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  1. Honestly, I don't know how permissive they're with the height, however it's causing problems with overweight people because the test seat gives them the OK but then on the train it does not allow it. In this park there is no problem in wearing flip flops and they allow you to leave them on the side of the station and ride barefoot, maybe it's an option. Normally there are 3 trains operating but they aren't having great attendance because they haven't promoted the attraction well, so there are days when two trains are enough. Each train tries to launch it in a maximum of 60 seconds. Being a Parques Reunidos park we're very surprised by the loading and unloading capacity they're having, we have never seen such efficiency in Spain I hope I've explained myself well, my english isn't very good. If you've any more questions I will try to answer
  2. This past Friday was the opening of 'Batman Gotham City Escape'. It has been a surprise both in intensity and in the theme of the preshow and the station
  3. The tests began days ago and today the train has passed the top hat. Some photos of the theme: Train:
  4. The park has published the first photo of the trains although it has deleted the seats with Photoshop
  5. PortAventura World and Sony Pictures Entertainment announce World’s First ‘Uncharted’ Dark Ride Roller Coaster Manufacturer: Intamin Multi dimension coaster Investment: 25 million euros ($26,04 million) 700m length 12 meters high 5 launches up to 1g 4800m2 surface area Desing collaboration: Intamin and Sally Dark Rides Official announcements: Works: Supposed design:
  6. Last update! The coaster will be called 'Gotham City Escape' and there is already Poison Ivy theming.
  7. I share with you the latest update of the new Intamin multi-launch. They will finish completing the layout this week https://youtu.be/D5prpIduUVQ
  8. Today they finished the top hat More photos: https://twitter.com/FreakPlanetBlog/status/1546797825882820608
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