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  1. I wonder if the amount of time for a reservation will be capped at all. It only says for a group to provide an approximate amount of time. Nice little perk to make up for lost time!
  2. Wow, they really acted fast. Hoping to snag a reservation as early as possible, but also leaning towards waiting for initial reports to see how they're handling things. Either way, this is such welcome news in this disaster of a year.
  3. More details on the safari. Reservations begin on 5/27, and the safari starts 5/30. This page on their website has more details. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/attractions/safari
  4. Great Adventure just tweeted that the Drive-Thru Safari will soon be returning.
  5. Haha, sorry man. I browse on mobile so I don't see the poster information. Recommendation for the food still stands though!
  6. If you have enough time before your bus departs and are looking for a nice sit-down meal, try Tir Na Nog on 39th between 7th and 8th. Nice Irish bar with good food and cold beer. http://www.tirnanognyc.com/times_square/home
  7. Hopping in to say that I rode Thunderhead for the first time this Summer and had no complaints about roughness. It was just aggressive fun.
  8. Sounds like fun. Nitro was hauling on Friday, so the participants are sure to be in for some fun.
  9. Can't speak on hotels, besides mentioning that the closest ones to the park are roughly 20 minutes away. The park is pretty isolated. If you plan on coming for Fright Fest on Halloween weekend, you'll absolutely need the platinum flash pass for both rides and mazes. It's the busiest time of year; you'd be looking at 3+ hour waits across the board without them.
  10. Wow. Thankfully the park and the police were proactive and prevented a potential tragedy. Considering the alternative is horrifying.
  11. Definitely go with a pork chop on a stick, it's always delicious and tender. If you're an ice cream guy, hit up the Old Mill for either a massive sundae or an ice cream sandwich made with Pop Tarts. Bliss.
  12. What excellent news to wake up to. Count me amongst those that want to keep it dark back there; night rides are going to be a blast.
  13. Nice shots. The first one makes it look like Nitro got a paint job.
  14. It was pretty light crowd-wise during the day yesterday as well. Even with all the school kids, my longest wait was about 25 mins for the flume. Coaster wise, the longest wait I had was for Batman, surprisingly.
  15. Thanks. Didn't know it was added to Ka/Zum so thanks for the heads-up.
  16. Is the park still doing their loose article crackdown on El Toro and Joker? Headed down today and need to know whether to bring some singles for a lo___cker. Thanks!
  17. What a shame, it looked like such a great ride. Wish I could have gotten a spin when I visited KD last June.
  18. Wow, this is actually happening. The ride is shaping up to be a good one. I'm glad I'm eating crow about this project.
  19. Historically, Columbus Day is usually manageable, crowd wise. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on weather.
  20. Really cool addition, although I doubt I'll ever personally ride it. The park has expanded and improved their flats selection by leaps and bounds these past few years.
  21. I won't be there until after six so I'm hoping the place clears out. And if not, I'll still enjoy myself; haven't been down to the park since June.
  22. Visiting the park tonight after work, that picture almost scared me off. Thanks for the update.
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