16. Corkscrew
  6. Carowinds just got a Launched coaster in Copperhead Strike. No need for a second. Why not convert Vortex to a floorless, convert Hurler to a RMC, get a good GCI or Gravity Group wooden coaster. A launched coaster is the last thing they need at this point.
  7. T3 at Kentucky Kingdom with Green Lantern formally at SFMM a close second. Both are so bad.
  8. Sad day. Really glad I got to this park last year after riding Maxx Force. Cornball was one of my favorite wooden roller coasters after riding it multiple times, especially in the back row. It is so underrated. Lost Coaster was really good for what it was. I'm sure Tig'rr and Steel Hawg will get relocated, but the way Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball use the small support structure I don't think they can be relocated. I also have my doubts about lost coaster being moved with the structure it has been built into. Really sad we lose 3 wood coasters in one shot.
  9. LA Traffic is worse during the week days rush hour traffic. It may take 90-120 minutes to go from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, which should take like 15 minutes top. On the weekends, you get some stop and go traffic, but you can generally get around. It may take like 60 minutes to go 30 miles. Traffic is generally worse as the day goes on during the weekend. The Rose Bowl will be a challenge to get in and out of. The traffic & Parking will be a challenge. You also have the rose bowl parade which is a huge deal as well. You have option to get in and out of the Knott's area. Six Fla
  10. Yeah sorry I have to agree with Bill on this one. I mean, here in Orlando, Universal isn't even looked at as competition for Disney other than by the Universal fanboys who are convinced that everything Disney does is a reaction to something Universal does, which is a horror show conspiracy theory of itself. But anyway, the whole idea that people are thinking that Disney is in any way competition or responsible in any change of attendance for Cedar Point is beyond the point of being laughable. Even if you can site to me examples of people who have chosen to go to CP over Orlando until my eyes
  11. If Cedar Point wants to grow, they have to draw people outside of Ohio, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Indiana, and possibly Chicago. If they want to be a destination attraction and get people from around the country, then yes they are competing with Universal, who doesn't have the roller coasters but is geared towards a similar market overall. Disney is geared towards younger kids. They are going to get what they get in the core market, but the growth is going to come from the people that travel to Cedar Point from further away. So yes Cedar Fair is concerned with what Universal, Six Flags, and even D
  12. Basically all of that is insane. Google News turns up a few Cleveland Scene, ABC Toldeo, Cincinnati.com and Sandusky Register stories about Steel Vengeance having issues and that's it. Yup... National news. That's probably the only thing you mentioned that actually had any sliver of an impact at all, but "national news"... come on I have relatives that with 2 kids if given the choice, one would perfer Universal and one would perfer Cedar Point. You aren't doing both in the same summer. You have to choose. With that said not everyone is over the top theme park goers like some of us in th
  13. Attendance may be down because not everyone goes to Cedar Point every year and some of the people that are coming from further places may be waiting for the 150th year celebration in 2020. It may have a small impact as I don't think it explains everything but it could be a factor. I think it also hurt that Steel Vengeance had issues on opening day as the press pretty much went national. Then running one train. Maybe people were waiting until everything got sorted out. Waiting for 2019. Again I don't think it explains everything but it could be a factor. Also if you look at Disney thi
  14. Tony Clark covered it saying the line was too long and it took too much time to get through the line at this point in time.
  15. IT was more like a Vegas heat today. Not humid. It is suppose to be hot AND humid starting Sunday through mid week.
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