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  1. I like the look of this too, although the changes to Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain etc have also failed to register on my angry-o-meter too so maybe I'm just dead inside.
  2. From a European perspective, I think in the short term it is going to continue to be pretty dire, but things will hopefully improve for late spring as they did last year, helped of course by the vaccine. I'm still worried about late autumn/winter, though, as I suppose it's not out of the question for different strains to slip the net and require an updated vaccine.
  3. Yes, absolutely, I think this closure will hurt them a lot less than their closure over Christmas. With the better weather and the impact of the vaccine being felt, hopefully the situation in April should be a lot better.
  4. Disneyland Paris have pushed back their planned 13th February opening to at least the beginning of April due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Europe: "Due to the prevailing conditions in Europe, Disneyland Paris will not reopen on the 13th of February as initially planned. If you have a booking with us during the closing period, please check our website for our latest commercial conditions. "If conditions permit, we will reopen Disneyland Paris on the 2nd of April 2021 and will welcome reservations from that date forward. Given the current context our plans continue to evolve,
  5. I think that was just the working name at the beginning of the project, I seem to remember hearing before that it was always going to change.
  6. The name is hilariously adorable and the presentation of the coaster looks stunning
  7. Super Nintendo Land, has been delayed due to the state of emergency in the Osaka prefecture. It was due to open on the 4th of February and they will decide on a new date once this has been lifted. https://www.usj.co.jp/company/company_e/2021/0114.html
  8. To be fair I totally get you, coastercoaster5, but I feel they would have already changed the name when they were trying to overcome the park's terrible reputation. The move away from the Californian theming was very much deliberate, and I think changing the name would have been a good way of underlining this, but as they didn't do this I think it'll keep the name for the foreseeable future. I feel the name is almost generic to the point it doesn't really matter.
  9. It's a difficult decision between the convenience of a pass that includes everything, or keeping both functioning kidneys. I'm thinking if/when I visit, the Express 7 with Flying Dinosaur might me my best option, then maybe try and use SRQ for everything else.
  10. Thanks for this. Can I just sanity-check this as I feel I missed out by not studying Universal Express at university, such seems to be the complexity of their system Their website doesn't seem to be up to date or even particularly good, so from what I understand, Universal Express 7 includes: Forbidden Journey Flight of the Hippogriff Mario Cart Yoshi's Adventure Minion Mayhem OR Freeze Ray Sliders Jaws OR Hollywood Dream Sing OR Backdrop OR Flying Dinosaur OR Space Fantasy Universal 4 I am less clear on. It used to include The Flying Di
  11. I don't think Six Flags really have much to do with this project, Qiddiya just pay them to use their name on license.
  12. Not sure they'd release a statement unless there were news stories about it, in which case it'd likely be a generic 'the coaster experienced problems while testing, no riders were involved' kind of thing. I can't imagine they'd willingly go into detail and voluntarily tell the world the wheels fell off their new rollercoaster trains.
  13. I think it's just because they are .heic files (maybe direct from your phone/camera) so when you uploaded they just appeared as attachments as they're not recognised as images. I think if you can somehow save as .jpg before uploading them they should appear in the post like normal. Thanks for posting them anyway, I appreciate it and welcome to the forum
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