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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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On 8/14/2020 at 10:07 AM, hoppedup said:

Twisted Cyclone, December 27, 2019. Sadly, I'm probably looking at a coaster-free 2020.

And 2020 was indeed coaster-free. Fury 325 was a perfect way to break that streak.


Afterburn was the last coaster I rode on Saturday, June 19, 2021.   

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Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi all the way back in February 2020 about a week before everything went sub optimal around the globe.

Our Destination was Thailand and I found that it was possible to stop off for four days en-route in Dubai. We got round as many coasters as we could and Formula Rossa shot straight to number 1 in my list. I am interested to see how it will stack up against the likes of TTD when I hopefully manage to break my hiatus in August for my USA trip though..

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The Great Nor' Easter yesterday (June 28, 2021) at Morey's Piers! In my opinion the best SLC I've been on. Very well done since they refurbished it a few years ago.


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Visited Paultons Park for the first time yesterday, so my last coaster there was Storm Chaser, a nicely-themed Mack spinner cloned from Knotts' Sierra Sidewinder. Not quite as intense as I was led to believe but such a fun coaster and my favourite spinning coaster in the UK. 

Sidenote: What a b-e-a-utiful park Paultons is. Makes me realise how most of the Merlin parks in the UK are in absolute rack and ruin. Everything was so pristine and you could tell that would be the way from the moment you drive through the gate.

Honestly it is one of the best presented parks I have ever visited and I think if you are visiting the UK this should be on your list above Legoland and Chessington both in terms of the credits* but also the park itself.

(* Although having said that, their coasters are clones, but they're clones of good rides at least)

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^ Keeping the trend of new spinning coasters going, today I stopped by the Columbus Zoo to take a lap on their new Zamperla, Tidal Twist.  Fun ride!  This makes C-bus the first major zoo in the country with multiple roller coasters.  


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